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The main river of European Russia - the Volga - originates in the Tver region. In the upper reaches of the channel there are several rapids called Benskiy. We invite everyone to swim on them - this tour is designed for simply healthy people with an ordinary physical form. It takes only three days with two nights - you can escape from the bustle of the city for the weekend.

We have to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of camp life, enjoy the silence, birdsong, picturesque shores. Try hiking dishes with a smoke, sit by the fire with a guitar, play active games and, of course, visit a hiking bath. Get a historical tour of places of military glory, learn the history of temples. Walk under the tall Klimovsky bridge, visit the Kamenets fonts. Gain knowledge and skills that will help you feel confident in the hike and in the wild, learn in practice how to operate a kayak effectively, read the water and act in non-standard situations. Gain invaluable experience, new friends and good mood. All this awaits you on our way.

The impressions of rafting down the Volga will last for the rest of your life! :)

Depending on the weather and physical fitness of the participants, the program may be shortened.

Daily program


We will meet (time, place is specified in the memo). Instructors help you get on the buses and load your things. Our journey, depending on the road and traffic jams, will take from 4.5 to 5 hours. There will be technical stops at gas stations, with the option to grab a cappuccino and a burger. Upon arrival, we unload our things, set up a camp. We will help those who cannot put up a tent. We prepare a light dinner, get to know each other, get brief information on how to effectively use equipment for a comfortable sleep in a tent. We briefly say what we have to do tomorrow. There is silence around us, starry sky, haze over the river. It's time to sleep, tomorrow we will need strength and a good mood.

We recommend that you take a light snack and water with you on the road, so as not to waste time in queues at the gas station. Prepare a headlamp and warm clothes for the camp, shoes must resist the evening dew, which will be abundant.


Wake up at 8 o'clock. We set up the camp, get hermetic bags for packing things, inflate the kayaks, have breakfast. We share on the crews, get saved vests, oars and go through the instructions. Here it is - the long-awaited launch. During the war, the Rzhevsky fortified area passed along the left bank: many pillboxes and remnants of fortifications. Many have been destroyed, but there are also surviving ones. Perhaps we can make an excursion to one of them, if time permits. We walk about 9 km and get up for lunch. We are resting, lying on the foam, those who wish help with lunch. Having rested and refreshed with lunch, we continue our journey. The Volga helps us with its fast current of 3-4 km/h, which allows us to save energy. Ahead are the Ben's rapids. Once again we recite the passage and safety precautions. The noise of the threshold is growing, it's time to ride with the breeze, applying the knowledge and skills gained. We fly over the breakers, managing to maneuver and keep the course straight. The current is noticeably accelerating, we reach the village of Yeletsy, if we wish and for the time, we run in to see a well-preserved pillbox and an operating weather station. Tired but happy from the adventures, we camp on a high picturesque coast. We set up camp. We are preparing a delicious dinner. The instructors set up a camping bath on the shore. We have a rest, play games, get hiking likefacks from instructors. Those who want to take a steam bath and, of course, how not to swim in the river. In the evening, we gather around the fire, share our impressions and stories, contemplate the starry sky. There is no such thing in the city. It's time to sleep.

Rafting on the Volga river with the Bensky rapids - Tver region: description

The water of the Tver region is more than 1000 large and small rivers, as well as more than 500 magnificent lakes. Most of the Valdai Upland is located on the territory of the region, and the famous Okovsky forest is located in the southwest. Three large rivers originate here: the Volga, the Dnieper and the Western Dvina. Thanks to this, the region has a second name - Upper Volga. The source of the Volga is considered an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Tver land is rightfully recognized as the land of forests, lakes and rivers. Once upon a time, it was from here that the paths of all Russian travelers began, the first boat of Peter I was launched here. The Tver rivers meander among the wonderful forests, pass by the centuries-old monuments of our history and culture. The beauty of this region, the richness of nature, and in our time, attract guests here for recreation, fishing and river travel.

The longest rivers of the Tver region

List of the largest rivers flowing through the region.


The main river of the European part of Russia originates in the Tver region. The village, which is located at the very source, bears the appropriate name - Volgoverkhovye. Here, on the Valdai Upland, the place where the source was formed is decorated with a chapel. Then a small stream flows through two lakes - Bolshoye and Maloye Verhity. After that, gradually gaining strength, a system of four Upper Volga lakes passes.

The length of the river is 3530 km, in the Tver region - 669 km.

Western Dvina

This river originates in Russia, but then ends up in neighboring Belarus and Latvia. On Russian territory, it passes only through the Tver region. The source is a stream flowing from Lake Koryakino. In the upper reaches, the river is not wide, meandering, in places there are rapids. Closer to the border with Belarus, there is another lake - Coverage, after which it expands significantly, up to 20 meters.

The length of the river is 1020 km, in the Tver region - 239 km.


Three-day kayaking on the Volga River with Ben's rapids: a description of the tourist route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

General information about the rivers of the Tver region

The Tver region has more than 800 rivers. The largest rivers are: Volga, Mologa, Medveditsa, as well as middle rivers: Mezha, Western Dvina, Shosha, Tvertsa, Toropa. The following rivers can be distinguished from small rivers: Kava, Ivitsa, Zvana, Lam, Selizharovka, Autumn and others. The watersheds of the Caspian and Baltic seas belong to the Tver region. Moreover, the overwhelming area of ​​the region (70%) belongs to the basin of the first watershed, while the rest of the territory belongs to the second.

Navigation and economic use of the rivers of the Tver region

The navigation of the rivers of the Tver region is well developed, both passenger and cargo ships sail along the largest rivers of Tver. There is a ban on the use of small boats from April to June due to fish spawning. Navigation on the tributaries of the Volga opened at the very beginning of the 18th century. The river port of Tver is the largest water transport hub in the region.

