Family water hike - Seligerskoe ring: description

Water hike - Big trip to Meschera (r

This hike is suitable for everyone who wants to relax in central Russia, do not strain too much on the oars every day, for those who want to spend a relaxed vacation. At the same time, we will see a lot of interesting things. And Seligerskie reaches, small lakes, rivers, we will go around the island of Khachin, we will visit the monastery of Nilova Pustyn. Our parking lots will be comfortable and well thought out.

First of all, we invite families with children to this trip, as the children will be comfortable with both the schedule and small loads. However, adults without babies will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. Relaxation, fishing, forest walks, excursions and sightseeing.

Daily program


(3.8 km on water, kayak speed in still water with a load of 4-5 km/h. Boating time 1 hour)

The bus takes us to the village of Svetlitsa, located on the shores of Lake Seliger. We will unload things from the bus and private cars ashore. We put cars in a guarded parking lot located on a private territory (the cost of parking a car is about 100 rubles/day, the price of the trip is not included). We will have lunch overlooking Seliger, take a break from the road and get to know each other. After lunch, we get the necessary equipment, undergo safety instructions and rowing techniques. We repackage things in hermetic bags. Next, we carry out the first loading (under the guidance of an instructor) and hit the road. Today we have to overcome about 4 kilometers past the Nilova Pustyn monastery, which is a fantastically beautiful view from the water. Before our first stop near the Kopanka river-channel, dividing the Khachin island into the Northern and Southern parts, we will go by boats and spend about an hour on it at a leisurely pace.

Upon arrival at the parking lot, we will pull the boats ashore, change clothes, set up our camp. The instructors will show a master class on setting up tents and talk about the effective choice of a place and the intricacies of setting up a camping dwelling. Experienced hikers will learn a lot of new and useful things, and it will be especially interesting for children - in a few minutes they will learn how to assemble a tent on their own, so that later they will always easily organize a place for parking and overnight stay. We will also conduct one more short briefing on a comfortable and safe stay on land. We'll split the shifts and go for water - a walk to the source will take 20 minutes through the reserved forest. (TO THE SOURCE

2 KM) Let's start our first fire and make dinner. At dinner we will continue our acquaintance, and the instructors will tell you about Seliger and the Khachin island, around which we will travel. After a long day, we will go to bed early to welcome the new day refreshed and move on.


(10 km by water - 1 hour parking - 6 hours on the way. Estimated time of arrival for overnight stay 17.0)

We will get up at 7 am and have breakfast ready by 8:00. At 9:30, having assembled the camp, we will go out on boats from the banks of the Troitsky reach past the village of Nepriye, which separates the Ostashkovsky and Troitsky reaches. Then we will come to the beach and the Zenitka monument, erected in honor of the defenders of the borders of the Tver region during the Great Patriotic War, there will be an opportunity to swim, play games and relax. Further, past the villages of Laskorevshchina and Salnikovshchina, Troitsky reach will lead us to Volokhovshchina - an island settlement. A little further on the shore we will camp. We will prepare lunch, prepare firewood for the evening and hold an interesting master class on the types of fires and their purpose. Young participants in the hike will be able to replenish their knowledge and hiking skills, at dinner we will discuss plans for tomorrow, play hiking games, and have a rest.


Wake up at 7 am and breakfast at 8 am. Today we have a parking day. This means that we do not set up a camp, but go on a hike around Khachin Island. It will be very interesting and exciting for both children and adults to feel like researchers of pristine nature, see tundra meadows and find several lakes that are part of the unique natural chain of intra-island water circulation. Forest lakes await us and you will learn amazing facts about each of them. We will take everything with us to cook lunch (or a snack), find a clearing and relax, play an active game with tireless children and energetic adults. (Presumably Mare Lake - 6 km from the parking lot) Further our way will be to the village of Volokhovshchina. It is one of five villages on Khachin Island. We will look at the settled island life, learn the history of the settlement and visit the forest cafe "Khachin Dom". Where you can enjoy dessert and buy souvenirs (a visit to the cafe is not included in the price of the trip). Upon returning to camp, we will spend the rest of the day preparing dinner and preparing for tomorrow. Let's play new hiking games around the campfire and share our impressions of the day we lived.

