Excursions in Samara

Excursions in Samara

Rest on the ship is an opportunity to make new acquaintances and get pleasant emotions. The situation itself is conducive to communication. Who knows, maybe it is during the cruise that you will find not only friends, but also like-minded people, people close to you in spirit.

How to choose a motor ship

You need to know that the cost of rest on a motor ship from Samara, first of all, depends on the choice of the steamer. The essential difference between traveling on 3 and 4-deck ships will no doubt be the level of comfort and amenities offered by the company. The equipment of the steamer also plays an important role: a restaurant, a bar, a massage parlor, equipped recreation areas - all these are necessary attributes of a modern cruise ship.

Everyone who plans to make a cruise along the Volga from Samara should also pay attention to the range of services that are offered on board: the presence of a customized menu (or buffet), entertainment programs. Professional animators work with enthusiasm on the ships, involving everyone in their ventures: both children and adults. During the day, games, contests, and group lessons are held for vacationers of all ages.

How to choose a cabin

Cabins are distinguished by: location on deck; sizes; availability of amenities. On the question of where it is better to be located, there is no single opinion.

  • The hold is furthest away from entertainment and crowds. The most inexpensive cabins are located here.
  • The main deck, depending on the type of the steamer, can be quite quiet without areas for promenades, or it can be the focus of the active life of the ship.
  • The middle deck is the most crowded place on the ship: it is usually equipped with tables and special chairs for guests.
  • The boat also allows tourists to stay on deck, offering entertainment for the duration of the journey.

The size of the room and the availability of furniture in it also directly depends on the cost of the voucher. For example, a double cabin with a regular bed will be larger than a double room with a bunk bed. Naturally, river cruises from Samara in a single-deck cabin will be more expensive. All rooms usually have a refrigerator and a wardrobe.

The availability of a sink, toilet and shower also depends on the cabin category you choose. In the cheaper accommodation, the toilet and shower are shared on the deck. It must be remembered that when choosing a cabin, you can look at the diagram of the vessel and decide next to which rooms you would like or would not like to be located.

Meals on board

Meals are always included in the price of the tours. There can be one or two restaurants on the ship, serving guests according to the traditional scheme with the possibility of choosing dishes from two or three options (for example, meat, vegetable and steamed dishes) and the formation of a menu a day or two in advance (custom system). Buffet breakfast is not available on all ships. Sometimes, for the comfort of passengers, meals on board are provided in two shifts.

Cruises on the Volga from Samara to navigation in 2021

Rafting on the rivers of Samara is gradually becoming a favorite leisure option for residents and guests of the region, because what could be more exciting than a water trip through picturesque corners of nature? Active rest allows you to simultaneously relax your mind away from the bustle of the city and get a fresh charge of energy mixed with positive emotions. But whether the adventure is exciting and extreme or blissfully calm - it's up to you!

Rafting in Samara - active rest is back in fashion!

Leisure planning and the search for new tourist areas for an exciting pastime sometimes takes a lot of time, although these issues are very simple to solve. It is enough just to define the expected result! Rafting or any other type of river rafting will be a universal option for active recreation, if you want:

  • enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air;
  • feel close to the mighty water element and even try to fight it;
  • learn to work together and develop a team spirit;
  • acquire skills in boat management and handling tourist equipment;
  • get a charge of vivacity, adrenaline and inspiration.

The choice of water routes is usually determined by the beauty of the area and the presence of natural obstacles. The first criterion plays a major role if the purpose of a water trip is to obtain aesthetic pleasure and relaxation. The second is taken into account more for rafters, because beginners may not be able to cope with the trail with numerous rapids and waterfalls, and seasoned athletes are unlikely to be attracted by the river surface without a hint of extreme.

The international classification provides 6 levels of difficulty for rafting routes. If you are just trying your hand at such sports tourism, it is better to limit yourself to 1 - 3 steps. An experienced guide or instructor will help you choose the optimal route and teach you the basics of using the equipment and tricky boat handling techniques.

Rafting down the river is a simple and relatively inexpensive realization of the dream of an active vacation after a tiring week of work, as well as a unique opportunity to get a boost of energy and enjoy the stunning beauty of the water surface.

The best excursions in the city

Car and pedestrian walk, which will allow you to get a volumetric view

A walk around the city in the light of night lights, which will open it from a new side for you

Underground tour of Stalin's bunker during the Great Patriotic War in Samara

Travel to the Garibaldi Castle with a visit to the temple and the world's largest reservoir

A walk in those places that are not mentioned in the guidebooks: pre-revolutionary houses

A trip around the city, covering three famous landmarks at once

Visiting unusual natural sites that delight, fascinate and surprise

Tour of the three famous lakes of the Samara region, with swimming and smearing with medicinal mud

Travel to the famous Shiryaevo village of the Samara region with a rich and interesting history

Visiting the highest point in the city with beautiful views of the Zhiguli Mountains

Visiting sights near the village of Troitskoye and destroyed churches of the 18th century

Walk in those places of Samara, which reflect the architecture of St. Petersburg

The cost of each excursion includes:

"VTK-TOUR" passenger bus, cost of entrance tickets, guide, paperwork for transportation of children; paid parking, 2 types of insurance: passenger insurance, travel (tourist) insurance;


A closed backstage tour of the most grandiose stadium in our city.

Cost: 700 rubles/person.


Tour duration: 4 hours; Accompanying persons FREE OF CHARGE (2 persons)

Cost: 750 rubles/person.

"GARIBALDI CASTLE" Visit the top place, according to the residents of the Samara region Duration of the excursion: hours

Cost: 900 rubles/person.

"WEEKEND TOUR" History and beauty from Shiryaev Lunch and visit to the Repin Museum Excursion duration: hours

Cost: 1200 rubles./person

"to HOLY PLACES - from TASHLA" from Tashla, this is a God-marked place that must be visited! Duration of the excursion: hours

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