Boating sandals salomon

Boating sandals SALOMON TECHAMPHIBIAN 3 W for women

Manufacturer: SALOMON


Product type: Sandals for women


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Sandals for men Salomon RX Moc Black/PHANTOM/White in seconds

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Taking inspiration from the future since 1947.

We have come a long way, and we do not stop there today. Inspiration for the future, craving for innovation - what remains relevant for us throughout this time.

The company's motto is "Time to Play" - "Time to play". What are we talking about?

We allow people to develop and spend more time alone with nature. In a world where rush and stress have taken over, people have less and less time to play and interact with nature. The game is our essence. play for fun, play for progress, play by the rules. We create new generation equipment and equipment to enable people to realize themselves in their favorite sports.

However, things did not go as well as expected, and in 1948, with the active participation of Georges Salomon (son of François), the company turned its attention to the ski equipment market. In addition to the workshop for the production and sharpening of ski edges (it is worth noting that metal edges were widely used in alpine skiing only in the late 1930s, shortly before the events described), Salomon produces its first ski bindings - "Meil carres". This step becomes fateful: the mounts create a certain sensation, and their popularity goes beyond the Alps - export to the USA begins.

In 1952, Salomon launches the first cable bindings, Le Lift, which are quickly becoming the new standard.

In 1966, Salomon launches the first split bindings with triggering toe and heel, presenting it at the Alpine Ski World Championships in Chile.

Salomon mounts have been chosen by both amateur and professional athletes around the world. So, the line "700", which appeared in the early 70s, ("727", "737", "747") became a true benchmark, incorporating all the innovations and technologies available at that time - a "snap-in" heel with the ability opening with a stick, brakes - ski feet, actuation system, Teflon antifriction inserts. The glory of these mounts reached the USSR as well - for a long time they remained simply the best that the industry had to offer.

It was the production of ski bindings that became the business that brought Salomon worldwide fame and success.

However, the company does not rest on its laurels, continuously continuing its development. In addition to the further evolution of the bindings, in the 1979-1980 season Salomon breaks into the sports shoe market with two new additions: ski boots and cross-country ski boots (with new bindings).

Salomon's first ski boots, the SX90, made a splash: the company managed on the first try to create what its shoes are famous for today - an incredibly comfortable fit. Based on the popular rear entry boot concept in those years, the SX90 is quickly becoming one of the most popular boots in the world. The recipe for success turned out to be simple: convenience and functionality. Even today, one of the SX models can be spotted on the slopes from time to time. Cross-country ski boots are no less popular. Salomon was the first to offer a truly working and comfortable alternative to the 75mm bindings that reigned supreme in the ski market since the 1920s. Over the next 10 years, the company will sell 10 million pairs of ski boots and 5 million pairs of SNS boots!

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