Best waterproof clothing for 2021

Best waterproof clothing for 2021

A unique suit ideal for SUP paddling in harsh conditions. It provides safety in open water. In case of falling into cold water, it will save your life from hypothermia and will keep you on the water for hours.

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The FINNTRAIL DRYSUIT PRO 2021 drysuit is an updated version of the DRYSUIT PRO drysuit with limitless possibilities of use in any conditions.

Long-awaited enhancement: Extra long zip for easy donning and ease of use. The suit has become more durable due to the new cut in the lower part and the minimum number of seams. Areas subject to increased wear are reinforced with a five-layer HARD-TEX fabric with a hard-wearing CORDURA outer layer. All seams are securely glued. Water does not penetrate inside the suit due to its single, one-piece construction, tight-fitting neoprene cuffs on the neck and wrists, absolutely waterproof zipper, fused with the suit of neoprene socks. It has a high collar for protection from the elements. The outer cuffs of the sleeves and legs are adjustable in volume. The suit is equipped with reflective elements to ensure safety in the dark. The cut of the knees and elbows has a 3D shape and does not limit mobility. The suit is equipped with an elastic YKK belt. Detachable hood and storage/carry bag included.

Suitable for all types of water recreation. Drysuit Pro has a unique anatomical cut, providing the highest level of comfort for movement. Thermal underwear and warm clothing worn under a suit in cool weather will provide protection against hypothermia.


Overalls used in high humidity conditions are in wide demand today in many areas. Suits made of waterproof fabric are used not only to protect people whose professional activities involve a long stay in a humid environment, but also a waterproof outfit will become an indispensable attribute in a set of equipment for a fisherman, hunter or tourist. The editors of the YNashla website have prepared for you an overview of the best models of waterproof clothing.


The main function of waterproof clothing is to prevent the penetration of liquids and eliminate heat loss. The material used in production provides not only protection when interacting with high humidity, but also protects the skin from the effects of other negative factors: UV radiation or strong wind. For the manufacture of tourist products, membrane fabric is often used. In addition to moisture and windproof properties, such a material is able to pass water vapor through itself, which allows the body to remain dry and not sweat.

Views and properties

The main function of workwear is to create a comfortable microclimate for a person. The moisture-proof property assumes that the material is resistant to moisture for long periods of time. A material that has simply waterproof characteristics loses its function after a certain time interval. Therefore, for professional use, it is necessary to choose products made of waterproof fabric. The highest quality modifications available on the market today, and the recently appeared novelties, are processed in a high-tech modern way - the fabric is covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride.

Sealing joints provides a high level of waterproofing. The vents allow the skin to breathe, which prevents the spread of mold, mildew or irritation. Comfortable conditions are: free air circulation; humidity is from 20 to 40% and temperature is about 30 ℃. Signal clothing is made of bright fabrics using SOP tape. This allows you to make a person noticeable in poor visibility conditions or at night. Overalls must be safe, environmentally friendly and meet all modern requirements and standards. In addition to moisture, some models of professional workwear protect against acids, salts and other possible adverse environmental factors.

  • Signal clothing;
  • Raincoats;
  • Suits;
  • Jackets and waders;
  • Vests;
  • Clothes for outdoor activities and sports.

Also clothing that protects against moisture can be:

  • Male ;
  • Female ;
  • Children's.

Which company is better to buy a protective kit for children? Equipment for a child must meet all the requirements for hygroscopicity, safety and breathability. Clothing should in no way obstruct breathing and blood circulation. An important factor is the design for freedom of movement. The composition of the suits can be made of PVC, polyurethane or PVC coated nylon. The nylon product will be more compact, strong and durable. In production, special chemical fibers and threads are used, with the help of which various finishes, textures and colors are created.

An important criterion is the waterproofness of the material. According to the measurement system adopted in the Russian Federation, this quality is calculated in mm. It is possible to determine the level of tissue permeability using a laboratory test. A special device creates water pressure on a sample of material. The water resistance index is determined by the pressure gauge at the moment when the first drops of water seep onto the surface of the fabric.

Factors to consider when choosing:

  • Tightness of the seams;
  • Reliable zippers and fasteners that will provide high-quality protection from moisture;
  • The presence of a hood, this accessory will reliably protect from any precipitation when outdoors;
  • Quality material that meets all safety requirements.

A suit for fishing during the demi-season allows you to feel comfortable in any weather. The membrane material of three layers will protect you from rain, sleet and wind, and also guarantee an optimal microclimate inside the product. The suit is distinguished by good functionality, modern design and minimal weight. Country of origin - China.

The Norfin ALPHA fishing suit is a novelty in 2019 from a European manufacturer of fishing equipment. It is made of high quality three-layer membrane fabric, which provides high moisture resistance and breathability. The split suit of jacket and trousers is made in a modern design and is lightweight and compact c.

Waterproof "breathable" suit - extremely lightweight and compact when folded. Mesh lining provides better breathability under the garment. The suit has a very comfortable cut, suitable for both men and women.

Suit "Elbrus" (ТМ PAYER) made of durable and breathable natural cotton fabric is an excellent choice for tourists, as well as fishermen and hunters. Unisex suit, suitable for both men and women. It flexibly adjusts to any figure due to tightening and clamps.

The Remington Fishing II Suit is a set for summer and summer hunting or fishing. Consists of a jacket with a hood and a semi-overalls with detachable shoulder straps. Practical and comfortable clothing is waterproof and breathable. Provides reliable protection from rain and wind. For a full review of the Remington Fishing II Suit, read here.

Fishing suit Graff 631-B-1/731-B-1 for demi-season fishing. Limited edition specially for the 25th anniversary of the brand. The split kit is specially designed for extreme weather conditions. Possesses high rates of moisture and vapor permeability. Temperature range from 0 to +20 degrees. An overview of the Graff suit for the demi.

The Triton Reptil suit is a great option for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities in summer. Thanks to the ultra-modern two-layer SoftShell Apex fabric, which is characterized by high vapor permeability, the suit is comfortable in moderate cold and strong winds, but at the same time it is light and elastic. There is enough in the suit.

The Norfin Scandic 2 Summer Fishing Suit is made of Nortex Breathable membrane material. The breathability, waterproofness and taped seams will keep you protected from the rain. The set includes a jacket and trousers with suspenders. Read the full PRODUCT overview Here.

Summer suit for fishing Norfin Spirit - very light, made of membrane fabric with taped seams. Membrane properties 6000/4000. Can be worn both in warm summer weather and at lower temperatures, complete with thermal underwear or fleece. Read a detailed review of the model here.

The NORFIN SPIRIT BLUE fishing suit made of waterproof and breathable membrane fabric is a stylish novelty for fans and fans of outdoor activities. High quality materials and smart construction provide reliable protection from rain and wind. Elastic, adjustable parts guarantee a comfortable fit and total freedom of movement. V.

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