Horseback riding in Crimea

Kayaking in Crimea - where is the best place to swim

Kayaking has long and firmly entered the world of active tourism. Traveling on light high-speed boats turned out to be to the liking of many, young and old, and today more and more tourists cannot imagine their summer vacation without kayaking.

Kayaking in Crimea is becoming more and more popular every year. For kayaking, Crimea, we will not be afraid of such a loud phrase - the place is ideal. There are endless sea spaces here, and beautiful views that open to the eyes of travelers along the entire exciting route.

It is not surprising that sea kayak rentals are opening in the resort towns of the peninsula, and guests of the Crimea are happy to plow the sea.

Trying kayaking in Crimea 2019 is a simple idea, in principle, and even a beginner will be able to learn all the charm of a kayaking trip subject to competent training.

In 2019, you can comprehend the science of taming a sea kayak and rent a floating craft in Sevastopol, Balaklava, Sudak, Partenit, Gurzuf.

In the market for kayak rental and the organization of tours on this type of water transport, there are several companies that have already gained popularity among local residents and guests of Crimea. Among the companies popularizing kayaking in Crimea:

Black Sea Kayak, website: blackseakayak. u, contact phone: + 7-978-75-00-867, + 7-978-87-38-663, - kayaking in Balaklava.

"Yeti Kayak" website: yeti-kayak. u, contact phone: + 7-978-78-333-98, based in Balaklava, Golubaya Bay of Sevastopol, Partenit, Sudak

"Aloha!", site: vk. om/gurzufkayak, contact phone: + 7-985-61-55-004, + 7-985-253-05-54, based in Gurzuf.

All of the above companies offer open and closed kayaks for rent, as well as the recently fashionable SUP boards (inflatable, but very durable and solid boards).

But where to go on a kayak trip? We decided to devote today's article to another summer topic and tell about the most interesting and picturesque sea routes suitable for sea kayak travel. So, we are moving from west to east.

Crimea is not only the Black Sea, the beach and the Swallow's Nest. The peninsula offers many hiking opportunities for one or more days. Climbing routes are especially widespread, because the length of the Crimean mountain system reaches 160 km. There is definitely a lot to turn around here. And these are not only well-known trails, but also unusual routes that are developed by tourists themselves, who wondered where to go hiking in Crimea.


Mount Roman-Kosh - hiking routes across Crimea to the highest point of the peninsula, which attracts most of the tourists who dare to conquer the summit.

It's worth mentioning right away that only those who just love the mountains should go here. There are no unusual views of the sea, lakes and waterfalls or cliffs like on Ai-Petri. But you can still admire the beautiful views by visiting the Gazebo of the Winds.

The route starts from Krasnokamenka. This is the easiest way to get to the top, through the Gurzufskoe saddle pass. It is also worth considering that the mountain is located on the territory of the reserve, therefore, in order to go there, you need to take a permit on the spot from the foresters.

Baydar Wall

One of the most interesting hiking tours in Crimea lies along the Baydar wall from Oliva to Foros. Effectiveness of the route in the cliffs, from which you can see the panorama of the southern coast of Crimea from Foros to Simeiz itself.

The peculiarity of the route is that there is practically no place to hide from the sun, so experienced tourists recommend going on the route in late spring, when there is still no strong heat.

The starting point of the route is the Oliva stop, which can be reached by public transport or by renting a car. From here it is necessary to reach the Devil's staircase, which will lead to the Ai-Petrinskaya yayla, and its southern slope is the Baydar wall. The end of the trail is the Foros kant mountain, from where the best panorama to the west opens. From here you can see the mountains Kizil-Kaya, Chelebi, Foros, and in the distance - Ilyas-Kaya.

Chernorechensky Canyon

Followers of an active lifestyle don't endure beach holidays for long. They need movement, new experiences, the opportunity to test themselves in new conditions. It is for such people that the Crimean horse tours are designed. A few hours or days in the saddle is a great way to see the nature of the legendary peninsula from a previously unfamiliar angle, to find new friends, to get vivid emotions from communicating with beautiful noble animals.

Where to ride horseback riding

Many Crimean horseback riding tours belong to the category of walks or excursions and last from one to several hours. Even a person who has never ridden a horse before can take part in them. It is not difficult at all, therefore, in Crimea, short-term horseback riding tours are offered in all resort areas.

Organizers of horseback riding tours in Crimea strive to make routes so that guests of the peninsula in a short time can see as many beauties and sights that the land of ancient Taurida is inexhaustiblely rich in:

  • Sevastopol - tourists on horseback visit the most beautiful Cape Fiolent on the site of an extinct ancient volcano, reach the amazing Baydar Valley, get acquainted there with the Skelskaya cave, reminiscent of a real underground palace, admire the sometimes disappearing and the newly reviving waterfall Kozyrek.
  • Simferopol - the participants of the horseback ride have long been impressed by the excursion to the ancient cave cities, stopping in Bakhchisarai, staying at the man-made lake Mangup.
  • Yalta - here riders have prepared walks along the picturesque slopes of the Ai-Petri and Ayu-Dag mountains.
  • Alushta - the local Crimean horse tour provides a horseback ride to the Demerdzhi mountain range with its beech groves and lavender meadows, with a halt at the Dzhurla waterfall in the Valley of Ghosts - the filming location of the comedy "Caucasian Captive".
  • Feodosia - horse tourists will travel to a picturesque wooded tract, where the Surb-Khach monastery has been counting down on the slope of the Holy Mountain since the XIV century.

