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Overview of mobile navigation apps for hiking in the forest

An honest list of criteria to look out for when choosing a GPS navigator and features you don't really need. Everything is based on many years of travel experience.

We warn you right away that you will not find the names of manufacturers and specific names of devices in the text. Every year, dozens of new gadgets appear on the market, while the old ones are removed from production, so such an article will quickly lose relevance. We propose to focus on general issues and find out what you need to pay attention to when choosing a GPS navigator for walking or cycling.

Why do you need a navigator on a hike

Yes, in the old days, they did just fine without them. And still, sometimes there are old school tourists who use exclusively a paper map and a compass. But progress does not stand still, and such people are becoming less and less, because even the most inveterate conservative sooner or later realizes that GPS is necessary for a hike.

The following important tasks can be easily and easily solved with the help of the navigator:

  • At the stage of preparation for the hike, a route is laid and the necessary points are indicated (springs, parking lots, interesting places).
  • During a hike, the GPS navigator allows you to determine your current location and accurately follow the intended path.
  • After the hike, you can view the saved track to analyze your mistakes, remember the details or share the route with friends.

Navigator or smartphone?

Now all smartphones, without exception, have support for the GPS system. In addition, there is a huge amount of navigation software that allows you to use mobile phones to solve the problems listed in the previous paragraph. Therefore, many novice tourists are tempted to save money on buying a navigator.

Pixabay. om

This can only be done if you are going on a picnic or a short, light hike around your summer cottage. But in difficult long journeys in sparsely populated areas, you still cannot do without a special tourist navigator. Here's why:

  • GPS-navigator has an enviable margin of survivability, while ordinary smartphones are not very suitable for difficult operating conditions. Rain, frost, sand, sun, falling on stones will easily disable your mobile phone, and you will be left without navigation.
  • Most tourist navigators use replaceable batteries, so you can easily calculate and take with you enough batteries for the entire route or, if necessary, buy them along the way.
  • The navigator is designed for one thing only - to determine the location. In this regard, it is much more convenient to use it than a smartphone - a device that combines many different possibilities.

I don't want to deny that smartphones have a number of attractive qualities. Thanks to the abundance of software, you will not be limited to only those maps that are supported by the manufacturer of the GPS navigator. Sometimes you may need to contact someone, especially in extreme situations. Many tourists, even on hikes, do not want to deny themselves the pleasure of reading a book or listening to their favorite music.

Therefore, the following conclusions can be drawn:

An article about possible ways to organize communication in outdoor - in tourism, mountaineering, etc. About communication both within the group and with the "mainland" - rescuers, friends at home, insurance, relatives.

What's in this article:


The cheapest method available to all. If all is well, then one phone is enough for the manager, but why not duplicate this important piece of equipment if it's so simple? When going on a long autonomous trip outside the area of ​​operation of cellular networks, it is better that everyone has a mobile phone with loaded phones of all participants, local rescuers and monitors at home.

And, when the event is already over, in civilization, it will be much more pleasant if everyone goes for a walk in front of the train with a connection.

Sources of cellular coverage data:

  • official sites of mobile operators. Here are the cards of some Russian operators: Megafon, MTS, Beeline;
  • from the LOCUS application, if a card package is installed from here. There you can select the coverage map of a certain operator of the Russian Federation (except Beeline);
  • in the descriptions of travels on the Internet (for example, on tlib.u). Often people write what kind of operator was catching at some parking lot, pass, summit or even the whole region. For example, as a rule, Megafon is most common in the North Caucasus and North-West of Russia, and MTS in the northern regions (Polar Urals, Kamchatka)

In any case, it is often useful to have at least several SIM cards from different operators with money for them.


The Internet during the hike, in addition to liking photos on Instagram, allows:

Attention PROMOTION! Delivery of Mini GPS all over Russia for FREE

Do you lead an active lifestyle, like to go to the forest to pick mushrooms/berries, go fishing, or travel to an unknown area? If you want to buy a navigator, but have a limited budget, in this case, we are glad to present the simplest and cheapest navigator for forest and fishing!

The most important feature of the Mini GPS navigator is that both a small child and elderly people can deal with it, because it works incredibly simple. The principle of operation of the device is as follows:

  • Before entering the forest - turn on the navigator.
  • By pressing a special key, designate the place to which you will need to return.
  • Start moving in the desired direction.
  • The Navigator will display an arrow on the display indicating which direction to move in order to return to the starting point.
  • The display will show the direction and distance to the point.
  • You can also display the speed of movement, distance traveled, altitude above sea level, GPS coordinates of the area.

