Better horseback view: how to plan your horseback tour

Rafting in Altai

Horseback riding tours are a great alternative to hiking or cycling. Here's how to make your riding trip as comfortable as possible. Let's go!

Take some riding lessons

Most likely, the organizers of the tour will tell you that the journey will be across the plain and will be very easy, so even those who have never sat in a saddle can take part in it. Do not believe it! Take some horse riding lessons at a good equestrian center before giving money for the tour. Perhaps you will understand that you do not like such physical activity at all, that constant shaking is very annoying, or that you are afraid of falling and are afraid of horses. It is better to find out about all this in advance and, in this case, abandon the adventurous venture.

In addition to practicing at the site, go on a short hike for three to four hours. Make sure that riding for a long time is not a problem for you, because on a multi-day trip you will have to be in the saddle for five to seven hours a day.

Consult your doctor

Riding is not useful for everyone. Get a medical check before traveling to check for possible health problems. Chronic illnesses can get worse on a hike, so ask your doctor for advice if you can even go horseback riding. And, finally, such loads are categorically contraindicated for those who have recently had a heart attack, women with gynecological problems, people with diseases of the kidneys, bladder, prostate gland and everyone suffering from thrombosis and venous thrombophlebitis.

Choose your route carefully

For the first time, don't settle for a difficult mountain route. Better to start with a small, uncomplicated hike for a couple of weekends. There are such routes in Karelia, in the vicinity of the Kem River or Arkhangelsk, as well as in Crimea - mainly in the southeast of the peninsula. You can go to the Valley of the Ghosts, to the Marble Cave, to the Silver Falls. A walk for three to five hours will cost from three to six thousand rubles.

An ideal option for beginners is traveling across the endless plains of Belarus. Local tour operators have developed trips during which you can see the main attractions and taste the national cuisine. Transport accessibility is also important: if you get tired, you can easily be picked up from any point on the way. Such trips are on average cheaper than in Russia. A week's journey in the saddle with overnight stays in hotels will cost from nine to 15 thousand rubles.

Classic horseback riding tours are incredibly popular in Altai. You can choose from dozens of options: see cedar forests and almost alpine meadows, where you hardly have to wade rivers and climb steep slopes. Or go on a busy week-long hike to the Ukok high plateau, in the area of ​​archaeological sites. A week-long tour with overnight stays in tents (without paying travel to the starting point) will cost about 25-45 thousand rubles.

Horse-walking routes have been developed in the forests around Lake Baikal, in sacred places for Buddhists. Such a variety of combined loads is a good solution for those who are not completely confident in themselves and their abilities to spend several days in the saddle. A week in the wild costs about 20-40 thousand rubles.

Another option suitable for beginners is traveling in the South Urals, in the Bashkiria National Park and along the Belaya River valley. Here you can combine horseback riding with rafting on a fast river. This option will cost from 30 to 50 thousand rubles for seven days of travel.

Find the right time

Main impressions

Horseback riding in the legendary places of the mountainous Crimea will give unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Small group of 5 to 10 people.

Home and well-groomed horses, high-quality ammunition. These horses are often filmed in films and photo shoots.

Meals 3 times a day, we cook breakfast and dinner on gas or fire. Lunch with you, snack.

A car arrives at the place of overnight stay. You can skip the grams and take all the warm and light clothes you want.

Horses go light, no belongings. This will give us additional comfort and speed of movement. Experienced riders will be able to trot and gallop where the ground allows.

We will see the legendary Inkerman, the active cave monastery of Chelter-Marmara, walk the ancient paths to the medieval cave city of Eski-Kermen and, of course, visit the principality of Theodoro - Mangupe.

What will we do on the tour

We will walk about 120 km along mountain paths and the Crimean fields on horseback.

New places and roads will be waiting for us every day. Horseback excursion to Inkerman, Kalamita fortress, descend to the cave monastery Chelter-Marmara and explore the cave city of Eski-Kermen on foot, drive to the legendary Mangup-Kale by jeeps. We will stop in beautiful places for the night, set up a tent camp, swim in the lake, admire the stars in the sky at night.


Tour catalog

Rafting in Altai

Rafting on the rivers of Gorny Altai

Rafting in Altai is an adventure extreme that will appeal to absolutely everyone - both those who want to spend a vacation with family and friends in nature, calmly overcoming small rapids, and professional athletes who cannot imagine life without active recreation and a healthy dose of adrenaline. Rafting on rafts and catamarans will give you a lot of emotions and thrills.

Hiking schedule for the season 2021.

