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Fishing spots in the Vladimir region: rivers, lakes and paysites

Rafting on kayaks on the Sudogda river "Small trip along Meshchera"

Kayaking in the Moscow region is a great opportunity to plunge into a real camp life not far from Moscow. Opportunity for one weekend to get impressions as from a whole vacation.

So, we meet at the station in Vladimir at 21.0

The most convenient way to get to Vladimir is by railway transport. At 18.5, the Swallow goes from the Kursk railway station, it is profitable to take tickets for it ahead of time, they start selling them in 90 days and tickets cost about 300 rubles, closer to the point the cost rises to 600-800 rubles. Another great option is the Express 18.0 train, departing from the Kursoy station, tickets for it begin to be sold 10 days in advance.

We sit down in a minibus and go to the river bank. We are not going so far, about 40 minutes. We are going already in the dark. When you get out of the car, the first thing you smell is a stunning pine scent. The fire is bursting, dinner is being prepared, the tables are standing, all the tents are set up, everything is beautiful. Immediately you can see they are waiting for us here. We settle into houses and go to dinner. For dinner, the most camping food is buckwheat with stew. How long have I been

We are getting acquainted. Everyone tells something about himself, where he has been and what he saw. And I mentally, as it were, travel with them and understand that I also want to see all this with my own eyes. I realize that we all love outdoor romance, the spirit of adventure and adventurism. The understanding comes that there are “my own” around and I can be myself, that I do not need to wear a mask and build something out of myself, I understand that I am safe, I relax and start to enjoy myself.

After dinner, everyone smoothly goes to the fire and we start playing. We start with the mafia. A cool game that allows you to reveal the skills of persuading other people, observation (usually a person changes a lot if he comes across a mafia card), strategy and logic.

Slowly, one by one, everyone disperses to the tents.

Morning. Breakfast at 9. There is a lot of time before breakfast, you can go for a swim in the river, do exercises and even run! Beauty is all around!

For breakfast, porridge, sandwiches with cheese, sausage, coffee. And we are putting together a camp to load everything on kayaks and quickly hit the road. The instructors conduct safety procedures, explain how to operate the kayak, what can and cannot be done. I used to think that it was very difficult and dangerous, but in fact it turned out that everything was not so scary. There is more that everyone is given a saved waistcoat.

We set sail and almost immediately the first obstacles await us. These are rows of piles sticking out of the water, for the passage of which you need the well-coordinated work of the entire crew and a ridge of stones after the concrete bridge, you need to carefully swim along the tongue and not touch the stones so as not to ruin the kayaks. We did a great job! Now a little about the river.

Sudogda River

Kayaking on the Sudogda River for the weekend

In most regions of the Russian Federation there are excellent places for fishing - a favorite pastime for a large group of amateur fishermen who prefer this type of outdoor activity.

The Vladimir region, on the territory of which a number of large high-water rivers flow and there are many ponds and lakes rich in fish, offers to use paid and free fishery services for recreation.

Fishing in the Vladimir region

The Vladimir region is rich in its water resources, so fishing in this region is popular and promising. You can fish from the banks of small streams or from a boat on deep water bodies. Table of contents

- Fishing in the Vladimir region ↓ - Add a fishing spot to the map ↓ - The best educational films on "Fishing" (Watch free online) ↓

Fishermen Feedback

I constantly go fishing to Lake Black. Convenient access to the fishing spot, a large number and variety of fish species sometimes come across trophy specimens. Rating:

Arkadiev P., 43 years old, Vladimir

For 10 years now, my family and I have been constantly going on vacation and fishing to the Kolchuginskoye reservoir. Clean water, sandy beaches, good service. The rest is wonderful! Rating:

Martynov E. 39 years old, Moscow

I am a pensioner and I love fishing! I prefer to go to the well-known places of Lake Kshara. A wide variety of fish. The main thing is to be able to apply fishing skills in combination with good bait and the catch is always guaranteed. Rating:

Polipchuk I.A., 67 years old, g. Vladimir

R. Sudden is the ideal itinerary for a weekend hike. A kayaking trip along the Sudogda River is designed for everyone. Adults and kids, everyone will love it.

Rivers, lakes, ponds in the Vladimir region

Uvod River

Uvod River (Kovrovsky District, Vladimir Region)

The Uvod River - flows through the Ivanovo and Vladimir regions; left tributary of the Klyazma. Take away ... Take away ... What does this word mean? In what era does it originate? Hydronym is mentioned in many historical sources.

Lakes of the Vladimir Region

There are many lakes scattered throughout the region. At present, most of them are rounded, shallow, and overgrown from the edges.

Rivers in the Vladimir Region

The old Russian river Klyazma near the mouth of the Kokoksha river. Photo by G. Shlionsky

The largest river is the Oka. It flows along the eastern border of the region.

The Klyazma is a left tributary of the Oka, which is the main water artery of the region. It divides the region into two unequal parts (northwest - a smaller part and southeast - large). The Klyazma flows almost directly from west to east, deviating near Kovrov to the north, skirting the Oksko-Tsninsky shaft. In the west of the region, the width of the Klyazma channel is about 100 meters, at Vladimir - 140-160 meters, and the further east, the wider, reaching 250 meters in the Gorokhovetsky region.

Ushna (River, Vladimir region)

Ushna is a river in the Vladimir region, a left tributary of the Oka.

Oka (tributary of the Volga)

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Grizzly bears. Volcanic craters. Traces of a caveman. You will not find this in the Vladimir region. But here there are natural zones that dazzle the human heart with their beauty! It is not for nothing that this region is called the region-museum.

Bogolyubovsky meadow

It is located near the small village of Bogolyubovo, where the Nerl and Klyazma rivers merge.

The peculiarity of the Bogolyubovsky meadow is that with the onset of spring in high water it is completely flooded and only the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl remains on land. This is due to the fact that several centuries ago, when the temple was laid, an artificial hill was poured and a church was already erected on it.

Since the 60s of the last century, scientists have begun researching the flora and fauna of the meadow. It turned out that the Bogolyubovsky Reserve is rich in rare plants - there are about 300 species of them, four of them are included in the Red Book. The researchers also met in these places a bird from the Red Book - the white-tailed eagle.

Gusevsky Reserve

It is located on the border with Meshchera Park. The vast territory of pine forests is home to wild animals and birds. The reserve is full of various herbs and berries.

Some economic activities are allowed here, in particular, deforestation. But felling is provided in a certain amount and in those places where there is no population of wild animals.

The Gusevsky reserve was created in 1998 to increase the number of some species of wild animals (elks, wild boars, foxes). A certain period of time was given for this - 10 years. After this time, hunting was partially allowed.

Meschera National Park

At the junction of the Moscow, Vladimir and Ryazan regions lies a wonderful land of emerald swamps and lakes, quiet and unhurried rivers with beaver settlements. Amber pine forests are filled with grousing wood grouse, and light birch and aspen groves are filled with brown shadows of leisurely elks.

There are several assumptions about the origin of the word "meschera", but none of them has been officially confirmed. It is only known that the region received this name from the eponymous Finno-Ugric tribe that lived along the banks of the Oka until the 16th century.

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