Azov sea

Azov sea

Summer is always associated with a vacation at the sea, with a place where the bright sun shines, waves splash on the sandy beach and a light breeze helps to forget about everyday worries. In addition to the Black Sea, the Russian coast of the Azov Sea is becoming more and more popular. Azov does not have the usual mountain landscapes, bustle and noisy discos. Steppe terrain, mild winds and well-warmed water, saturated with trace elements, are suitable for family leisure and relaxation. In addition, the shallow sea itself (its depth does not exceed 13 and a half meters) is not so far from the capital.

Natural and climatic features of the area Average temperatures

The Sea of ​​Azov (46 ° 05′06 ″ N 36 ° 31′44 ″ E) is located in the southern part of the East European Plain. It is considered to be the northeastern side basin of the Black Sea. The Kerch Strait serves as a connecting link between the two seas, which are approximately 350 km apart from each other.

The shallow depth and relatively small area allows the water to warm up well, the temperature in the high season rises to 27-30 degrees. In early June, it is 23 degrees. The holiday season is long, it opens in May and swims until October. The beaches are mostly covered with quartz sand and shell rock, the rocky coast is rare here. The Azov is fed by the Don and Kuban rivers, so the salinity level of the water is low. The closeness to mud springs and high mineral saturation determine the healing effect of sea bathing. Therefore, the resorts of the Sea of ​​Azov come not only to relax, but also to gain health, especially those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

To the Sea of ​​Azov with children

Family vacation is beneficial. The Azov health resorts create comfortable conditions at reasonable prices. The choice of a vacation spot depends on the "vacation" budget. Guest houses are mostly playgrounds. On the coast there are many places equipped with camping. Small villages are preferable for holidays with kids, cities - with schoolchildren. In Yeisk, there is a Poddubny Park with unique plantings and attractions, a Nemo water park on the coast with a children's playground and ten slides of varying difficulty. The entertainment complex includes the Shark Reef Oceanarium at 16/2 Schmidt Street, in front of which a model of a shark, seven meters high, and a dolphinarium at ul. Schmidt 16/1. You will be able to admire the dolphins in the village of Golubitskaya, the dolphinarium accommodates about 800 people, two performances last 50 minutes per day, preliminary by phone +7 (989) 768-72-40 it is possible to register for a course of dolphin therapy. Communication with these marine life helps children with autism, cerebral palsy, hyperactive babies.

Beach vacations are diversified by various offers: riding a banana, pills, jet skis. The cost of entertainment is from one hundred to five hundred rubles. There are not so many excursion routes: the most popular are the ancient sites of the Taman Peninsula and volcanic mud lakes in the village "Za Rodinu" and Lake Khan (40 km from Yeisk).

In the villages, in the township and city markets, shops are bursting with local products: recently caught fish, southern vegetables and fruits. Sun-warmed peaches, cherries, watermelons are distinguished by their special taste and vitamin composition. Adults are offered aromatic wines from grapes grown on the lands of the Azov Sea.

The fact that many beaches are equipped with medical posts is also important, children, due to climate change, often require medical supervision. In Yeysk, the children's city hospital is located at 111 Pobedy Street, the district hospital is located at ul. Engels, 145

Useful telephones in Yeisk: Central pharmacy: 3-20-35 Trauma center: 3-02-05 Children's polyclinic: No. 1 -2-29-16; №2- 4-72-19

Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov is not as popular as on the Black Sea. And completely in vain. The Azov Sea has a number of undeniable advantages over the Black Sea, especially for families with children.

1. Due to the lesser popularity on the coast, there are fewer tourists, which means that it is quieter and more peaceful here. 2. The Sea of ​​Azov is shallow, warms up earlier and better, and this is important for children, especially small ones. 3. The Azov coast is long sandy-shell beaches that are better suited for children than pebble ones. 4. The entrance to the water is usually shallow and long. 5. Holidays with children on the Sea of ​​Azov are cheaper. But, if significant savings are needed, then you will have to settle in small villages with not the most developed infrastructure: Peresyp, Kuchugury. In large resort villages and cities, prices will be significantly higher. 6. The Azov Sea has a dry steppe climate, which has a beneficial effect on the immune system and is perfect for children with respiratory and heart diseases, as well as for many allergy sufferers. 7. The Azov Sea is characterized by breezes. During the day, the wind blows from the sea, refreshing and saturating the air with salt and iodine. In the evening, warm air blows from the steppe, which reduces the possibility of catching a cold during an evening walk.

In this article we will consider where to relax on the Sea of ​​Azov in the Krasnodar Territory, the following materials are devoted to the coast of the Rostov Region and Crimea.