July: 07. 7 - 11.7, 17.7 - 21.7, 27.7 - 31.7 August: 06. 8 - 10.8, 16.8 - 20.8

July: 04.7 - 08.7, 14.7 - 18.7, 24.7 - 28.7 August: 03.8 - 07.8, 13.8 - 17.8, 23.8 - 27.8 September: 02.9 - 06.9

June: 30.6 - 04.7 July: 20.7 - 24.7 August: 09.8 - 13.8

July: 12.7 - 18.7 August: 01.8 - 07.8, 21.8 - 27.8, 31.8 - 06.9

June: 30.6 - 08.7 July: 20.7 - 28.7 August: 09.8 - 18.8

Novice travelers should pay attention to the routes along the rather gentle rivers Peschanaya and Biya, which carry their waters along the magnificent mountainous terrain. Biya originates from Lake Teletskoye. This river flows towards another mountain river - Katun, then merges with it and flows into the deep-water Ob. A water tour of Biya is an option for lovers of quiet, measured tourism. Such rafting in Altai is a suitable type of recreation for the whole family.

An individual feature of the Peschanaya River is its heterogeneous landscape, which will not let beginners in the world of rafting get bored. The river "canyon" is covered with stones, between which one has to maneuver briskly, overcoming the rapids one after another.

A journey through the stormy Katun, known for its unpredictability, will remain in memory for many years. The upper and middle Katun are not easy areas for rafting. To decide on such rafting, you need to have good physical fitness and self-confidence, so choosing such a tour is worth those who are already familiar with the sport. For beginners, it is better to book a water trip along the lower Katun and go on this trip with family and friends!

At all times, man lived side by side with a horse, and few of our ancestors did not know how to ride a horse. Even our grandfathers and grandmothers still found the times when skillful handling of a horse was a self-evident skill, but then the world quickly changed, and nowadays only a few are able to stay in the saddle and find a common language with horses. We invite you to join this minority and go with us on a small horse trek, during which, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will learn basic riding skills, learn how to handle a horse correctly and ride about 10 kilometers on horseback through the fields and forests near Moscow. And a lot of vivid impressions and beautiful photos are guaranteed!

Hike Report January 4, 2021 Hike Report November 17, 2019 Hike Report April 21, 2019 Hike Report March 3, 2019

Type of routeDurationDistance (km) Difficulty of the routeEven 1 day12Easy

Hike Dates: March 20, 2021

Trekking plan:

10:55 We meet at the exit from the Klin railway station. Participants of the hike get on their own in the electric train in the direction of Tver, which departs from the Leningradsky railway station at 9:26 am. Here we will be picked up by our bus and we will go to the stable.

11:30 - 13:00 First, we'll take a look at the stables and a large farm, where not only horses live. You will see all the inhabitants: about a hundred horses of different breeds and colors, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks, and of course seals ? Before the horse trekking, we will definitely arrange a snack with hot tea. And our instructor at this time will give us a theoretical briefing on safety precautions and rules for communicating with horses.

13: 00-15: 00 We are distributed among horses and set off for the fields. We have to ride on horseback for about 10 kilometers, the walk will be unhurried, we will move mainly at a step without frisky gaits in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, winter forest, take pictures and get used to driving horses. In two hours we will return to the base, unsaddle and treat the horses, say goodbye to our four-legged friends and go to the river bank not far from the stables, where we will cook dinner over a fire in a cauldron and share our impressions!

Approximately at 17:00 we will go back to the station on our bus, where we will take a train to Moscow.

Where and when we meet:

No one can say for sure when exactly a person began to use a horse as a vehicle, making friends with this animal, but Vitaly Sundakov is right that at one time who had horses, by today's standards, he possessed an atomic weapons. Whoever had cavalry won, however, more than 10 people were needed for one service personnel for one horse.

People still rely on this affectionate and gullible animal, which can be explained by ancestral memory and genes. In many lands of Tartary, today divided into dozens of states, these intelligent and sensitive creatures are still bred. They are trusted, trusted and even poured out, seeking support.

About 100 years ago, horseback riding did not surprise anyone, but today people prefer technical progress, and long horseback riding has become a special kind of entertainment - horse tourism or short walks. At the moment, this is the most environmentally friendly type of tourism, which makes it possible to visit the most different parts of the world, getting involved with nature in a natural environment.

Varieties of horseback riding

Today we can distinguish the following types of tours that are conducted on horseback:

  • by the level of service provided;
  • by the way travelers are accommodated during the transition;
  • by transport escort.

If we specify the service point, then this includes such concepts as self-service (what we have collected or what we have stocked up is what we prepared), and the services of professional hunters and cooks. This also includes the services of grooms, because horses also need professional attention and care.

Overnight options

Tourists can be accommodated in several ways. The most preferable for city dwellers is the "mattress" option, i. overnight stay at a tourist base, hotel, camp. Many organizers offer tent camps, which are considered the most romantic option, especially for young couples or corporate events. Hotels and hotels benefit from safety and health care.

If a car is sent to support the horse trekking, the saddlebags can only contain the essentials. It is worth approaching the matter more thoughtfully when there are not so many hardy animals or a multi-day transition is ahead. Here you should think about options for spare clothing, food supplies and what may come in handy (tools, medicines, etc.).

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