Brand for tourists

Brand for tourists

What is the uniqueness of the Rostov region, where can extreme lovers and those who love educational tourism go? We talked about all this with the editor-in-chief of the educational portal "Donskiye Zori", the creator of the author's excursions "Unknown Don" Boris Panasyuk.

Wrap candy

Yulia Morozova "AiF on Don": How did the idea of ​​creating a portal "Donskiye Zori", telling about your native land, come about?

Boris Panasyuk: In 2006, by order of one of the Rostov publishing houses, I went to shoot cultural heritage objects and churches in Novocherkassk. It is interesting for me to work when I know the history of the building, its features. I began to rummage through the archives, and there are so many contradictions and inconsistencies. I turned to specialists, they admitted that there was no complete information. A little later I got a unique book by Vladimir Bogachev, written in 1919: "Essays on the Geography of the Great Don Army." I read it cover to cover. And then he noticed that in modern books on the geography of the Rostov region there are Bogachev's word-for-word translations, moreover, that he was collecting data at the end of the 19th century! And I realized that we have a completely unknown land. Yes, there is excellent research carried out by the staff of the SSC RAS, they have excellent materials. But these works are inaccessible to a wide range of readers. This is how the idea of ​​creating the Donskiye Zori portal appeared, which introduces Donetsk residents to the history of the region through my travels, through a selection of articles with rare, previously unknown facts.

- You have participated in the creation of travel guides and you yourself are the author of amazing tourist routes. So what is the tourism potential of the Rostov region?

- Despite the general opinion, I will say that the regional government is doing everything possible to promote local tourism. Branding of the Don Territory has been carried out, an excellent visual identification of all areas has been created! Regular information tours along interesting routes are held, the main directions of development are selected, forums and seminars are held. Everything that can be done from above is done! Since 2014, guidebooks have been published, they have the entire basis. Further, any interested commercial company or district administration can take a ready-made layout and print the required circulation of the tourist guide. And I estimate the tourism potential of the Rostov region as high! We already have a sweetie: unique objects of the region; enthusiasts who have created wonderful holiday destinations at their own expense, such as the Loga Park. Now you just need to wrap this candy and serve. And for this, the information space around the Don Territory has not yet been created, there is not much available and high-quality information about these objects. But why no one writes about the Rostov Region brand, why is it not actively covered by the media? Let's all develop Don tourism together.

For extreme and knowledge

- How to start exploring your native land? Suggest a route for a family with children where they can go in their car.

- First - to The Lost World, which is in the Pukhlyakovsky farm. There, even a child will receive initial and interesting knowledge. The ethno-archaeological complex was created by scientists and is a basic place for tourism. Here you can get an idea of ​​the conditions in which our ancestors lived 6-10 thousand years ago. Try to make a flint cannon, mold a pot, grind flour. This is not just a place to relax - it is an educational excursion into the past. Well, if the day turned out to be bad, go to the Azov Historical, Archaeological and Paleontological Museum-Reserve. It also contains all the academic knowledge about our region.

One more important place cannot be ignored. On the territory of our region, the remains of the ancient mountain system - the Donetsk Ridge - come to the surface. In the Carboniferous period, reserves of black gold - coal were formed in it.

I cannot but recommend the Don Delta Museum, created by the staff of the SSC RAS. It is located in the village of Kagalnik. It contains knowledge about a small isolated world that formed in the lower reaches of the Don.

- Why is this world interesting?

- I somehow got to the Donskoy farm (opposite the Uzyak farm), this is almost at the end of the Don delta, then the Taganrog Bay begins. There people live on a separate island (you can get there only by boat), since ancient times they are one on one with the elements. Surge events on the Don are very strong, an east wind blew, the water drove 2 meters, the bottom line came from the west, the river level rose by 2 meters. I met cows there, which, when water appeared, run faster than cats on a hill and even know how to climb stairs. There, the whole life of animals and people is connected with constant confrontation with the elements, and therefore a special way has developed. The water has come, and grandmothers climb onto the rooftops without panic, sit and talk on the phone with children and neighbors.

