Attractions of the Grodno region

Boat trip to; kayaks on; river Stracha (3 days)

"I don't need the Turkish coast, and I don't need Africa ..."

Summer is just around the corner. I would like to hurry up the time to hear the magic words "vacation" and "vacation" as soon as possible. If your budget is forcing your family to save money on traveling overseas, don't despair. We will help you plan your holidays within our picturesque homeland. We are sure that "Turkish-Egyptian-Bulgarian" photos of neighbors will simply fade against the background of your unique pictures. So, a virtual tour of the reservoirs of the Grodno region.

Grodno region, Novogrudok district, Lake Svityaz

Let's start with the trump cards. Every summer Svityaz attracts crowds of tourists not only from Belarus. Century oaks and silent pines keep mystical secrets associated with the emergence of the reservoir. According to legend, the lake is located on the site of a sunken city. Absolutely sober vacationers claim that in clear weather you can see the pavement at the bottom. Mermaids are not observed today, but in the old days, they say, anything happened.

What else is the lake unique in besides history? It contains mollusks previously seen only in France, Germany and Belgium. If your family considers themselves to be naturalists, it will be interesting for you to see some rare plants from the Red Book (Dortman's lobelia, flexible naiad and others).

The water is clear, the shore is shallow, which is convenient and safe for kids. There are three beaches in total on Svityaz. There are free car parks.

The lake belongs to the Svityazsky nature reserve, so camping by the water is prohibited. You can sit in the forest. We recommend Novogrudok coast. Not the most convenient option, but no complaints from the environmental authorities.

Do you want comfort? You can stay at a tourist center or in the Magistralny sanatorium. If the trip is not long, rent a house from the locals. You can get a job at the farm.

Are you bored of splashing in the water? Don't be lazy, visit the old Novogrudok, just 17 km from the lake. The trip to Svityaz promises to be exciting and enjoyable.

Grodno region, Neman river

The Neman flows through four countries. Despite the fact that the river originates in the Minsk region, as a tourist site, we conditionally refer it to the sights of the Grodno region. If you have planned a vacation on the Neman, we recommend going to the Lida region. The shores are often steep, but if you wish, you can find sandy cultivated beaches.

Want some privacy? We delve deeper into the thickets and enjoy the beauty of pristine nature. Full relax. Only the sun, only the air ... Fishing lovers will be satisfied. The swift waters of the Nemunas are home to pike, bream, perch and many other fish that are ready to become your dinner in the bosom of nature.

For experienced travelers who want to tickle their nerves and get the lion's share of adrenaline, there are routes for water trips in kayaks and boats, the organizers provide for a family rafting.

The most beautiful reservoirs of the Grodno region

State Educational Institution "Grodno Regional Center of Tourism and Local Lore" offers accommodation services to the guests of Grodno at affordable prices. we have the ability to accommodate groups of up to 58 people (2-bed, 3-bed, 6-bed, 7-bed, 12-bed and two 14-bed rooms). render completely.

We are located in the historic city center in the picturesque "Swiss Valley"

Near our institution there are bus and railway stations, canteens and cafes of different price categories.

Within walking distance from us - a puppet theater and a cinema, a zoo and an amusement park, the Holy Protection Cathedral and the Lutheran church, the Garadnitsa Museum, E. Ozheshko, M. Bogdanovich, Sovetskaya pedestrian street and much -Many other things that can interest any tourist!

The hospitable staff will be glad to see you at our hostel!

Our address: 230023, native, per. Telegraph, 2 Administrator: tel. +375 152 62 06 01

We invite you to participate in various associations of interests. Many new experiences await you there.

The complete list of associations can be found here

On February 13-14, GOTsTiK organizes the Grodno Region Championship in SST in the technique of walking tourism in enclosed spaces in the agricultural town of Koptyovka.

9 teams from Grodno region will take part in the competition.

“I don’t need the Turkish coast, and I don’t need Africa ...” Summer is just around the corner. I would like to hurry up the time to quickly hear the magic words

Attention! There are no dates for this hike

You can use the tracking button or contact us in a convenient way.

How to get there, meeting point

Gathering of the group is carried out in the city of Minsk. The meeting of the group is organized in the parking lot of the shopping center "Green City" near the metro station "Kamennaya Gorka" at 07:00 (or by agreement). Moving to the beginning of the route - by a registered bus. Nonresidents can get to Minsk on their own by rail.

Back, from the finish of the route, we will deliver the group to the city of Minsk by a registered bus to the place of initial departure.

Description of the trekking route

The route along the Stracha River is interesting in the spring season. It is considered the most chic to get to Stracha at the time of the most violent flood. At this time, river rafting is the most difficult.

