Child on a hike

Child on a hike

Before talking about why a child needs a hike, answer yourself one single question: why do you need a hike with a child? If you are going on a sports trip, and you are taking your child with you only because there is no one to leave him with, give up this venture. You ruin your trip, and the little man may hate tourism forever. "If you are tired of communicating with the baby in fits and starts, torn between him and the jamming life; if you are sad that nannies, teachers, neighbors, the street are engaged in the upbringing of your heir, anyone else except yourself; that just like a father (like a mother) you love your child and are ready to give up some of your claims for him - that means that you are ripe for a family trip "(D. Schmeiger). Family tourism is wonderful because it primarily takes into account the interests of children. This is not a hike for categories and athletic performance. This is a journey that fosters character, brings the family together, opens the world for the child in a completely different, unusual plane.

In the soul of every little fidget, there is a craving for adventure. And the hike is a real adventure. Judge for yourself what space opens up before you to raise your son or daughter! And all this happens without tedious lectures and morals, which, more often than not, bounce off the child, "like peas from a wall." Here Nature plays the role of educator, and everything happens naturally and as if by itself. In the forest or in the mountains, in isolation from the usual benefits of civilization, the baby quickly learns that the rain will pour regardless of whether it is needed or not. And if you don't want to get wet, you need to put up a tent, and not sob and stamp your feet. The kid learns to make decisions and be responsible for their actions. He sees with his own eyes how much man depends on nature, but at the same time nature also depends on man. The child acquires useful skills, learns to love and value the surrounding nature, to coexist with it. The kid sees the real mountains and rivers, forests and steppes, lakes and caves, not the ones drawn in the picture. And this expands his understanding of the world around him. Is it worth talking about the healing and hardening component of any hike?

Where to start?

There are many different types of hikes. Depending on the mode of transportation, they can be hiking, skiing, cycling, watercraft, etc. In terms of duration, one-day, two-three-day (weekend hike) and multi-day ones are distinguished. But in any of them there must be some goal: to go through the planned route, see this or that natural landmark, visit an interesting place, a monument. For the kid, of course, the hike itself is a wonderful entertainment, but the specific goal makes it even more interesting.

So, at what age can you go hiking with your little ones? Many tourist parents will say: from birth. But, do not forget that in this case the child will be not so much a full participant in the trip as a passenger, but mom or dad, respectively, by transport. But a four-year-old prepared baby can already make quite long transitions. And from 5-6 years old, you can take a child on simple mountain hikes. Until this age, accustom your baby to the "wild" nature, more often go with the whole family to the forest or to the river for 1-2 days, arrange one-day walks to interesting places. It is important that the baby feels easy and comfortable in nature, is not afraid of the forest, knows how and loves to walk, and has basic safety skills. Gradually, he will get used to some hardships and hardships that are inevitable during the campaign. In general, a kind of mini-rehearsal, training before a more serious test.

In search of the treasure!

If not only your little one, but you yourself are just beginning to master the tourist wisdom and are not yet ready for a multi-day hike, arrange a one-day "outing" into the forest. And so that the child will remember this trip for a long time, organize it in the form of a fun adventure. In the game, you can easily convey to the kid the difficult skills of handling tourist equipment, and the rules of behavior in nature, and the basics of hiking safety, and, of course, expand his knowledge of the world around him. You need to prepare for the mini-hike in advance. First of all, gather a few families with kids who want to take part in your fun event. It doesn't matter if the kids are of different ages. Consider this when writing a script, and then there will be enough suitable tasks for everyone.

The search for the treasure will be reduced to the passage of a small route by children, accompanied by an adult, using a map. The card should appear in the most mysterious way. For example, during a halt in a clearing, digging a hole for a fire, dad will find a mysterious box in the ground, and in it ... a shabby map with torn edges. For the smallest, the map might look like this:

And when the treasure is safely found and dug up, arrange a picnic in the clearing with cooking kulesha over the fire. It is unlikely that tired treasure hunters will refuse hot, smelling of smoke, field porridge. After such a workout, you can go on a real hike!

Packing things up

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