Family water hike - Seligerskoe ring: description

Sherna is a left tributary of the Klyazma. It flows through the west of the Vladimir region and the east of the Moscow region. Born at the confluence of the Molokchi and Seroy rivers at the Belkovo platform. From other tributaries of the Klyazma, Sherna, first of all, it differs in clean and transparent water, the absence of industrial effluents and large settlements along the banks. Sherna is one of the few rivers in the Moscow region where it is really pleasant to swim.

We will start rafting from the village of Dvorishchi and reach the dam in the village of Karavaevo, 3 kilometers before the confluence of the Sherna with the Klyazma. We have to cover 27 kilometers over the weekend. We will be on the water for 3-4 hours a day, and the rest of the time we will devote to rest and entertainment. Participants will find a traditional hiking bath, as well as many fun games and contests. In the evenings, unusual outdoor cuisine and fun gatherings around the campfire with a guitar await you, as well as the mafia, crocodile and other favorite games.

Daily program

Day (Friday)

A hot and long-awaited meeting with the instructor and his team at sunset in a cozy forest on the edge of the village of Dvorishchi. We set up tents and gather around the fire for an acquaintance at dinner. We learn about the hiking experience and outline the crews for the kayaks. We do not stay too long, because tomorrow is the main day of our active rest. Those who get a good night's sleep will be more active on Saturday night.

Day (Saturday)

Wake up at 7:30 am, wash in the river, acceleration gymnastics with the awakening of an internal fire, breakfast, collecting kayaks, safety and rowing techniques, distribution of crews, taking into account wishes and experience, distribution of sealed packaging and life jackets. Finally, an exciting immersion in aqua aura, where pleasant emotions will rush in a stormy stream at the sight of those delightful pictures that can only be seen from the surface of the water surface.

At the beginning of the route, the river winds heavily, dragging us along the path of pleasure from the process. After 3 kilometers, the Sherna receives the right tributary - Melezhu, noticeably expanding. The border of the Moscow and Vladimir provinces from now on will follow our river. At the mouth of the right tributary - Melezhi, we start a hot lunch in the form of cheese and fish cream soup. While he prepares, there is time for badminton, volleyball or carefree swinging. A stone's throw from our halt, uyany village with a shop.

Having thoroughly refreshed ourselves, we rush with fresh forces to the village of Zarechye with a high Kazan church. On the way, we can meet huge herons, delighting with their flight. The left bank here is overgrown with coniferous forest, near the water - willow, alder, birch. And now, after another bend, our flotilla drops anchor on the village beach for an overnight stay, swimming and sunbathing. For thrill-seekers, there is a bungee here.

We set up a camp, a bathhouse, soak brooms, cook dinner over the fire, cut a salad and slowly cheer up after the heat of the day to the periodic bell ringing of the church. And here the most interesting thing begins: the camp bath is heating up intriguingly, communication between us is developing, the Berlin walls are crumbling and.

. We remember funny and gambling games like a crocodile and statues of love. We can also arrange a song repertoire competition and play a vocal game on a given theme. For example, girls will sing songs with male names, and guys - with female names, one by one. But you never know what else can we invent on this romantic night under the bright constellations? Even just admiring the play of the flame on the wood is a great pleasure! Like our distant ancestors, the hearth will give warmth and calmness, the brain will turn off, and the psyche will relax and in the morning it will be like a baby's.

Day (Sunday)

The Klyazma River is one of the largest and deepest tributaries of the Oka, along the banks of which flooded meadows and pine forests adorn. And the section from Usad to Omutishchi, along which our route passes, is perhaps the most picturesque and sparsely populated with blue forests in the distance and groves greening along the river. On the way we will be accompanied by birds with their endless serenade, which caresses the ear. The river forms large bends, becoming deeper and wider. Klyazma, taking its tributaries: Kirzhach, Bol. Lipnya, Peksha, Polya, Obod, Voronovka, expanding from 75m to 100m in low water!