Keeping up with the ingenuity of major resort centers and provincial cities. In small Belogorsk, tourists are offered a horse ride along the canyon to the unique Cheremisov waterfalls, which are numerous cascades of water jets filling the stone baths.

Belogors also surprise their clients by riding horses in a mountain lake. In their arsenal there are Crimean horseback tours and horseback climbing to the top, at first glance, difficult to access, the Kok-Tash rocks. But knowledge of the route and trained horses make the ascent rich in impressions and, most importantly, safe and quite comfortable.

Other Crimea horseback riding clubs offer scenic picnic trips or horseback riding in full cowboy gear.

Where to learn horse riding

It's great when a sophisticated rider has a desire to walk the horse route through the Crimea. But even with a spontaneously arising desire, you can take several lessons for novice cavalrymen on the spot. There are many riding clubs with qualified instructors in Crimea. Most famous:

  • Simferopol equestrian club;
  • "Golden Horseshoe" - in the village of Luchistoye near Alushta;
  • "Allure" - that the same village. Radiant;
  • "Pegas" - the village of Izobilnoye, Alushta region;
  • "Quarry" - Yalta.

It's okay if you don't have time for training at all. Any equestrian tour includes instruction on how to handle the horse, how to behave with it, how to stay in the saddle. So, even without experience, you can safely order a horse ride.

Horseback riding

Tourism in Crimea is an important branch of the economy of the Republic of Crimea.

The beginning of the development of Crimea as a resort dates back to the second half of the 19th century. With the improvement of transport links, it became easier for residents of the Central Provinces of the Russian Empire to get to the shore of the healing sea for rest and treatment. It was during this period that the Crimea gained fame as a priority place for summer holidays for the Russian imperial family [1]. At the turn of the century, summer residences of exceptional beauty and architectural diversity were built: summer cottages, villas and palaces. Many of them have survived in Crimea to this day, giving a touch of mysterious antiquity to the appearance of Crimean cities.

A new, massive stage in the history of Crimean tourism is associated with Lenin's decrees; Crimea becomes the "All-Union health resort", receiving hundreds of thousands of tourists. A record number of tourists visited Crimea in 1988 - 8.3 million people.

After 1991, resort specialization has changed dramatically, now beach and active recreation is preferred to spa treatment. Unorganized tourists significantly outnumber those in sanatoriums. Under the conditions of independent Ukraine, Crimea became an object of mainly domestic tourism (the share of Ukrainian tourists reached its peak in 2009 and amounted to 74%) [2]. During these years, the level of shadowization of the autonomy's tourism economy increased, where the private sector came out on top, and structured sanatorium-resort recreation gave way to unorganized beach tourism.

The events of 2014 led to new changes in the tourism industry of the peninsula [3].


Tourism and recreation [edit]

Already in the 1950s, Crimea became an "all-Union health resort" and a real resort mecca. In Soviet times, several directions of tourism were developed on the peninsula at once: hiking, car and bicycle tourism, children's recreation and climatic treatment [4].

In Crimea, you can find many rest houses, sanatoriums (for example, the Utyos Sanatorium), boarding houses, camps (for example, Artek), various hotels from the simplest to five-star. The most popular holiday destinations are Yalta and Alushta [5] together with the entire southern coast of Crimea (SCC), Feodosia, Sudak, Evpatoria. Sevastopol is one of the most interesting excursion places, as this city has repeatedly participated in various wars.

Regional development data:

  • From January to December 2007, 5.718 million people rested in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which is 11.7% more than in 2006 [6]. As of December 7, 2007, 135 health resorts were operating (in 2006 - 125), the occupancy rate of operating health resorts was 45.6% (in 2006 - 46.9%) [6].
  • As of November 3, 2008, 5,465.1 thousand people rested in Crimea, which is 1.9% less than last year. As of this date, there are 274 health resorts in Crimea, which is 24 more than a year ago. The occupancy rate of operating health resorts was 50.9%, which is 0.3% less than in the corresponding period of 2007. [7]
  • During the New Year holidays in 2012, from January 1 to January 6, almost 18 thousand tourists rested in Crimea, of which 11240 people officially rested in health resorts and tourist facilities. In 2011, over the same period, this figure was 11,017. According to the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea, the largest number of tourists was recorded in Yalta (4982 tourists), Alushta (1023), Saki (1492) and Evpatoria (1323). 3832 people got to Crimea by cars (38.2% higher than in 2011) [8].
  • During the period from January to December 2012, 6.134 million tourists rested in Crimea, which is a record for the entire post-Soviet period [9].
  • From January to December 2014, the resorts of the Crimea were visited by about 4 million people [10]. Tourists from Russia made up the majority of holidaymakers. The flow of Russians has tripled compared to the same period in 2013 [11].

Tourist flow structure [edit]

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