Horse Altai: description

To the top of the world

The beauty of the steppes surrounded by mountain ranges resembles space landscapes from fantastic literature - the most authentic part of Altai immerses as much as possible in its ancient history of shamanism and paganism - riding on horses greatly facilitates the journey: there is no heavy backpack behind you, you can sit and admire what is happening around ... - not the most popular destination, which means the absence of a large number of travelers - the way to the starting point of the direct route lies from Barnaul along the Chuysky tract, which is one of the 10 most beautiful roads in the world.

Horse riding makes the journey much easier: there is no heavy backpack behind you, you can sit and admire what is happening around. Horseback riding requires at least a little experience with these amazing animals, so that the feeling of horseback riding is not new to the traveler.

Weather. We must be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. the nature of the highlands is a great place to surprise with its surprises, so you should be wise in choosing your equipment and clothing. During the day it can be very hot (up to 25-30), and at night the temperature can drop to 0 and below. Precipitation level is also impossible to predict in advance, in late August - early September snow may fall. But during this period, the slopes and high-mountainous steppes acquire bogryan and golden shades.

Food. We cook ourselves as part of the shifts, all the participants of the hike are also engaged in the arrangement of everyday life. Our instructor will teach and explain everything that is not clear or do not know how.

Intelligence. A reconnaissance hike will take place from 25.08 to 07.09.2019: both the instructor and the group will be on this route for the first time. There may be changes in the program, unexpected difficulties that we will overcome together, and of course, adventures! On this trip, we invite participants with a non-conflict character, a normal level of physical fitness and, just in case, with stress resistance, in exploration, anything can happen;) Excellent to all of us hike! We look forward to)))

Passes. We issue passes to the border zone. You need to provide us with your passport data in advance. For Russians, you need to issue a pass, you need to start processing at least a month before the trip, for citizens of other countries, the time for issuing a pass is at least 2 months. Choose your trip dates in advance!

Daily program


Barnaul - yurt camping

Meeting of the group at the Tourist hotel at 9 am. We will begin our journey with a long, but incredibly beautiful crossing along the Chuisky tract with its passes, opening mesmerizing views of the valleys and rivers, drive along the Turquoise Katun, and see its confluence with the Chuya. And in the evening we will arrive at the yurt camp, where we will spend the night in the traditional dwellings of the peoples inhabiting this wonderful land.


Having set out on this trip to Altai with the whole family, you will visit the most picturesque region of the Altai Republic, you will be surrounded by the passes of the Katunsky ridge, you will see the reflection of mountain peaks in the surface of lakes and the sacred Belukha mountain.

The benefits of this trip:

  • kayaking down the Koksa and Katun rivers;
  • horseback riding;
  • getting to know the Multinsky lakes;
  • we will see a mountain waterfall;
  • we will visit museums;
  • we will see the greatest peak of Siberia from a bird's eye view.

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Tour program

Breakfast in a cafe on the territory of the tourist complex "Taezhnik".

Transfer to the village of Ust-Koksa to the tourist center "Kolobok Active Rest Center".

Lunch on the way to a cafe in the village. Ust-Kan.

Accommodation in tents (or houses, depending on the chosen category of accommodation) on the territory of the base, preparation for the trip.

Dinner at a cafe on the territory of the base.

Preparing for the rafting, briefing. Transfer to the place of the beginning of the rafting on the Koksa river, to the town of Siny Yar. Kayaking down the Koksa River to the Kolobok camp site.

Kayaking down the Katun River to the mouth of the Multa River.

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