The navigator has a built-in battery that lasts for 10 hours of use, after which it can be charged from a 220 volt network or a computer. If you are planning a long walk, set the starting point and turn off the navigator, and when the time comes to return, turn on the Mini GPS and it will show you the way back.

Compact navigator for forest and fishing

The compact size of the Mini GPS allows you to carry it even as a key ring, thanks to its light weight and sturdy body, you can put it in your bag and forget about it until you need it. If you want to buy the simplest and cheapest navigator for forest and fishing, then Mini GPS is the perfect choice.

Navigator characteristics

As can be seen from the characteristics, the coordinate determination accuracy ranges from 1 to 10 meters. In case of clear weather, being in an open area, the device will give the maximum detection accuracy. If the weather is cloudy, or you are in a dense forest, the error will increase, but this will in no way prevent you from reaching the desired point.

Navigator Package

  • Mini GPS Navigator
  • Cable for charging from a computer
  • Carabiner for attaching to a bag or keys
  • Instructions in Russian

Why should you buy Mini GPS from us:

  • We thoroughly test all devices before shipping or mailing.
  • We make the initial setting of the navigator, set the "Russian language", and set up time zones so that the navigator shows the time correctly.
  • We pack the goods well if ordered by mail.
  • Our couriers will help you understand the navigator, explain its capabilities and show you how it works.
  • Navigator warranty 1 year. Within a year we will repair your device free of charge, and after the warranty period we will be able to offer post-warranty service.
  • Experienced consultants will be able to advise in detail on all technical issues related to the operation of the navigator during the entire life of the device.
  • Mini gps comes with instructions with pictures in Russian, which simplifies the process of getting to know the settings.
  • Simple and reliable navigator, easy to use and great for seniors. Excellent value for money and quality.

If you have walked several easy routes, then you can move on and advance to a more advanced level on hiking. To do this, you need an assistant who will guide you and help you get out of the forest thicket. I admit that modern technology impresses us every day. However, your smartphone isn't always capable of getting you off the beaten path. Using Google Maps can get you in trouble. I'm going to help you find the best GPS navigator for hiking.


This is probably the best portable walking GPS navigator on the market. In fact, he has been the most popular for several years - difficult to beat.

The trackers come with a 100K topographic map and a camera, but for most people this is not enough to justify the high price tag, this device has everything you need and you can easily download free topographic maps.

It comes with 4GB of memory expandable with an SD card and has a 2.6-inch sunlight-readable screen and 250,000 pre-loaded trails.

Let's talk about the pros of Garmin GPSMAP 64s:

  • Magnetic compass and barometric altimeter.
  • The buttons are convenient, you can use them in the cold season, when you are wearing gloves.
  • It also contains GLONASS.
  • And now about its shortcomings:
  • Low screen resolution.

This is the best portable GPS 2019. It is reliable, easy to use and has all the features you need. ena 16,000 rubles.

As mentioned above, it is equipped with all functions and already contains top maps. If you don't want to download maps, then this device is suitable for you, as it already contains all the maps you need.

Pre-installed 100,000 topographic maps.

Compass, accelerometer and altimeter.

250,000 preloaded trails.

When going for a walk or hike in the forest, it is important not only to correctly develop the route of movement, but also to familiarize yourself with the map of the area, purchase a navigator that will help you get out in the event of an emergency.

Special tourist navigators for the forest and fishing are quite expensive, if you are an avid traveler, you can donate money, but in case of rare exits, you can get by with a special mobile application for your smartphone.

Below we will look at several popular navigation apps for Android that will help you navigate the forest.

I'm going home

Navigator for the forest is distributed in paid and free versions, the main difference between the paid version is the absence of ads and synchronization with Google services.

The main advantages of the application include:

  • making a route from point A to point B;
  • voice guidance and notification of all deviations from the route;
  • compass;
  • the ability to save routes already passed (it is convenient when you need to re-get to a particular point).

To draw up a route, you need:

  • Launch the application and activate the GPS function;
  • Wait until the application determines the coordinates of the current location and remembers them (necessary to compose the return route);
  • Specify a name for the selected coordinates, for example, "Camp" or "Home". Several route endpoints can be saved at the same time.

Basic settings have been made, now, being in the forest, you can click on the "Let's go home" button, the application will automatically compose a route. You can put your phone in your pocket, you will not get lost due to the convenient voice guidance.

You can download the free version of the program here:

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