Brand for tourists

The participant of the exhibition "Know Ours: Summer 2019" demonstrates: in the vastness of the Don lands there are many beautiful places suitable for excursion and gastronomic tourism. We understand the tourism products of the region, including at webinars at the exhibition.

This year, you will find all the most relevant information about summer vacations in Russia at the ninth All-Russian online exhibition for professionals of the travel industry "Know Ours: Summer 2019", where representatives of host companies, tour operators, tourism development centers, hotels will present a new Russian tourist product and announce plans for the summer season.

Today, April 3, experts from the Rostov region will hold a series of six webinars dedicated to the region's tourism products. What topics can tourism professionals learn:

  • 10:00 (Moscow time) - “Weekend on the free Don! See the blooming of tulips, the island of the Don mustangs, go for a horse ride or explore the paleontological base of the Azov Sea - the choice is yours. " Register now.
  • 11:00 - “Only once a year! What will surprise the prefabricated eco-tour on the flowering of wild tulips in the Don steppes and other excursion programs in the Rostov region from TO "Saga Voyage". Eco-tour drawing! " Register now.
  • 12:00 - “Where do Amazons and real Cossacks live? Non-trivial Rostov region with TO "ANYTICKET": ecological, wine and gastronomic and event tours + the most interesting routes ". Register now.
  • 13:00 - “Guaranteed group tours in the Rostov region: season-2019! We are looking for traces of the Bosporus kingdom in the Don capital, we are studying new author's excursions around the city of Rostov-on-Don with the "Reina-Tour NTV"! ". Register now.
  • 14:00 - "Neskuchny Don - with TO" Svoya Kompaniya ". Wine and gastronomic, event and historical tours + local history quest tour "Welcome to the Don". City Quest Draw! ". Register now.
  • 15:00 - "Author's tours and main tourist sites of the Cossack capital Novocherkassk and Rostov region from" Alliance-Tour ". The secret of Don winemaking and a gastronomic feast according to recipes from the Hermitage archives. Round drawing! " Register now.

Rostov Region is located in the southern part of the East European Plain and partly in the Ciscaucasia, in the basin of the lower reaches of the Don. Representatives of the Don Cossacks, Russians, Ukrainians and other nationalities live on the plains. Local residents carefully preserve the Don traditions - ethnic, gastronomic, cultural.

You can get to the Rostov region by plane, by rail or by private car. Platov international airport is located 40 km from Rostov-on-Don. More than 20 airlines operate regular flights, including from 22 cities in Russia.

We have found 8 reasons why your tourists should visit the Rostov region.

- variety of cities and regions

Rostov-on-Don is a city in the South of Russia that has preserved its architectural monuments and the spirit of the merchants. This "city with taste" has a developed network of restaurants of the Don, Russian and many national cuisines.

Taganrog - located by the sea, founded by Peter I. It was the first naval base in Russia. It is a city of culture, science, theater, Alexander I, A. P. Chekhov, F. Ranevskaya.

What is the uniqueness of the Rostov region, where can extreme lovers and those who love educational tourism go? We talked about all this with the editor-in-chief of the educational portal

What interesting things can you find in the shops of abandoned Soviet factories, what are the stereotypes of the townspeople, and what sights can Rostov attract guests to?

Sergey Skorikov, head of the Tanais educational tourism club, told about this to AiF on Don.

From the Bosporus Kingdom to city streets

Yulia Morozova, "AiF on Don": Sergey, you are a social psychologist by education, how did it happen that you started organizing tourist routes?

Sergey Skorikov: For many years I headed the youth club, and at least once every six months we organized educational expeditions. All participants are university students. Basically, they organized trips to the cities of the Bosporus Kingdom. The northernmost is Tanais, and further along the coast: Gorgippia (Anapa), Hermonassa (Taman), Panticapaeum (Kerch), Phanagoria, Baty (now Novorossiysk), Torik (now Gelendzhik). Someone in our group was looking at how the coastline had changed. And the changes over the centuries have been colossal, as the Tamansky Peninsula was previously an island. Psychologists studied the topic of an old children's toy, sociologists learned how interethnic relations developed. Then all the collected materials were published. Meeting with the famous local historian Lyubov Voloshinova revealed to me the potential of urban tourism in Rostov-on-Don. And we started to develop this direction.