Rafting on the Stracha River is interesting for the presence of a huge number of stones and boulders in the river bed, which, at different water levels in the river, turn into small rapids or rifts. The presence of artificial old and modern structures on the river add a zest to the rafting. These are the remains of an old water mill, and a high, strong discharge of water through them.

On the route along the Stracha River, it is imperative to hike deep into the natural complex "Blue Lakes" along permitted paths and explore the most interesting lakes: Glubelka and Glublya.

Our rafting is interesting for both prepared people who want to spend time in peace and in active movement. We offer you the opportunity to actively relax and try your hand at kayaking "Taimen". The route is designed for people with minimal preparation for river rafting! Three meals a day, varied on the route. Cooking at the stake. We live in 2-4 local tents. Catches the phone on the whole route (roaming).

Sights in Grodno - one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Belarus - can really tell and show a lot. Pilgrims of the XXI century should definitely include it on their list. But for people far from religion, Grodno will open in all its splendor - there is definitely something to see.

What to see in Grodno on your own: TOP-places

The entire city of Grodno cannot be examined in one day. But there are several attractions that will help you see it from all sides. They are recommended to visit on excursions in the first place.

Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier

  • Address: pl. Soviet, 4.

The Catholic cathedral in the very center of the city was once part of the richest and probably the most ancient Jesuit monastery in the Commonwealth. Since the 19th century, a prison was established in the monastery, and the building of the collegium, built in 1705, was made a cathedral. Today it is called one of the main decorations of Grodno.

It is impossible to pass by it. Outside, the building of the cathedral amazes the imagination with its bell towers, supporting the heavens. Their height is 65 m, and the clock on one of the towers is considered the most ancient not only in Belarus, but throughout Eastern Europe. According to the assurances of the masters who participated in their restoration, the mechanism of this watch is unique. These were made back in the XIII century. An elegant two-flight staircase leads inside the cathedral, which is crowned with the figure of Christ carrying the cross.

The interior of the temple looks more like a museum. Here you can see a grandiose combination of plastics, painting, sculpture. All 13 altars of the cathedral look like works of art, but the most important of them - Baroque, XVIII century - is especially beautiful. Carved, consisting of three tiers of columns and pilasters, it thrills the souls of believers.

More than 40 sculptures depicting saints and apostles act as its decoration. It is also considered one of the highest altars in Europe, its height is about 21 m. The walls and domes of the frame are decorated with picturesque frescoes depicting biblical subjects. Wooden carved iconostases can be seen between the columns. The decoration is dominated by gilding.

The Cathedral is rightfully considered one of the world's masterpieces of the Baroque style. This is not only an architectural and historical monument, but also one of several Belarusian churches, which has been awarded the honorary title of Small Basilica.

Boris and Gleb Church

  • Address: Kolozha street, 6.

Augustow Canal

An engineering miracle of the 19th century - an artificial waterway linking the Baltic and Black Seas - is one of the world's top three along with the Gotha Canal in Sweden and the Caledonian Canal in Great Britain. Here you will see unique hydraulic structures, go on a trip by boat or kayak through picturesque and ecologically clean places. The canal is located on the territory of the Augustow Forest, which is called the "green lungs of Europe" ...

It takes about an hour to pass the largest lock of the Augustow Canal - Nemnovo - 9.6 m long. More interesting facts and figures can be found here.

Grodno region, cross-border zone of Belarus and Poland

Palace and park ensemble in the village of Svyatsk

The legendary palace, reminiscent of the French Versailles, was built in the 18th century by the Italian architect Giuseppe de Sacco. The former family estate of the Volovichi includes an English park in a landscape style, framed by galleries, artificial old ponds and canals. In the old days, exotic plants grown by the owners of Svyatsk were the highlight of the park. After the completion of the restoration, a health complex, a hotel, a restaurant and a cafe will appear in the historic building.

The mystical story of the estate is connected with the death of the landowner's daughter: upon learning of her love for a simple groom, the father ordered the girl to be immured alive in a column of the palace. They say that the ghost of a young beauty appears in our days ...

v. Svyatsk, Grodno region (environs of the Augustow Canal)

Old and New castles in Grodno

The first defensive structure in Grodno, erected in the XI century on the banks of the Neman to protect against the attacks of the crusaders, in 1389, by order of Vitovt, turned into a stone Gothic castle - one of the main residences of the legendary prince. The castle acquired its modern appearance - a palace and park ensemble in the Renaissance style - during the reign of King Stephen Batory. The new castle, erected at the beginning of the 18th century next to the Old one, served as a royal residence. It was here that an agreement was signed on the third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Today in the Old and New Castles there is a rich exposition of the Grodno Historical and Archaeological Museum, numbering about 7,000 items.

Grodno, Zamkovaya street, 22 Tuesday - Sunday, 10.0 - 18.0

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