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24 most interesting sights of Sochi

Daily program


Gathering at the railway station of the city of Krasnodar, boarding vehicles. Moving Krasnodar - Psebay takes 3.5 hours. In Psebay we issue passes at the office of the Caucasian Reserve, the instructor distributes the group equipment.

A short transfer to the beginning of the walking part of the route to the cordon of the Chernorechye reserve. The path goes along the left bank of the Malaya Laba, gradually gaining height. The road is crossed by numerous streams and rivers, at the bottom of which, if you look, you can find "fool's gold" (a type of mica, very similar to natural gold).

At the cordon of the Third Company, we will comfortably settle down for lunch and replenish supplies of drinking water. Beyond the cordon, the road ends and turns into a path running through a tall fir forest. There are comfortable places to stay near the river bank.


After breakfast we set off to the Umpyr cordon. A well-trodden path now dives into the forest, then again comes out to the river. Then the ascent to the Balkan ridge begins.

A panorama of the western part of the Main Caucasian Ridge opens from the ridge. The peaks of Tsakhvoa and Magisho are visible, at the bottom Malaya Laba winds like a thin ribbon. It is convenient to have a lunch break here.

After lunch, the trail will lead us to the confluence of the Achipsta and Malaya Laba rivers, where the Umpyr cordon is located. On the Umpyrskie glades, you can comfortably stay overnight.


After breakfast we follow the trail to the numerous tributaries of the Malaya Laba. Having overcome them ford, we will go among the powerful thickets of fir, where there are a lot of raspberries, currants and strawberries.

Through the mountains in Sochi: description

Discover the secret of ancient megaliths and touch the monuments of primitive architecture

Excursion rating: 60% Tourist reviews Individual excursion for 1-12 people Price: 4400 rub.

Dolmens - a journey to the places of power in Sochi

The Sochi land is filled with legends and mysteries, one of which is ancient dolmens, cult and burial slab structures. On a walk along the mountain paths of the Lazarevsky district, you will get acquainted with the preserved dolmens of Sochi, visit the parking lot of a primitive tribe and see the medieval sarcophagi. Get ready to look at the nature of the Caucasus Mountains through the millennia, feel the energy of stone megaliths and better understand the life of ancient people.

Anna guide in Sochi Conducts 14 excursions Usually responds within 1 hour. If you decide to visit Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana or Krasnodar, then you will definitely want to see as many attractions of these places as possible. Sochi is a mild subtropical climate, exclusive nature and rich tourist routes. In order to feel confident on the forest trails, you will definitely need a qualified instructor with knowledge of local history and flavor. This is the only way you can see and understand all the beauty of this place. I think we all had to visit new cities, see the sights, but know nothing about them. For this, you need a person who can help you with this. Our instructor-guide is a person who: has read many books about the nature of the region, history, mythology and religion; is oriented on the terrain; has a sports category; colorfully tell you about what you see; will be happy to answer all your questions; will leave a lot of positive feelings for a long time. You can find out the details by writing a personal message. Conducts 14 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 4 hoursChildren: Allowed with children Best Price GuaranteedIf you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

The legacy of ancient tribes Along the scenic trail we will climb to a medieval burial place and look at the traces of bygone eras - stone tombs and the remains of an ancient dwelling. You will descend into a deep grotto that served as the home of primitive man, and you will be able to imagine how the ancient tribes kept a fire on a stone ledge. Descending from the mountain ridge to the valley, you will meet a group of burial and cult structures - tiled dolmens, badly damaged by the activities of modern man, and hear the history of this place.

Caucasus - would you like to go there? Through the mountains in Sochi: a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

What do you know about surfing? And what about the surf stations in Sochi? If you are interested in information on where to catch a wave on the coast of Greater Sochi, then my article today will be very useful to you.

Recently, surfing from an exotic discipline is gradually turning into an accessible and popular sport. Last year I was lucky to join this lesson, read about it here: Sochi, beach, surfing: how I caught a wave in Khost.

This summer, the interest of tourists in this activity can be seen with the naked eye: the entire water surface along the coast in the evenings is dotted with people on the boards. And it seems to me that these are only flowers. Everyone who has joined this sport assures: once making friends with the surf, you will forever fall in love with the sea, wind and speed.

Therefore, if you have not tried yourself in this business, but really want, or vice versa - already in the subject and looking for places where you can hone your skills, then this review is just for you! <

Surfing in Sochi: flying on the waves

No matter what you say, there are good waves in Sochi. And for the last two years, on the Sochi coast, this whole topic has been actively gaining momentum: new spots are being tested, old ones are being rethought, surf stations, rentals and schools for beginners are opening. Classic surfing, SUP-surfing, windsurfing, wakesurfing - choose what you like and catch the wave!