Village Golubitskaya

It is located on the Taman Peninsula, just 55 km from Anapa. The beaches are sandy and shell-like, with an even, gentle entry into the water. Perfect for families, even with small children. But during the season in Golubitskaya there can be a lot of tourists.

You can live both in the private sector and in a boarding house or guest house. There are also recreation centers in the village, and campings for those who like to rest in tents. During the season, it is worthwhile to make a reservation in advance, especially when traveling with small children.

Even if trips along the coast are not included in the family's plans, it will be difficult to get bored in Golubitskaya: there are quite enough attractions and entertainment.

1. In Golubitskaya, the largest water park on the Sea of ​​Azov is located "Amazon". 2. Golubitskoye mud lake is located 100 meters from the Sea of ​​Azov directly on the central beach. The mud is curative, but for curative mud you need to dive or at least go deeper. At the very shore, there is ordinary silt. And also, as with any medicine, you need to know when to stop. You can keep the dirt on the skin for no more than 15 minutes. It is best to practice mud therapy in specialized institutions under the supervision of doctors. For some diseases, such procedures are prohibited. 3. Golubitskaya is located on a narrow isthmus between the Sea of ​​Azov and the Akhtanizovsky estuary, which is often called the Lotus Valley. Flowering can be observed from mid-July to late August. Excursions to the lotuses are offered in any village, but it is best to get to the boat dock on your own and go on a small boat trip. 4. There is a crocodile farm and a dolphinarium "Nemo" in the village. It will be interesting for kids to watch the animals.

Quite a large city, and this fact determines the pros and cons of rest. On the one hand, there is a lot of entertainment and excellent infrastructure, and on the other, there are crowds of holidaymakers, a rather dirty sea and high prices.

It will be interesting for teenagers in the city. At the very end of the Yeisk spit is the Youth Beach. There is the maximum depth of the sea, you can ride a jet ski, banana or catamaran and visit a pirate town.

There are children's beaches on the side of the Yeisk estuary. There is a very shallow, 1-1.5 meters, and warm sea, waves are completely absent. Lots of children's entertainment: trampolines, bananas, water slides. The most ideal beach for kids.

There is a children's beach on the coast of the Taganrog Bay. It is called "Goat" or "Melyaki". Here is the shallowest sea in the city. The water is knee-deep and warms up very well. The kids usually like it here.

The Sea of ​​Azov is one of the best places for family vacations and not only. On the coastline there are many settlements with resort infrastructure. To have a quiet time, you need to take care of housing. Room prices are relatively low. Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov can be planned with a small budget. You can safely take your children with you. Sea water here heats up much faster than in the Black Sea. Sandy beaches, shallow near the coast, no underwater pits, these places are great for swimming even with a baby. Adults and children have a place to go here - a zoo, carousels, water parks, etc. You can visit places such as:

  • Yeisk.
  • The village of Golubitskaya.
  • Kirillovka.
  • Temryuk.
  • The village of Taman.
  • The village of Dolzhanskaya Spit.

Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov in Yeisk

This is a small town on the Azov coast. Quite popular for summer vacations. There is all the infrastructure here - train station, airport, hotels, hostels and hotels. It is known not only for entertainment and sea beaches, but also for its medical resorts. It was recognized as the best mud cure resort. The private sector where you can relax with your child is located in the following areas:

  • City beach.
  • Entertainment center - Aquapark.
  • Melyakov.

Prices for accommodation in separate rooms depend on the distance from the sea. Visitors are provided with the necessary conditions - furniture, sleeping places, a kitchen for cooking.

Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov in the village of Golubitskaya

There is a small settlement on the Taman Peninsula, this is the village of Golubitskaya. Its geographic location takes precedence. To Krasnodar - 150 kilometers, to Temryuk - 8 km. To Anapa - 60 kilometers. All roadways are close by. The sea is warm, clean, sandy beaches, what else do you need for happy days on vacation? Nightlife lovers will find modern clubs there, which are even on the beaches. The village is known for open airs, with fantastic shows. They take place regularly at the opening and closing of the beach season. Young people know this and come here.

Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov in Kirillovka

Clean settlement, without industrial organizations. An ecologically safe village. It's a heavenly place for kids. Shallow sea, you can walk a hundred meters to a depth. After sunbathing and water procedures, you can go to see performances with dolphins, horse riding, amusement park, water attractions. The cost of housing is moderate. Mostly they live here in guest houses, in a private area. The kitchen is shared, amenities on the territory of the house. Go to the city beach for swimming, as the coast is far from the village. Hence the low prices for accommodation.


