Cruise tourism in Russia

Cruise tourism in Russia

The word cruise is borrowed and originates from the English cruise, in its original meaning - sea voyage, however, we will consider its river variety. Cruise tourism refers to special types of tourism, as it requires a certain material base - the presence of steamships, cruise liners and other specialized watercraft, with the resulting average cost of the tour. However, a cruise is not just swimming, it is also a recreational and health-improving component, when the quiet rustle of the waves, heard from the slightly open porthole, sets you up for serenity and contemplation, and cognitive, when the trip includes sightseeing and architectural monuments, with excursions on the shore and even a religious one - for example, a tour to the Solovetsky Monastery.

The cruise business is one of the most promising and dynamically developing areas of the tourism industry. Even in the face of alternating global financial crises, the water travel sector is performing well. Our country, which has a colossal natural potential, with a dozen rivers, each of which is more than 2 thousand kilometers long, a huge number of cultural and architectural monuments located along the banks of rivers or in close proximity, with the ability to move along the water surface to the point of destination, is prepared for the role of a leader in this tourist segment.

River cruises in Russia are a great way to see our country. It does not require red tape with paperwork, contributes not only to a pleasant pastime, but also the opportunity to broaden horizons, enjoy the most picturesque landscapes, and discover a new Russia, hitherto unknown.

The most popular are two-three-day and weekly cruise tours from Moscow. They are relatively affordable in terms of price, rich in a huge variety of routes and have no age restrictions. Several main geographical areas can be distinguished here.

Moscow-St. Petersburg

A classic route lasting from 6 to 8 days, passing through canals and lakes, through ancient Russian villages. Monasteries and churches in Valaam and Kizhi, the Shlisselburg fortress, the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, the cozy berths of the towns of Uglich and Myshkin, the unhurried flow of life in which, as if almost froze. Russian architecture, welcoming people and the lapping of the waves astern when the steamer heads for St. Petersburg.

This route has a variation, with a return to Moscow, such a cruise is called a ring cruise and lasts up to two weeks.

Moscow-Solovetsky Islands

Travel, a week long, and 16 days, in case of return to Moscow. The Solovetsky Islands are perhaps the most popular destination for religious and educational tourist routes. The harsh charm of northern nature, landscapes that you will not find anywhere else, a huge number of architectural monuments and the extremely thorny path of the monastery, which in 1992 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List - these are just a few reasons to board a steamer and go towards amazing impressions and the silent severity of the monastery buildings , away from the bustling and humming Moscow.


Traveling along two rivers is a special pleasure. The wide and calm Volga is replaced by the stubborn and harsh Kama. The route includes a visit to the cities of Tatarstan and the Perm Territory. Standard in duration is a 7 or 8-day cruise with a final stop in Perm or a 16-day cruise in case of a loopback route. Kama - one of the great Russian rivers will carry you past the rocky shores overgrown with coniferous forests, will acquaint you with the history of the Perm Territory. Here lives the real Russia - the unbridled power of the elements - dense forests and high mountains, stubborn breakers of the waves that strive to turn the steamer and not let go, where there is only a strong spirit and strong body.

Today, the development of tourism is gaining momentum more and more rapidly. This is greatly favored by the development of transport infrastructure, nationwide globalization, and the development of social relations. More and more unusual and interesting types of tourism are beginning to appear, capable of presenting a lot of new knowledge and impressions to travel participants.

Tourists visit the Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt. KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images

It is believed that the term "tourism" was coined by the excellent writer Mark Twain, combining the words "tour" (in French - "travel") and "adventurism". Today there is a huge number of different types of recreation.

The main goals of modern tourism are educational, recreational and entertainment. People go to rest in order to have a great rest, to improve their health in health resorts. They go to sports competitions, honeymoon trips, business trips. Everyone will find something of their own in the countless destinations of the travel industry.

Excursion tourism

Recreational tourism is the movement of people in their free time for the purpose of rest necessary to restore the physical and mental strength of a person. PASCAL PAVANI/AFP/Getty Images

The name clearly speaks of the fact that rest is directly associated with cognitive goals. Today it is one of the most common types of tourism.

Accompanied by experienced guides, you can walk through a number of interesting cultural sites, listen to fascinating lectures, becoming more erudite and savvy.

The most popular tours among Russians are tours to Germany, the Czech Republic and the countries of Eastern Europe.

Recreational tourism

Business tourism is gaining more and more popularity among Russians from year to year. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images

As a rule, this is a journey that allows you to combine business with pleasure - good rest and treatment in one bottle. This type of tourism is also very common in the world. In a number of countries, it is an independent economic industry and exists along with other types of tourism. A striking example is the rest in the sanatoriums of the Crimea and the Caucasus, famous for their famous health resorts.

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