The route is perfect for both experienced watermen to warm up at the beginning of the season, and for beginners, especially those who have long wanted to go on a water trip, but had doubts or did not know where to start. The unhurried course of the Klyazma and the almost complete absence of such obstacles as driftwood sticking out of the water and fallen trees are almost ideal conditions for exploring the kayak.

On this trek, we will have a rare opportunity to devote enough time to training. Everyone will be able to learn how to independently assemble and disassemble a kayak, feel confident in it in the place of a sailor and a captain, row correctly in order to save energy during long journeys and quickly maneuver in difficult situations.

Our trip is, first of all, outdoor recreation, communication and new acquaintances. Therefore, in addition to dissection with vodial strokes of Klyazma, we are waiting for a variety of entertainment program: volleyball in a circle and badminton through the grid, hiking bath, evening gatherings by the fire, web and a statue of love, crocodile and many more diverse games and contests.

Epilogue. Overcoming with us all the joyful tale travel thaws, forever befriended each other and with the Russian nature, without hiding tears from parting with loved by kayaks, you can't even imagine to yourself, with what unstable enthusiasm will go on the way back on all conceivable vehicles, Gradually accustomed to urban bustle, but forever retaining unforgettable days of unity with nature in mind! And you certainly want to repeat those wonderful moments that will remain in the heart forever!

program by days

Day <

On Friday at 19:40 We meet at the Kursk station, we buy tickets and at 20:14 sit down on the legendary electric train "Moscow-Petushki". We arrive at the railway station "Usad" at 22:03. Little walking to the place of the first night. We install the camp, dinner, get acquainted and go to bed. Ahead of us is waiting for a saturated day.

Day @

Breakfast, make charging, collect the camp, get acquainted with the kayak device and we go through the safety instructions. Go to our water journey! Today we have to go through 10-12 km with a stop for lunch. Klyazma is great for exploring water tourism. The river is wide enough, the course is calm, the bottom is sandy. Wonderful views are opening with water: pine forest, sandy beaches. In the evening we get up the camp. Today, we still have a cultural program: we will play, throw bikes by the fire, we will make a real hiking bath, and when it is very dark, we will admire the scattering of bright stars and the Milky.

Day [IMG2]

The Svoga River is the most pure river of the Vladimir region. Classical Meshcherskaya River is a shallow, winding, with beautiful shores, smoking pine forests and dumbers.


Castle of the Khorchavitsky on the territory of the "Murometso" estate under Vladimir - Rare for Central Russia in its architectural decision of the noble manor, built on the order of V. S. Khrapovitsky at the end of the XIX century by the architect P. S. Fightov. Located in the village of Muromtsevo Sudgorical District of the Vladimir Region, about 3 km from the city of Sudogy. The manor is one of the numerous eclectic "castles" of the pre-revolutionary Russia, built on the romantic reading of the European Middle Ages. Among the numerous analogs are the Popov Castle, the Sheremetev Castle and other sadba - an architectural monument and a cultural object of federal significance.

What is the most memorable part of a camping trip? Well, of course, the HIKING BATH! No, no, we are not talking about a village bath. The tourist bath looks very different. First, a large fire is made. After it flares up well, stones are thrown at it. You need to make the pyramid of stones bigger and warm them up as hot as possible. After the stones have warmed up, the fire is extinguished, and a special large sauna tent is erected over the stones - without a bottom and with windows. Good stones keep warm for a long time, and you can hit the park more than once, and then, steamed, jump into the icy water of the river. Going to such a bath is like being reborn. Such a bath is especially popular with children.

Convent in the village of Spas-Kupalishche (courtyard of the Holy Bogolyubsky Convent). Located at the confluence of the Sudogda River with the Klyazma. The first church, according to legend, appeared during the return of Ivan the Terrible from Kazan. According to the legend, the tsar ordered the foundation of a church at the place of his rest and bathing. In Soviet times, the temple complex was ravaged. Restoration work has been underway since 2002. Nowadays, it is a quiet, beautiful, grace-filled place, located away from the popular tourist routes along the Golden Circle.

