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Today's fishing tricks and homemade products can be divided into several categories, each of which differs in its practical application. The first one contains various gear. These can be products that successfully copy foreign counterparts, the cost of which is simply fabulous, or real inventions of fishing enthusiasts. This group includes floats and hooks, leashes and spinners, donks, jigs and much more.

The second category contains fishing tricks and homemade products, which have already been sufficiently tested by experience. This also includes lures, various types of baits and baits, as well as invented methods and methods of fishing.

- increase the shelf life of fish in hot weather; - dress properly so as not to freeze on ice in winter; - save bloodworms and other bait by placing it in special containers.

So, what are the most popular fishing tricks and homemade products that are made from scrap materials?

Nods (species)

Recently, nods resembling a car spring have appeared on sale. They have proven themselves quite well, but do not forget about the old proven spring.

There are also telescopic and conical nods. By and large, all of these devices are very good for catching the fish they are designed for. The skill of the fisherman when fishing with a nod is key here.

Making a nod from scrap materials

A workable nod is easy to make with your own hands from a stationery clip and a piece of flexible plastic with a tube. To do this, it is necessary to give strength to the plastic, it must be gradually heated from the beginning to the end and instantly cooled.

Then attach the ring to the flexible part using superglue and set the solid base on the rod tip using a clerical clip.

Something that I make or modify myself.

Homemade snow anchors to stretch the tent

It's about homemade anchors for stretching the tent in winter conditions.

Of course, the tent can be mounted on skis, snowshoes, sticks, ice axes, crampons, dirty socks, plastic bags and anything else. Practice, however, shows that a ski or ice ax may suddenly be needed, especially in base camp conditions. It was logical to make lightweight and convenient devices for the high-quality retention of their dearest property.

In the article I will give two options for anchors from plastic bottles. One of mine, the other of my friend, a high-altitude climber, Streira (Lepikhin Evgeny). Both options have been tested.

Campfire pots for solo hikes

Slightly altered a couple of small stainless steel boilers from the manufacturer 555.

When did I buy them. Almost six years ago. I used it infrequently. Two of my friends also have these. The price tag they had then was ridiculous, 55 and 65 rubles for 0.5 and 0.75 liter boilers, respectively. These boilers have two minuses - heavy, infection, and one does not enter the other - the eyelets for the bow interfere. At one time, my friend and I quickly abandoned them and made pots from mugs of the same manufacturer

So, the weight of the boiler is more than 270 grams, the smaller one is 240 grams, for a total of 510 for both. Plus they take up a lot of space. I take the bigger bowler in my paws and cut off the bow from it with a grinder. Instead, pulling a strand of cable. I also cut off the bow from the lid, at the same time the lugs for it - the pot is ready, we have 225 grams (164 grams without the lid). From the second boiler I cut off the bow together with the lugs, closer to the upper edge opposite each other I drill 2 mm holes and pass a cable through them. I throw away the whole lid. The total weight is 125 grams. I rarely use boilers with lids, one for two pots is quite enough. Read more

How to sharpen climbing crampons correctly

Good evening, comrades and friends.

There is an opinion on the part of the official bodies that some items are related to melee weapons. However, the very concept of edged weapons is rather vague.

Knives, brass knuckles, clubs, jawars, stools, a finger in the eye, a knitting needle in the temple ... Quite blurry, but probably very, terribly dangerous ... Is a kitchen cooker quite dangerous ?!

And it was he who killed the largest number of animals, domestic animals ...

Guest: Glass-plastic bottle

Semi-made containers for homemade wine.

Recently driving past a forest belt, I was surprised by the abundance of black elderberry thickets - and immediately a thought struck with almost final firmness: I MAKE WINE. Considering that I had never done this before, and in general I drink a little and only on big holidays (but I like wine with its taste), I was surprised, but ... why not?

Workshop: Kydex Scabbard

Good day. The story began with the fact that at the May exit it turned out that his brother did not have a scabbard. The scabbard was hastily made from scrap materials. But they did not meet any requirements at all. I got the idea to make a present for my brother - to make a scabbard.

