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Not so long ago, the possibilities of all tourists, and in particular of cyclists, have significantly expanded thanks to such an invention as a cycling catamaran. In fact, the bicycle catamaran itself is not a new invention and outwardly resembles a bicycle installed in the center of an inflatable boat. We can say that the list of equipment for any tourist has been significantly replenished thanks to the successful crossing of a bicycle and a water catamaran.

Cyclists conquer islands!

If we consider a cycling catamaran as a means of transportation, then we can safely say that with such a floating craft, the possibilities of any tourist will expand to the conquest of water horizons. The presence of a cycling catamaran allows you to erase the existing boundaries between cycling on land and recreation on the water.

Water travel by cycling catamaran is an alternative to cycling on land and a bulky inflatable boat for moving on water. Having such equipment at your disposal, you can safely go on a hike, both along mountain paths and along wide rivers, not paying attention to water obstacles on your way. If necessary, the bike is attached to a structure on inflatable cylinders and can be used as a floating device on any water body. But you should not take a cycling catamaran as a means of crossing, it is a more progressive and mobile mode of transport for making interesting travels across the water, fishing and outdoor activities.

Go from bike to mobile float in just minutes!

All additional equipment is assembled into a convenient backpack, which can be transported both on the trunk of a bicycle and behind the back on the shoulders of a cyclist. Disassembled, the entire structure is quite compact, not large and not particularly heavy, weighs only 11 kg. The assembled structure without an installed bicycle resembles the most ordinary catamaran, and after fastening the bicycle it takes the form of the most ordinary cycling catamaran. The bicycle, mounted on special inflatable cylinders, gives the entire structure rigidity and stability, which allows it to gain speed up to 10 km/h.

The owner of a bicycle does not have to be specially trained to drive a cycling catamaran, all actions are familiar and only the skills of driving a bicycle are enough: pedaling and steering. In addition, as on land, it is necessary to select a high-speed gear for effective movement in this situation. The choice of one or another gear will depend on weather conditions, the presence of a wave, current and wind. As a rule, the carrying capacity of a cycling catamaran is about 120 kg and it can be exceeded only if safety conditions are met.

An important design element is a stainless steel support frame and two inflatable balloons. A collapsible paddle is installed in the front of the cycling catamaran, and a propeller in the rear. The set includes a pump for inflating swimming cylinders, assembly and operating instructions. It is noteworthy that the time for assembling the structure in the conditions of a hike takes by no means a little time, in just 8 minutes a tourist bicycle turns into a comfortable floating craft.

The presence of a cycling catamaran allows you to open new boundaries in travel and enjoy the water spaces and an excellent unforgettable vacation.

How to choose a bike for tourism

Let's start with the definitions. Definitions are taken from the free encyclopedia - Wikipedia.

Tourism - temporary travel to another locality or country other than the place of permanent residence with at least one overnight stay for entertainment, health, sports, guest, educational or other purposes without engaging in activities paid from a local source.

Cycling tourism or cycling tourism is one of the types of sports tourism and active recreation, which consists in passing on a bicycle routes containing general or specific obstacles for cycling tourism.

In this case, the bicycle is used as the main or only means of transportation. There are six categories of hiking difficulty in cycling sports tourism. The first category is the simplest, the sixth is the most difficult. The difficulty category of the hike is determined by the methodology for categorizing bike trips. The minimum length of a bike trip of the first category of difficulty is 300 km. Among the types of sports tourism, where only human muscle power is used for movement, cycling tourism is the leader in terms of speed of movement and the length of routes. A person who makes such a trip is called, respectively, a bicycle tourist.

Consider two issues: preparation and equipment for travel; and the choice of a bicycle, as the most important element, without which, in fact, there will be no cycling tourism. My recommendations are just my recommendations, this is not a law of the last resort, and in order to strengthen this thesis, I will inform the readers that our ancestors were engaged in cycling tourism in ordinary "Ukraine" and "Minsk" and they did it well.

Choosing a bike for tourism

I would divide cycling tourism within Ukraine or the CIS into two main categories based on the route and two categories based on the duration of the trip.

If your route passes along country roads, abounding with uphill, off-road, stones and other obstacles, it is better to have a bike called a mountain bike (full suspension or hardtail). The suspensions will reduce the load on the arms and make the ride more comfortable. Aggressive tires, disc brakes for tricky descents and the bike's light weight are just what you need. In Ukraine, these can be routes in the Crimea or along the bed of some river, there will be stones, slopes, and beautiful places. My friends and I have traveled many times along the Southern Bug and this is the most optimal route for this type of tourism.

If your route will pass from the city "A" to the town "B", in which the ruins of some castle have been standing for a couple of thousand years, or a long-lost UFO was found and the road will go like this: 100 kilometers along the highway , 40 on a country road and 5 on stones, the best choice would be a road bike or a bicycle called "touring" ("Tourist"). Bike shops sell these bikes and can be fitted with a front suspension fork and disc brakes. Typically they have 28 ”wheels, two front sprockets and gear ratios that allow for decent speeds. Most of them have 51 or 48 teeth, in contrast to the mountain, where the number of stars is greater and the gear ratio is aimed at improving the bike's passability by reducing the speed.

Hello everyone! This is the first post and I do not know how they are usually written, so I will write it as it is. Actually, I have never become a tourist. I was an extremist who went camping without tents and sleeping bags and all that. he stayed with him. However, the accumulated experience is there and it can and should be shared. More cycling or water tourism experience. Vodny - these are Taimen kayaks and tourist catamarans. Also, all sorts of related experiences such as making fires, eating pasture and gifts of aborigines, spending the night in nature, which will be a blog about. So, this is the first post for today and the first in general!