Source of St. Boniface. The beautifully designed holy spring is located near the monastery. There is a baptismal font and a place for collecting holy water.

Daily program


At 11:30 Meeting with the instructor at the train station. ... railway station in Vladimir at the exit under the clock. Our adventure begins! We sit down in a minibus and go to Meshchersky forests, to a clearing on the banks of the Sudogda River.

Lunch is being prepared, a fire is bursting. We have lunch. We collect kayaks, undergo safety instructions, practical training in rowing techniques under the guidance of an instructor and go to see the castle of Count Khrapovitsky. Here we will have a fascinating tour of the medieval castle. Those who wish can fish, play active games, volleyball, badminton.

Upon our return we prepare a delicious dinner, evening program "Let's get to know each other!" Overnight in tents.


This is one of the most beautiful ski routes of our club in the Moscow region! Dense coniferous and mixed forests, endless fields, a winding and picturesque river, cozy villages, flat paths that are a pleasure to ski, as well as fresh air, silence, delicious food cooked on a fire, spending the night in a tent with a stove and company of like-minded people! Attention: the number of places is limited. Sign up in advance.

The line of this route is different from the summer hike through the northern forests of the Moscow region!

Type of routeDurationLength (km) Line of routeDifficulty of routeSki2 days/1 night35 kmst. Zaprudnya - st. Dmitrov Average. Strong ski skills required

Hike Dates: February 6-7, 2021 (Saturday-Sunday)

Trekking plan:

Day one: The participants of the hike and the instructor meet on Saturday at 9:34 am at the Zaprudnya railway station. To be at the meeting point on time, you need to take the train, which leaves at 7:16 in the morning from the Savelovsky railway station.

Upon arrival at Zaprudnya, we cross the Moscow Canal along the pontoon bridge, distribute public equipment in our backpacks and get up on skis. Today we have to march about 23-25 ​​kilometers - mainly along forest glades and paths. The forests in these places are truly dense - few people visit here at any time of the year, and even more so in winter. On the way, we look for traces of forest dwellers and learn to understand them. By the way, in February 2020, when we were walking along this route, we managed to find elk antlers - the animal threw them off, according to the season.

In the middle of the day we will stop for lunch in a transparent spruce forest - cook soup, fill thermoses with tea and relax. After lunch, it remains to walk about ten kilometers to a cozy meadow, where we will spend the night. We will set up our tent-tent, light the stove in it, make a fire nearby, cook a delicious dinner and mulled wine.

Day two: Not getting up too early, morning coffee, breakfast, packing. Today we only have to walk a little more than ten kilometers - first through the forest, then through endless fields, then along the picturesque banks of the Sestra River, then again through the magnificent pine forest, through the fields, and there it is already not far from the finish line.

We will have lunch on the bank of the river - this time without soup, but with tea from thermos, delicious sandwiches and sweets. We will reach the finish line approximately between 16 and 17 hours. We will be picked up by a minibus and taken to the station of the city of Dmitrov, from where we will return to Moscow by one of the electric trains. Estimated return time to Moscow: 20:00

List of required equipment:

- winter hiking clothes (classic three layers: thermal underwear, fleece, membrane) - puff (jacket with insulation) - a warm winter sleeping bag with a negative temperature of comfort and a thick mat - skis, poles, boots (any skis are suitable you are used to) - holding ointment (if you have skis without notches) - shoes for the camp (winter boots with a warm liner, such as these) - warm mittens + spare pair - hat - backpack of at least 70 liters (you must leave room for general equipment and food) - sledges (optional) - thermos with hot tea (at least 1 liter) - seat cushion - KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife) - camera (optional) - headlamp + spare batteries - personal pocket snack (several chocolate bars - for a snack "on the go")

If you are a beginner hiker, then this article will answer many questions about the basic set of equipment for any hike. And this article will help you choose skis for a hike.

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