Foreign tourism

Foreign tourism

Rozdil IV Potential development in tourism in Ukraine

§ Tourism and resource potential for the development of tourism in Ukraine

Krimskiy tourist region of the Autonomous Republic of Krim, roztashanoyu on the same name. The area of ​​the district is 26.1 yew. km 2, which will become 4.3% of the home territory of Ukraine. 1977.1 yew live here. the population, a large part of the yaky (63%) sack near the towns.

Natural tourist resources. Relief of pіvostrov is characterized by supraznomanіtnіyu and varіyu from the lower in the winter and winter descent to the girski on the first and in the introduced descent. From the point of view of tourist attraction, the most significant is the system of Krimski Gir, up to 150 km, width 50-60 km. Krimski gori young, ale neviski. Nayvischa summit - Oman-Kosh city - 1545 m above the sea level. We want to make them accessible for organizing different types of recreational activities. Podekudi in the canyons rychok, urvischi, the rocks of volcanic, siege and metamorphic promenade become naked. Such views can be the subject of tourist interest. Denudation, karst and abrasive processes brought about the appearance of exotic forms of relief: gir-remnants, glib canyons, caves, grottoes, nish, arches, piles, ulovin. Smells are not so harsh about tourism. In the middle of most vidomikh - skeletons Laspi, Iphigenia, Aurora, Diva, Parus, Taraktash, as well as Nikitska rozkolina, Great Krimsky canyon, Valley of Prividiv, Baidar-Kastropolska-stina, Perechik'ska grotto chaos and ін. Until the speleotourists of the caves of the place Mangup and Eski-Kermen, Marmurova pechera and in.

The Rivninna part of Krimu is represented by the flat relief of the Pivnichno-Krimskoy lower reaches of the central part of the Pyvostrov, the wobbly surface of the Tarkhankutskoy vosochin, the hazy-humped rivnina of the Kerch Pivostrov. Objects of respect for tourists can be unique natural monuments - numerical abrasive formations with ledges, the Uzbek coast of the Tarkhankutsky pvostrov, as well as the mud of the Kerchensky pvostrov volcano.

Klimat of Krimsky p_vostrov may be characterized by a significant development. On the rural part, the wine is world-wide and continental, characterized by trivial specotny lith (average temperature of lime + 23 ° С), short winter with little snow (average temperature today is 0 ... - 1 ° С). The frost-free period is here 175-225 days. The average number of fallen falls varies from 300 to 420 mm. Klimat Krimskih gir has a transitional character with a soft (near the front) and cold (in the mountains) winter. The average temperature usually rises, as a matter of fact, from 0 to -4. Lito near the front of the country is more spectacular (+ 21 ° C), and in the mountains it is sometimes warmer (+ 16 ° C). In the autumn-winter period, the weather is cold. At the end of the hour the fall is the main mass. Їх number can be varied from 500 to 1100 mm per pound. Climat of the Pivdenny coast of the Krim, stolen from the inflow of breeders, is subtropical Mediterranean with warm winter (+ 2 ... + 4 ° С) and hot dry lith (+ 23 ° С). The average number of litters becomes 350-635 mm, the greater the number of falls during the winter period. On the thought of the past, the Crimean classroom is best suited for organizing recreational activities. Warm, rich in iodine seafood, it was a good time to get sick for the treatment and prevention of sickness of the sickly nobles.

The main rivers of pіvostrov take the ear from the Krimsky mountains. Richki pivnichnogo schilu - Salgir, Indol, Biyuk Karasu, Kacha, Alma, Belbek, Chorna - they dry in the lower current, so they did not bring their waters to the sea. The rivers of the small, rapids, innodes form the watersheds, and in the middle of them - the watersheds of Uchansu on the same river, Dzhur-Dzhur to Ulu-Uzen. Continuous watercourses of Krimu are not very suitable for organizing water tourism and bathing, protesting, stinking of the steppe regions of the rural part of Krimu and giving a little staggering to the mountain landscapes. Bezperechno, the most popular recreational resource of Krimu is the sea.

There are 50 salt lakes in the region, where there are significant reserves of mud, such as, behind the piedrachunks, 24 million m 2. Naybilshi from the Crimean lakes - Sasik, Sakske, Donuzlav, Uzunlar. Deyakі from the lakes vikoristoyutsya in lіkuvalnyh purposes. Sered most vidomikh - Sakske in Saki and Moynakske in Evpatoria.

Superbly changing recreational and resource potential for the Crimea to appear on the waters of the dzherel of mineral waters.

About the natural reserve fund, which will attract tourists, є landscape park "Salgirka" near Simferopol, Alupkinsky, Gurzufsky and Forosky parks-memorials of the garden and park mistress, arboretum, , Kazantip and Karadaz natural reserves, as well as the Mis-Martyan natural reserve, Nikitsky botanic garden, Yalta girsky-lisovy natural reserve.

Social and cultural tourist resources. On the territory of Crimea, a large number of unique memorials of the ancient, middle and large new hours have been preserved: fortification, cult sporuds, palace complexes, mansions, which may be of vital importance for

On the view of most of the regional centers of the country, where the main part of the tourist resources is located in their boundaries, which are related to the number of people, Simferopol is not relevant. Unimportant for a thousand years of history, there are few significant architectural designs. Among them is the Kebir-Jami Mosque of the 15th century, the walnut trade rows, the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, the Church of Kostyantin and Eleni, Vorontsov's palace, gospodarski, zhitlov and administrative equipment of the 19th century. From the place of boule, the life of the shlyakhi P. Allas, D. Ondulva, I. urchatova, I. Aivazovsky. Misto, in the distance, there is a geographic location that is a good transport link with the other tourist centers of Pvostrov, which is actively involved in visiting, and also, by the way, it is necessary to be victorious in such a situation, which is actively used in the form of tourist resources. Yak the administrative center of the autonomous republic, we can be attuned to the Tatar diaspori.

Beyond the list of leaders for a number of social and historical recreational resources in the place and village of the Pivdenny coast of Krimu. Yalta is the capital of the resort town of Krima, where I will bring to myself many tourists and tourists. From the other third of the nineteenth century. vona bula vіdoma yak aristocratic resort. It began on the architectural image of the place, which in some areas can be seen as a museum under the open sky. Z-viznichnyh architectural architects with the construction of the place to build the church of John Chrysostom of the 19th century, the church of St. Episeme, booths of the cholovic gymnasium, palace of Emir Bukharsky (early XX century), the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos, rich mansions and villas. In Yalta, at one time, there lived a lot of people from the foreign culture: the writers L. olstoy, A. ekhov, V. orolenko, O. uprin, artist I. Levitan, spivak F. alapin and іnshі. Near the village of Masandra, roztashovaniyu near the front of Yalti, a miniature openwork palace has been picked up, as well as a bulo rospochato gr. Vorontsov, and continued by Oleksandr III. At the proper hour, there is no need for knowledge and vikoristovuvsya yak Mislivsky castle. The village is famous far beyond the cordon with wine liohi of the same wine combine.

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