The next entry, most likely, will be about one trip, which took place back in 1995, through one young lady and one tourist kayak taimen and was described a little later. What happened is one hundred percent true and if embellished, then quite a bit. Embellished, most likely our reactions to what is happening, than the events themselves. To which the second participant in the events said: “Yes, that's how it was. But why do you and I look like two mentally retarded there? ". So, if you want the mentally retarded, then go ahead, dear readers!

thoughts on “How I became a tourist”

The banquet will be! I promise exactly as the "aiguillettes" promised us! ?

Hi !! Sdorovski. Very interesting. Cool blog theme. "I demand the continuation of the banquet." :-))))) Good luck in writing and actually in the campaigns themselves. :-))))

AAAAAAAAAAA and that's me. Hmm ... and who will marry me with such a description? hi-hi :) :) :) But the essence is captured correctly, you will not say anything! And, vaasche och great! Long live people who can write! Okay, read the rest!

Well, get married, get married ... You need to grow up - once. And secondly, I posted your photo, so let them erase everything and everyone who is ready to marry someone! So that's it! The more photos, the more marriage proposals. And in general, what does tourism have to do with marriage? I will punish!

Tell Daddy we'll buy honey. Half a ton, a ton, it doesn't matter, as long as your dad is good!

Nuuuu ... congratulations! I hope to finally see all your experiments with letters in one place ? And you write well, I've told you this for a long time.

Hello Brazza! Thank you for the kind word, it is like an eternal and evil person is pleasant. ? I'll try to collect something in one place.

Thank you very much! I will now visit this blog every day! ?

And what about the ill-fated blonde, she got married?

Climb back when descending!

One of the common causes of downhill falls is that the cyclist can get scared and put on the brakes. The body moves forward, further shifting the center of gravity. All that can happen behind this is a romantic contact with the ground and further, not so romantic, sliding down the slope.

Do this: push your body back as much as possible. Or take one off the pedal in preparation to step on it. Then even jammed brakes are not a hindrance to a smooth stop.

How to slow down incorrectly? First of all, it is wrong to brake with your head, correctly with both brakes, and not just with the rear. If you only brake with the rear, then the chance of skidding and losing control of the bike increases.

Photo of the descent of a real cyclist. Pay attention to his butt!

A smart one won't go uphill or how to go uphill optimally

Yes, the smart one will ride a bike up the hill! First, select the optimal gear for this particular slide. This is accomplished with experience. Make a rule for yourself - you must not get out of the saddle. When you sit with your ass in the saddle, the center of gravity is distributed approximately in the middle of the bike. In this case, the front wheel does not come off the ground and the rear wheel has sufficient weight so that it does not slip.

Exotic to the masses!

I have collected exotic cyclist mistakes such as eating, sleeping while driving a bicycle, smoking or drinking in one place. I will leave them without comment, unless I advise you to save on beer and buy yourself a speedometer or a headlight on your bike if you want to live longer.

Here, in fact, these very perversions ...

Catamaran riding is a type of active recreation by the water. Designs can be single, double, family. Near the coasts you can find a catamaran, aquabike, pedal boat - the appearance is different, but the principle of movement is the same. Aquaskiper, which does not have pedals, is distinguished separately. Riding on it is fun and interesting.

Design Features

The model is a product made of plastic pipes, inflatable cushions with a plastic body and even a metal hollow frame. Catamarans differ in type of material, size, purpose. You can make a floating craft with your own hands. The advantages of a water bike are:

  • low weight of the structure;
  • easy to transport;
  • you can make yourself from plastic pipes;
  • for convenience it is permissible to install the engine.

Pedal boats are called catamarans, aquascipers and other means of transportation. They look and function differently. For example, a water glider is a one-piece construction with no pedals. It consists of several basic elements:

  • foot pads;
  • strong connecting struts;
  • tubular frame;
  • steering bush;
  • hind wing;
  • planing plate.

The classic version of the water bike is not supplemented with floats. The movement of the aluminum model is rhythmic jumps with an impact on the hind wing. The product glides through the water by changing the angle of exposure. Previously, the device was called trampofoil, the design included a hinge device and a spring.

Only in 2007 did the pedal boat take on the form it is now known. It is made from aluminum alloys and plastic. Aquaskipers are widespread, you can find models within 11 thousand rubles. The product is similar to a pambayk and is distinguished by the absence of stirrups.

The angle of attack of the main wing ensures the movement of the aquasciper through the water. The higher the efficiency, the faster the water transport moves.

Jumps are performed on toes with little effort. To accelerate, the user must increase the amplitude of the impact. From the outside it seems difficult, but beginners master the technique in half an hour. Aquaskiper is a great form of fitness because it engages all muscle groups. But only trained athletes can ride at speed and participate in competitions. Inexperienced beginners will only last a couple of minutes.


Catamarans can accommodate one, two people and even a family. You can ride the aquaskiper alone. Popular entertainment does not require special training. Sluggish pedaling is enough for the catamaran to continue moving, and if it stops, it will remain drifting. Hydrofoils are not self-supporting. They need an initial impulse and then constant impulsive movements. You just won't be able to stand, the structure will start to sink. Therefore, they begin to swim on the aquaskipere from the piers and bridges. There are other differences between the catamaran:

  • a safer structure that can hold on its own;
  • under intense impact, it can accelerate to a serious speed;
  • easily transported, there are collapsible models;
  • transports large groups of people with minimal effort.

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