The right bank of the Volga is equipped with a cargo berth, which accepts both large passenger and multi-ton cargo ships. Even vessels of the mixed type "river - sea" can be accepted here, i. this area, namely Moskovsky, is equipped with harbor cranes with a lifting capacity of more than 10 tons. River trams run along the Volga, on which residents of Tver and guests of the Tver region can enjoy the marvelous landscapes of flora and fauna.

Flora and fauna along the rivers of the Tver region

The Tver region belongs to the southern taiga, but here, along the rivers, there are broad-leaved and coniferous forests. The meadows stretching along the rivers are a real treasure, with blooming fragrant herbs. Along the rivers of the Tver region, you can find animals characteristic of the taiga region, as well as animals inhabiting Central Europe.

The fauna includes: brown bears, hares, foxes, lynxes, wolves; here you can also find red deer or sika deer, elk, and even roe deer. Hawk owls, hazel grouses, black and three-toed woodpeckers fly high above the Volga, Tvertsa, Mologa, Medveditsa, Shosha and other rivers of the Tver region. And also along the blue waters of the Tver rivers live black grouse, wood grouse, bullfinches, crossbills.

Butterflies will delight the eyes in summer: jaundice, blueberries, mother-of-pearl. Unfortunately, many representatives of the fauna are on the verge of extinction, and are even included in the Red Book, for example, the desman. This also includes the polar owl and the red vole. Perch, pike, carp, salmon, and eels are most common in the rivers.

Big rivers of the Tver region

The largest river in the Tver region is, of course, the Volga. The Volga basin occupies the overwhelming majority of the Tver land area. In the Tver region alone, the Volga absorbs 150 tributaries. The source of the Volga is located near the village of Volgoverkhovye, and its width here is no more than 1 m, with a depth of only 30 cm. In the dry season, the brook dries up. The Volga flows into such lakes as: Malye Verhity and Bolshie Verkhity, and only then into the large Sterzh lake. The source of the Volga is surrounded by forests, a nature reserve with an area of ​​more than 4000 hectares. A chapel was built near the Volga spring, with a bridge directed to it - this is an ideal place for tourists to relax.

The Mologa River has seven large left and three right tributaries. In its upper reaches, the Mologa River is meandering, but calm, slowly flowing no more than 20 m wide. The banks of the Mologa are bordered by forests. Running through the lakes, the width of the river increases up to 40 m - in the area of ​​Lake Verestovo, absorbing Rivitsa and Volchina, the Mologa accelerates and expands by 60 m. 100 m wide Mologa will pick up in Pestovo and 150 m, flowing into Kobozhi. Thanks to the Rybinsk reservoir, the Mologa expands to 200 m and floats practically without current, thanks to the backwater.

The Western Dvina is almost 240 km long, within the Tver region. Its source is at the end of the 80s. established by local historian Alexei Popov. According to him, the Koryakinskoe bog in the Penovsky district is the source of the Dvina. However, according to other sources, the source of the Zapadnaya Dvina is located in the Andreapol region, namely from a swamp located near Lake Novinskoe. This fact indicates the acquisition of an additional length of the river for another 150 km, thus bypassing the Northern Dvina along its length. By asking such a question, the city and regional administration can create new tourist routes and, thanks to the study of the Western Dvina, receive investments from travelers who arrived from abroad.

Travel to the Upper Volga region - family rafting on the Volga River (rafting on the upper Volga River on modern rafts, kayaks)

Enchanting with its beauty landscapes, historical and natural sights, surprisingly, all this is not so far from Moscow ...

These wonderful places are ideal for families.

In 5 days of rafting down the upper Volga you will have time to take a break from the bustle of the big city, enjoy the enchanting nature of this magical land and just relax next to a cozy fire in a good company of friends.

Who is our family hike for?

For those who want to actively and brightly spend 5 days of summer. The hike and program are aimed at children over 5 years old and their parents. Younger sisters and brothers can participate in the hike, but older children still have priority.

What will we do?

We will have a real "camp life": spending the night in tents, food cooked over a fire, tea with smoke, baked potatoes according to the signature "Volga" recipe!

Kids will be busy! After all, they are full-fledged participants in the camp! Gathering berries to the common table (porridge with berries, what could be better!), Collecting things and setting up a tent, everyone will row on the water, fishing, working with a pump).

In our program:

  • morning exercises for children,
  • rallying games,
  • creative workshops,
  • circle dances,
  • football and other active games,
  • staging evening fairy tales,
  • initiation into water workers,
  • for parents at evening gatherings - communication and games!

And at the end of the route, a real adventure awaits us - an excursion to the ancient quarries! Tolpino system - quarries where limestone was mined, white stone, from which temples and monasteries were previously built.

A network of sports stores in Tver, which offer a huge selection of sports equipment and inventory for everyone who prefers an active lifestyle and chooses sports as a philosophy of life or just wants to have a good rest.

Address: Tver, st. Mozhaisky, 71, bldg. 1, shopping center "Yuzhny" Phone: (4822) 79-12-13 Working hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 19:00, Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00. Website: . u

Address: Tver, Petersburg highway, 34 Telephone: (8422) 70-34-44 Working hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 19:00, Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18: 00. Website: . u

They offer products from many well-known brands. Among them: UMBRO (sports shoes, clothing, equipment), Body Sculpture and NeoMotion simulators, Biostal thermos, Tramp, Atemi and Putnik tourist equipment, Stels, Stinger, Navigator and Bianchi bicycles, pools and mattresses, etc. Intex and many others.

You can also buy sports goods in the online store. There is a system of discounts and delivery within the city.

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