For a long time I became interested in thermoplastic materials: Kydex (Kydex - (Kydex trademark) is a group of thermoplastic acryl-polyvinyl chloride materials. Produced in sheets. Popular in the manufacture of rigid sheaths and other covers molded by heating. Advantages of Kydex: water resistance, abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, sufficient elasticity to hold the knife, retain its shape and size under normal conditions) and boltaron (manufacturer Boltaron Performance Plastics, the meaning is the same as that of kydex, only the molding temperature is higher and more resistant in the cold) ... since an impulse appeared in the form of a "scabbard for my brother", it was decided not to spread thoughts along the tree, but to start acting. To do this, I had to buy, in fact, the material itself and what it is formed with - thermal foam. All this was bought (as well as belt screws and eyelets) here.

Survival Equipment: Budget Saw, or One More Piece at NAZ

Dear friends, all the best! I'll start, as always, with the background. I worked here recently at a construction site, helping a friend. We dismantled the interior partitions. At the same time, we used a thing called a reciprocating saw. And I came across replaceable canvases for this shaitan machine. I twisted them and one idea dawned in my mind! That these canvases, with proper processing, can turn out to be a good device for survival. And that's what has grown out of this idea.

A summer cottage is the territory where you can give yourself the freedom to carry out numerous experiments and dream up to your heart's content. This manifests itself not only in interior design, but mainly in the design of the garden or vegetable garden. Inquisitive and resourceful owners have not been guided by expensive and standard methods for arranging their sites for a long time, since there are many alternative solutions for virtually all areas of activity.

DIY homemade products

Hanging beds

Hanging beds

There are several types of vertical beds that optimize the use of free space. Non-standard designs are an excellent opportunity to create an interesting design for a garden, a vegetable garden, a summer cottage.

Pipe Beds

Pipe beds

This type of garden bed is mostly used for growing ornamental plants or herbs.

Materials for production:

  • downpipes;
  • plugs - 2 pieces per pipe;
  • steel wire;
  • fasteners.

Vertical beds

The length of the drainpipes is regulated in accordance with the wishes of the owner of the site. However, cumbersome beds should not be made, as they can complicate movement across the territory.

Create a garden

As you know, many light walkers make their own equipment. So I, too, got involved in this fascinating creative process. My projects are documented here, which show a clear trend towards increasing complexity.

My projects

$ 7 Ultralight Housing January

I have long wanted to try making some equipment with my own hands. Documented here my first pathetic attempt ?

I went to the Epicenter hardware store (there are three of them in Kiev) in search of interesting materials for work. I found there a number of lightweight moisture-proof materials that are used in the construction of houses. They may not be as durable as Tyvek, but they will probably survive a couple of hikes. I bought 5 running meters of Strotex insulating film from a roll of 1.5 m wide. The material is shown on the right. One side is white, the other is covered with an aluminum film, which should reflect heat well.

I cut the piece as follows and glued the two pieces with tape.

Then I joined the diagonal edges and glued them together to form a 3m tube. Weighs about 580g and has room for two. Field tests will take place tomorrow night ...

Test on the balcony I put the sleeping bag in the tube and pulled it up to chin level. The fabric just lay on the sleeping bag. I did not lift it with a rope or anything else. As a result, condensation from my body wetted the top of the sleeping bag, even though I was breathing above the tube. But in the tube it was 3 degrees warmer than outside it.

Afterword The pipe shelter idea is not new. The raised entrance, of course, makes the shelter more comfortable. However, materials like "strotex" can get wet in heavy rain or snow. They are much inferior to conventional polyethylene in this regard. The main disadvantage of this design is the accumulation of condensate. I will not use this shelter, as I have a better one, but for someone this solution may be quite satisfactory, especially for short hikes (1-2 nights), where the issue of condensation is not decisive.

Isomat per gram January d

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