At the moment, there are at least a dozen popular spots on the coast, and I will briefly tell you about some of them.

Spots in the Imeretinskaya Bay

I'll start from the end, more precisely from the tip of the Sochi coast - from Imeretinka.

Not far from the Olympic Park, in the area of ​​the state farm Russia, there is a popular spot for kiters. Due to the fact that once upon a time there was a pig farm on this place, this spot is jokingly called "Pigsty". The southerly wind direction, clean frontal breeze, strong surf and the bottom steeply sinking into the depths - these are the characteristics of this spot.

The sea in Imeretinka does not always please with big waves. But even for calm waters there is a solution: SUP-surfing.

Boards for it can be rented on the beach of the Bridge Resort Hotel, and if you are a beginner, use the services of experienced instructors.

In Imeretinka, on the beach along the Olympic embankment, there are already several points where you can rent a SUP-surf.

Yachting is a powerful and dynamically growing industry for the production, operation and maintenance of yachts.

The main elements shaping the urban planning situation on the recreationally oriented coast are yachting infrastructure objects - marinas and resort-tourist complexes.

1. Harbor and base for pleasure and sports boats. (Explanatory marine dictionary - Moscow, Astrel, AST 2006, p. 371)

2. Marina (yacht port) is a water area protected from adverse weather conditions with a coastal area, equipped with berths for mooring ships, as well as main buildings, structures and equipment that provide both safe parking, storage and maintenance of pleasure and sports boats, and services for their crews ... (preliminary national standard "Services to the public. YACHT PORTS. Minimum requirements. PNST 153-2016/ISO 13687: 2014)

Marina is the backbone of coastal coastal passenger traffic. In addition, they increase the urban planning security of the territories and the capabilities of the border service.

Yachting infrastructure - facilities, structures and services that ensure the production, operation and maintenance of yachts. The main structural element of the yachting infrastructure is the marinas.

A modern yacht is a motor or sailing, technically highly equipped and environmentally friendly vessel designed for recreation, sports and entertainment.

A cruising yacht is a motor or sailing-motor yacht that has cabins with berths, a bathroom, and other equipment that provides the possibility of long-term stay of people on board, which does not require daily launching/ascent to the water and mandatory storage on land ...

A modern marina is not just a yacht dock. This is a complex engineering structure that provides all the opportunities for the development of water sports - sailing, water-powered, water-skiing, etc., sea tourism and alongshore passenger traffic. In addition, marinas are becoming city-forming objects - catalysts for urbanization, development centers (points of growth) for all types of tourism, a venue for various sports and cultural events.

Therefore, a modern marina is a vivid example of complex-purpose facilities open to the public and attractive to people of various interests and preferences, i.e. public space in the truest sense.

Let's briefly tell you what to see in Sochi on your own and where to go with the whole family. This resort is chosen not only for the beach holiday. In the city and its environs there are a lot of various entertainments, attractions, natural objects, parks. Even just a walk along the embankment or in the center will be interesting and informative.

When people talk about Sochi, they mean not only the settlement with the same name. This concept often includes other cities in the region, from Tuapse to the very border of Abkhazia. This territory stretches along the sea coast for 145 km. And thanks to the well-developed tourist infrastructure, each guest will find something to their liking. We offer photos with names and descriptions of the most interesting places.

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  • Musement - guided tours and tickets.

Marine Station

The port by the sea is visible from afar, as the main building is crowned with a sharp, high spire. The architecture of the station is reminiscent of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg. On the pier it will seem that you have already been here, since it was in this place that the scenes for the famous film "The Diamond Arm" were filmed.

You can just admire the most beautiful yachts and cruise ships from the pier, but you should book a ticket for one of them and go on a short trip along the Black Sea coast. Then you will immediately see other settlements - Adler, Khost, Matsesta, etc. Also, longer flights to Italy, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece depart from this port.

Winter Theater

One of the most famous landmarks of Sochi, where a large number of interesting events take place in summer and winter. Here pop celebrities, both domestic and foreign, perform. Every year the theater hosts the Kinotavr film festival, organizes the Summer Cup of KVN teams and other programs.

The building itself is also of interest. It was built back in the 30s of the last century, when the country's leadership decided to create a real developed elite resort on the Black Sea coast. And the main building, in which grandiose performances and events were to take place, was erected in the center of the resort capital. The neoclassical architectural style was chosen for its design. The entire facade is surrounded by snow-white columns.

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