Car tour of Ivanovo

Hiking - Plyos - Volga pearl - Ivanovo region: description

See the most interesting historical sites of the city and how it lives today

Excursion rating: 96% 19 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-4 people Price: 2400 rubles.

Car tour of Ivanovo Old and new

Ivanovo has never been named: it is the city of brides, and the city of students, and "Red Manchester". You will see all the most iconic in the city during a car tour and you will be able to collect it in a single contrasting image. Monasteries and places of revolutionary glory, powerful university buildings and shopping centers with local textiles, avenues, boulevards and embankments. You will learn how the city has changed over time, what it was famous for in different periods and what role it played in the history of the country.

Alexander guide in Ivanovo Usually responds within 3 hours. I am 45 years old, I am a candidate of historical sciences, I am engaged in the popularization of the history of the city of Ivanovo. The tour is conducted by car - we drive along the main streets of the city, capturing the maximum possible number of historical and modern monuments, having visited the historical and modern parts of the city.

Individual excursion for - person

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Description of the excursion

What awaits you

The revolutionary glory of the city The history of Ivanovo - the period when it was called Ivanovo-Voznesensk - is closely connected with revolutionary events, and not getting to know it means almost nothing about the city. Near a small picturesque park by the river, you will visit the Krasnaya Talka memorial in honor of the 1st city council, and then you will see the building of the council, where this council met. Now it houses the Museum, where exhibitions are held dedicated to the life of workers of the 1920s and residents of communal apartments. You will visit the monument to the fighters of the revolution and look at the cemetery of the old Bolsheviks, and also learn about what Interdom is and how it is unique.

Car tour of Ivanovo

Hiking we live in 2, 3 and 4-person tents. Under the guidance of the instructor, we prepare meals on the fire ourselves and provide the group's life in accordance with the duty schedule.

Be prepared that the instructor will give you a piece of public equipment (food, campfire, tents) - 4-5 kg! Leave 1/3 of your backpack free!

List of required personal equipment:

  • Backpack with belt (60-90 liters).
  • Sleeping bag (comfort temperature +5 - +10)
  • Foam mat
  • Foam pad
  • Mug, bowl, spoon, knife
  • Head torch (and spare set of batteries)
  • Toiletries
  • Personal first aid kit (medicine for you personally)
  • Shoes: comfortable walking boots, spare sneakers or slippers for parking.
  • Clothes: T-shirt, pants, fleece (depending on the weather ), swimsuit (optional)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain cover or waterproof windbreaker.
  • Gloves (work)
  • Camera

Daily program

For a two-day program (Saturday and Sunday):

Day (Saturday)

We meet at the exit from the Kostroma railway station on Shirokov Square at 7.00 am. We sit on the ordered bus, get to know each other, communicate and get ready to enjoy the original beauty of Russian nature. Our hiking trip begins in a small village beyond Volgorechenskoye. We organize an overnight stay in the forest on the banks of the Volga River, we will have active games and a guitar evening.

Day (Sunday)

In the morning we wake up, do exercises, have breakfast, and our route continues - on the way we will admire the incredible colors of Russian nature. In the afternoon we will be in the amazing town of Plyos, which is sometimes called Russian Switzerland for its special atmosphere. We will walk along its cozy embankment with toy houses, visit the main picturesque places of the city and the famous "mountains" - Levitan and Sobornaya, as well as, if desired, take a walk on a river tram. In the late afternoon, before taking the ordered bus to Kostroma, we will enjoy the views of Plyos in the rays of the sunset.

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