Fishing in Finland: rules and features

Fishing in Finland: rules and features

Fishing in Finland is a pleasant and enjoyable activity. strictly regulated. If you want to fish here, you will have to follow certain rules. However, there is nothing complicated or draconian about them. As practice shows, Russians adapt to them easily. You just need to know these rules. Let us recall them and tell you about some of the features of fishing tourism in Finland.

There are a lot of fishermen in Finland, according to the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economic Development - more than 1.8 million people. And these are just amateur fishermen. Professionals in a separate category. However, there is even more fish in Suomi and there is enough of it for everyone, including tourists from other countries, and they come here to fish even from Australia. Well, as in any civilized country, fishing in Finland is subject to legislation.


In fact, you can fish in Finnish waters without a license. However, this permission applies only to those who use the simplest float rods: when the rod is without a reel, there is no spinner, artificial bait and all the tackle is at hand. With such modest gear, you can fish anywhere. Too primitive approach? Maybe, but lately some people prefer this ingenuous way, relying on a certain naturalness and honest sports spirit.

Of course, most fishermen choose serious equipment, which means they need to buy a license. This can be done in a variety of places: in police stations, at the post office, on the Internet, and even in R-kioski stores.

The cost of a license varies depending on a variety of conditions: time, region, your boat, catch size and other parameters. For example, a regular license for one day costs 6 euros, for a week - 15 euros, and for a whole year - 45 euros. As a rule, avid fishermen buy an annual license. This can be done on a specialized website. By the way, there is a small extra charge in R-kioski.

If you want to fish in the "fish zones", you will have to pay extra. We are talking about specially equipped places where there is a parking lot, conditions for comfortable launching of boats into the water, firewood, tables for cleaning fish, smokehouses, carports and much more. Often such zones are located near rapids in the lower reaches of rivers. There you can catch very large fish. For all these pleasures, you will also have to pay for the local cooperative organizing the "fish zone". An additional license can cost from 15 to 40 euros per day. For example, at the mouth of the Kumijoki River, 12 hours of fishing costs 17 euros, and at night, when fishing is especially good, this service costs 22 euros.

It should be borne in mind that the presence of a license can be checked not only by an inspector of the fish protection service or a policeman, but also by an ordinary fisherman. Yes, local fishermen, when they see a stranger, will most likely ask for a license - this is a common procedure and if you have a license, they will rush to provide you with all possible assistance.

Other rules

The license gives the right to fish, but according to certain rules and not everywhere. For example, you cannot fish near coastal structures - the distance to them must be at least 50 meters. Also, it is not allowed to land on a foreign shore, while you can swim in the reservoir in peace.

Small fish must be released back into the water. Each species has its own limitation. So, you cannot catch pike perch if it has not reached 37 cm, grayling must be more than 40 cm, and salmon and brown trout - 50 cm. Leave the young pike perch, and you may be deprived of your license right away.

Time limits must also be respected. They are not valid in all regions. For example, in southern and central Finland, you can almost always fish in rivers, but in the north or in some tracts of eastern Finland there are bans. So, on the river rapids from September 11 to November 15, it is forbidden to bait salmon and trout, and from November 1 to July 21, it is not allowed to fish for crayfish.

In addition, there are informal rules. They relate to general cultural traditions and behavior. Sometimes, in places where fishermen congregate, one can hear the exclamation “Kala!”, Which means that one of the fishermen has picked up a heavy fish and cannot pull it out alone. That is, this is a call for help and it is worth responding to.

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