- What kind of excursions do you conduct?

- Lyubov Voloshinova leads, for example, the Merchant Rostov route. There were many Old Believer merchants in our city. We try to make the walks interactive: we go to the Old Believers' church, houses, entrances of old merchant mansions. We consider buildings not only from the point of view of architectural objects, but try to give the maximum idea of ​​who lived here, tell about the history of this family, their life. We show how modern man differs from man of the 19th century. Then, for example, it was considered shameful if in the theater a man showed emotions and cried. We focus on such interesting details.

- I am curious about the reaction of the townspeople to your excursions. Do they often interfere? Or help with advice?

- It happens that onlookers come up to a group, push everyone with their elbows and make their way to the guide: "Well, what have you got here?" Usually they are quickly "blown away" when they realize that there is an educational excursion and no scuffles are expected. And often a window of some old mansion opens up above us, a disheveled aunt sticks out and shouts: “She tells everything wrong, this is the house of Paramonov, and not some kind of architect Eberg”. Moreover, the stereotype of the "Paramonovs' houses" is so widespread that, judging by the comments of the residents, this citizen took part in the construction of almost all buildings in the center and not only. It happens that a decrepit grandmother comes out, leads me, apparently, mistaking me for an official: “Come on, I'll show you how dilapidated my dwelling is. We ask you to demolish the house, and you will not help us in any way. " And sometimes in the group there is a person who once lived here, and he begins to tell such interesting details: “Here lived a famous singer, there was a bakery around the corner,” etc.

- What else is popular with Rostovites?

- We organize free excursions to the Cameral Workshop of the Larenkov couple of archaeologists. We agreed with them that every six months they organize a show of their findings. Do you know how many people respond? If five or eight people have enough to talk with scientists and see a unique exhibition, then it's good ... Somehow our people are focused on hedonism (pleasure). There are many more people willing to attend a cheese party and wine tasting.

- Do you have any memorable experience?

The territory of the Rostov region includes not only the steppes, as many are sure, but also many other man-made and miraculous places for recreation. It is curious that you can get new impressions and have a good rest without leaving the Rostov region: there are many amazing places in the region, and the "City Reporter" will tell about some of them.

Cultural and Ethnic Complex "Cossack Patrol"

The complex is located on the 1104th kilometer of the M-4 “Don” highway near the village of Samarskoye. It is something like a museum of the Don Cossacks, where each visitor can travel back in time to the past and feel the spirit of endless freedom.

An unusual hotel complex is located on the territory of the Cossack Patrol: it consists of 15 freestanding kurens, stylized in the Cossack style. Inside the houses there is everything you need for a comfortable stay. For large companies there is a guest house for eight rooms, also provided with all the amenities. A restaurant, a museum, swimming pools (there are three of them on the territory of the complex) and an equestrian club will not let the guests get bored.

Vacationers with children will be interested in visiting the contact zoo, where donkeys, raccoons, rabbits, camels and other animals live.

The complex is located on the banks of the Kagalnik River, which means that fishing fans will also find something to their liking.

Address: motorway M4 "Don", km 1104 + 500 m (near the village of Samarskoe). ayt: . u/

Recreation center "Strelka"

The entire territory of this place is literally buried in greenery. For the convenience of visitors, there are Karelian pine log cabins with comfortable rooms.

“Our main difference is the remoteness from the city, its bustle and smog. Moreover, please note that you arrive at the base only by our water transport, thereby receiving a boat trip as a bonus, ”says a representative of the Strelka administration.

Every visitor will find something to his liking, regardless of what type of recreation he prefers: whether it is swimming, relaxing in a gazebo on the banks of the Don, fishing on a nearby pond or active sports games.

The only restriction on visiting the resting place is the prohibition of staying there with animals.

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