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In Greece, they told how they will receive tourists in 2021, and what the marketing policy will be to promote inbound tourism. Russia has been named among the key markets for the upcoming summer season's promo campaign.


Changes in the Greek government did not affect the Minister of Tourism: Haris Theocharis, who has held this post since July 2019, has retained his ministerial portfolio. In early January, Mr. Theocharis spoke to the local media with several program interviews, in which he summed up the results of the 2020 season and shared forecasts for the 2021 season.

According to the minister, Greece ended "a very difficult 2020" with good results, receiving 6 million foreign tourists and earning 4 billion euros from this.

“The fact that Greece's tourism sector has functioned and generated € 4 billion in revenue is a real feat. We survived and became the landmark of tourism in the midst of the pandemic, ”he said.

Haris Theocharis, Minister of Tourism of Greece


According to Mr. Theocharis, 2021 will be an equally difficult year for Greek tourism due to the uncertainty due to the COVID-19 situation.

“There is no room for optimism, vaccination has just begun. There is no clear understanding of how the situation will develop so that Europeans can massively plan their trips and summer vacations. However, we know that Greece is one of the top three destinations for the 2021 season in all the countries of interest to us. Therefore, 2021 will be better and more optimistic than 2020, but there is still a long way to go to full normality. The first wave of vaccinations will be completed by the summer, and there will be no herd immunity until the end of the year, ”the Greek minister said.

Based on the timing of vaccinations in Europe and other countries of the world, Greece will also build a policy for receiving foreign tourists. According to Haris Theocharis, Greece will not deny entry to travelers who have not been vaccinated.

However, there will be fewer formalities and entry restrictions for those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, because they will no longer have to undergo testing or quarantine. At the same time, border control tools will be expanded for travelers who are not vaccinated against coronavirus. For example, the introduction of rapid tests on arrival is being discussed.

In 2021, Greece is likely to maintain current health protocols for international arrivals.

Will Greece allow tourists not vaccinated against COVID-19

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Today we will tell you about what the healing resorts of Greece are. An overview of the thermal and therapeutic resorts of Loutraki, Elixir, Edipsos, Loutra.

Today we will tell you about what the healing resorts of Greece are. An overview of the thermal and therapeutic resorts of Loutraki, Elixir, Edipsos, Loutra.

The people of Greece have been taking care of their bodies and souls since ancient times. Considering that human health includes not only physical strength and activity, but also peace of mind.

In Greece, a lot of time has been devoted to human health and the development of medicine. According to mythology, it was on this island that the healer Asclepius, the god of healing, first appeared. This country is rich in natural hot thermal springs, which formed the basis of many health resorts.

The inhabitants of ancient Greece were still recovering in equipped thermal baths with healing sea water and were treated with algae and stones. These baths were named terms, which were described in the ancient writings of Aristotle himself.

There are many health resorts in Greece, but among them are the following: Silla in Loutraki, Edipsos on the island. Evia, Elixir center on about. Peloponnese, Loutra on Kassandra peninsula.

All health resorts in Greece

The largest spa resort of Terme - Loutraki

Photo: Tilemahos Efthimiadis/flickr. om

Loutraki is not a large town, stretched out on the shores of the Gulf of Corinth not far from Athens. He received the title of a resort town in 1925

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A popular resort during the high season, during the summer months. It is located in the north of Greece. It is famous for its large and clean beaches, calm sea and lush vegetation. This resort is suitable for a relaxing, comfortable family holiday in Greece.

In Halkidiki, you can rent an inexpensive room, but far from the sea, from 20 €, rent a villa from 100 €, you can stay in a hotel from 40 € per day.

Young people for recreation in Halkidiki usually choose the Kassandra region. It is always crowded and noisy, with beach parties taking place at night. Lovers of antiquities can see the Byzantine tower, the ruins of ancient Olynthos, the ruins of Toroni, the monastery complex of Athos.

The beaches of the resort are free, paid umbrellas and sun loungers, which cost from 3 €. The most popular are located on the Kassandra Peninsula. All beaches are gently sloping, they are safe for children. On the beach areas there are water activities - catamarans, jet skis, bananas.

Diving is not very popular here. The most interesting dive sites near Kassandra. Diving here, you will see the underwater world of the Aegean Sea. Diving equipment rental will cost from 20 €, swim from 45 €.