There is nothing better than summer at sea. If the budget is modest, Temryuk is just the right place. Located in the Krasnodar Territory, in the western part. The largest resort on Taman is growing and becoming more beautiful every year. Lots of greenery, clean streets, friendly people. One of the sights of the city is a mud volcano. This mud is medicinal and is used in anti-aging procedures. If someone needs relaxation with benefit, then Temryuk with its sanatoriums and health resorts is always waiting for guests.

Good fishing in the Azov Sea. Even in the off-season, there are many lovers of this hobby here. Beach areas are located not far from the city. Everything is arranged well, clean. Leisure of tourists has been established, you can ride a boat, take part in competitions. Cafes and restaurants are open until late.

The coast of the Azov Sea is famous for its long beaches of sand and shell rock, mild climate and low prices. Read a review of the best resorts where to relax on the Sea of ​​Azov in Russia inexpensively and comfortably.

Resorts of the Rostov Region on the Sea of ​​Azov

The resorts of the Rostov region are located on the quietest and shallowest part of the Azov Sea - on the shores of the Taganrog Bay. Its average depth is five meters, and near the coast it does not exceed one meter. Local resorts are mainly villages and farms, in which a calm atmosphere reigns, there are no noisy entertainment and a massive influx of tourists. They are suitable for those who are looking for a place on the Sea of ​​Azov, where it is better to relax with children.


The city of Taganrog is the first Russian port built by Peter I. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Faina Ranevskaya were born here, and Emperor Alexander I died here. This is not only a resort with a gentle and warm sea, but also a museum city with a historical architecture, monuments and a beautiful promenade.


The Pavlo-Ochakovo farm is famous for its sand spit extending into the sea. Families with children relax on the eastern beach, and on the western side the bottom is deeper and there is always a strong wind, so windsurfing fans come to this resort on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov.

Azov resorts of Krasnodar region

In the Krasnodar Territory, the bottom of the Azov Sea is deeper, there are small shrimps, which are sold on the beach instead of sunflower seeds. A lot of jellyfish appear in August - they are very small and not dangerous for swimmers. At night, in clear weather, the sea begins to glow due to plankton, which accumulates phosphorus by the end of summer.

The city of Yeysk is one of the resorts of the Azov Sea with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There is a dolphinarium, a water park, an aquarium, a zoo, a yacht club, a sports complex, an ice arena, nightclubs and discos. With children, you can visit the children's center "Bingo-Bongo" and the oldest park in the Kuban them. Poddubny, where more than 30 types of attractions operate. The main beaches are located on the Yeisk Spit: Central City Beach, Children's Beach, Youth Beach and Kamenka Beach.

The Sea of ​​Azov is located in the southwestern part of Russia. Since it is the warmest and shallowest sea, its coast is one of the best and safest places for children to relax. A large number of attractions will also not make anyone bored.

Location of the Sea of ​​Azov

The Sea of ​​Azov is a continental body of water. Shallow and low in salt, as a result of the confluence of many rivers, it connects with the Black Sea by the Kerch Strait. The coordinates for navigation are 45 degrees north latitude and 34 degrees east longitude.

The Sea of ​​Azov washes the shores of not only Russia. The eastern part of the reservoir belongs to the territory of our country. Since the Sea of ​​Azov is located on the territory adjacent to the Rostov region and the Krasnodar Territory, it is most convenient to get here by air. The road from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Anapa or Simferopol by plane will take about 2 hours.

The selected resort, of which there are a large number on the coast of the Azov Sea, can be reached by bus or train. It will take about 1.5-2 days to get to the coast from the capital of our country by land transport.

Historical facts

The Sea of ​​Azov is located in the east of Europe, but it did not always exist. By geological standards, this is a fairly young formation. Constant tectonic processes provoked a sharp fluctuation in the water level, land was advancing, then receding, reservoirs were isolated, seas, oceans and the outlines of modern continents were formed.

Several million years ago there was a single isolated Sarmatian Sea, the Azov-Black Sea basin was part of it. As a result of geological processes, its connection with the World Ocean was gradually restored. According to one of the scientific hypotheses, about 5.6 thousand years BC. e. there was a disaster.

Due to the earthquake, the water level in the Black Sea has risen to such an extent that the water area of ​​a new reservoir has been formed. Processes took place on land, the Crimean Peninsula was formed, the Azov-Black Sea basin ceased to be a single one.

The low coastal line of the Sea of ​​Azov was inhabited by a large number of peoples who gave many names to this reservoir:

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