In a small cafe you can dine from 10 €, in a local tavern - from 20-50 €.

Halkidiki is suitable for family holidays. The hotels offer children a children's menu, cribs and high chairs, playrooms, babysitting and animation services.


This is a famous island in Greece. Most tourists are known for its comfortable climate and beautiful beaches.

Almost all the beach areas of the island are marked with the "Blue Flag" due to their cleanliness. Everywhere there is a convenient shallow entrance to the sea, which is good for children. There is all the infrastructure that is necessary, as well as various activities on the water: water skiing, motorcycles, snorkeling. The most beautiful beaches are in Paleokastritsa. They huddle in the bay among the picturesque rocks. Minus - the water is colder here due to the currents. The warmest waters on the Ionian coast.

Divers love Corfu. There are good places for diving - Kolovri island with underwater grottoes, old sunken ships. The dive costs from 35 €. You can dine in the tavern, the price for two will be from 30 €.

Friends, Greece has everything! All you need for a good hike and rest is a gentle and benevolent sun, a welcoming and warm sea, tasty and healthy food))

Yachting. Let's go on a hike in a new format - sailing! While living on a yacht, we will pass on it along the Greek coast, swim and dive right from the side, explore the islands, amazing in their importance and beauty.

Living conditions. Modern 44-foot ocean-class yacht. Accommodation in double cabins. On board there are 2 toilets and a shower with fresh water, a comfortable galley with a refrigerator, gas stove and oven. In the spacious cabin, you can comfortably spend the evening tasting Greek food with delicious drinks and songs with a guitar.

Our adventure begins in the capital city of Athens, from where we will sail on a yacht for more than 100 nautical miles and visit 6 Greek islands, where we will have interesting light walks to the monuments and temples of ancient Greece. Islands of Aegina, Hydra, Spice, Poros, etc. delightful in their natural beauty and architecture of ancient buildings. Each is unique and interesting in its own way, each has its own "zest", which will forever leave a mark in our hearts.

Training. During the trip, we will organize yachting training! All comers will take an active part in yacht management, work with sails and other equipment, learn to steer, set up sails, moor to the pier, etc.

For connoisseurs of fishing there is a great opportunity to catch local fish for dinner, be sure to take fishing rods!

Weather. Greece is located in a unique climatic zone in which bad weather is rare. The Aegean Sea is in a high pressure zone, so the number of sunny days even in the off-season is 90%. We invite you to break out of our northern latitudes in SUMMER, which lasts most of the year in Athens.

To participate, it is important to ensure that you are not seasick.

Daily program


Meeting of the group, accommodation on the yacht. Walk in the evening Athens. zhin, acquaintance of the group. Overnight on the yacht.

Hello again, dear readers! It's December and summer is still far away, but already now many are thinking about a vacation. I would like to draw your attention to sunny Greece.

In the previous article, I promised to tell you about the best places to relax in Greece, so today we will talk about that.

There will not be a detailed overview of each beach and a clear answer to the question "Where is inexpensive?", it is impossible to write about everything in one article. However, I will try to tell you about the main resorts of the country, analyze the minuses and pluses of each place from the point of view of a tourist. I hope that after reading this material you will have a more or less clear picture and a rough vision of what suits you and what does not.

It's no secret that Greece is a great place for a summer vacation. There is a magnificent, transparent sea with clean, very beautiful beaches and a large selection of resorts. I must say right away that, of course, I have not been to all places. However, I have collected information for you by carefully analyzing the reviews of tourists on the network. See what I did, and where is the best place to relax in Greece - decide for yourself.



Athens is the capital of Greece and that says a lot. Any leisure is available, from visiting numerous Greek taverns, famous discos and ending with sightseeing of the city and its environs. There is a large selection of hotels with comfortable rooms and a standard set of services.

The city is located on the very seashore. There are sandy beaches and beautiful coves. Within the city, not far from the sea, at the base of the cliff, there is Lake Vouliagmeni with thermal water, where you can have a good time with health benefits.

This resort is suitable for tourists who prefer active holidays. From here, it is convenient to get to many of the attractions located on the mainland.

"The most interesting places and entertainment for tourists in Athens" - the article contains the best places in the city of Athens for tourists: the most popular resort hotels, popular cafes and restaurants, attractions and entertainment for children.

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