Around Tomsk by car in 2.5 hours - unusual excursions in Tomsk

Tomsk at your own pace - unusual excursions in Tomsk

See the most iconic places and feel the enchanting atmosphere of the old city on a sightseeing tour

Rating of excursion: 99% 45 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-3 people Price: 3900 rub.

Around Tomsk by car in hours

I invite you to drive around Tomsk in a comfortable car and see, if not the whole city, then certainly its most iconic places. In 2.5 hours you will see something that can hardly be bypassed in 2 days, and most importantly - feel the atmosphere of the streets of the old city and breathe in the charm of this "Northern Paris", sung in poetry and prose.

Yuri guide in Tomsk Usually answers within 3 hours. For several years I have been taking walks around Tomsk and its environs for my friends, visiting colleagues and city guests, whom I host and accommodate in my hotel apartments. On weekends, I take children's groups along ecological routes - we learn to make fires, put up tents and take good care of nature.

Individual excursion for - person

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Description of the excursion


We will stop, walk, take pictures, share interesting stories about Tomsk. I will try to convey to you a piece of my admiration for this wonderful city.

Around Tomsk by car in 2.5 hours - unusual excursions in Tomsk

A boring sightseeing tour-constructor in a cozy city hidden in Siberia

Excursion rating: 100% 2 reviews of tourists Individual excursion for 1-5 people Price: 5000 rub.

Tomsk in your rhythm

Hilly, friendly, calm, spacious and surprising - I will gladly introduce you to Tomsk. And I propose a special format for this. Firstly, this is an excursion for real gourmets of city walks, which will allow you to learn the main things about the city and not to miss must-see places. And secondly, you yourself will choose the most interesting for you from the list of proposed accents. As a result, you will consider Tomsk, understand the logic of its development and the role in the history of the country. And of course, you will feel the atmosphere!

Elena guide in Tomsk Usually answers within 3 hours. I am 33 years old, I am a professional guide with 12 years of experience. Previously, I lived in the capital and specialized in receiving business groups and delegations. Coordinated international youth projects. Accompanied groups in the cities of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. She completed a full-time postgraduate study, studying the history of France. Since 2013, I have been living in Tomsk, I study it every day and notice how my non-locality allows me to see the city and tell about it in such a way that it becomes understandable to guests.

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 5 hours Children: Allowed with children Best Price Guaranteed If you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

Understand and feel the city Hidden in the Siberian forests, Tomsk does not strike at first sight, but here you feel remoteness from everyone and everything - around for kilometers there is taiga, bears, squirrels, huge rivers, and after 300 km the largest in the world Vasyugan swamp. I will tell you about all the "titles" of Tomsk: it is a city with beautiful wooden palace houses, students from 68 countries of the world, cozy coffee shops, modern museums and all the attributes of boring city life, both for tourists and residents. In 5 hours you will learn how Tomsk became what it is, and you will feel its intelligence, comfort and unpredictability.

Learn the most interesting about the city In Tomsk, the clock flies unnoticed: during the tour you will have time to stroll the streets, see the most photogenic corners and buildings, laugh at the story about the scandalous travel blogger A. Chekhov, be surprised at the interiors more than a century ago ... And to make the walk special just for you, I propose the format of the excursion-constructor. To do this, indicate the numbers of the most interesting topics-accents from the list:

Around Tomsk by car in 2.5 hours - unusual excursions in Tomsk. See the most iconic places and feel the enchanting atmosphere of the old city on a sightseeing tour

Rough rivers, a sea of ​​emotions, speed and risk: rafting is an amazing sport that combines the romance of hiking on mountain rivers and sports adrenaline, the thirst for victory

The history of the development of this sport in the Tomsk region is also special, and resembles a kind fairy tale, where hardworking heroes are rewarded according to their merits. Rafting in the village of Kopylovo began from scratch, now our athletes are among the best in the world, and the head of the Tomsk Region Rafting and Rowing Slalom Federation, Alexei Shirokov, was recently elected the new president of the Russian Rafting Federation.

In the new series of the special project "The History of Our Victories" we tell about the Tomsk conquerors of turbulent rivers.

Rafting Pioneers

It all began at the dawn of the 2000s, when sporting rowing on rough water in Tomsk was still in its infancy, but sports tourism was highly developed, including water tourism.

- There were many strong tourist schools in the city, many of them made journeys full of amazing adventures, - explains Alexey Shirokov, head coach of the Tomsk region rafting and rowing slalom national teams, president of the Russian Rafting Federation. - At the same time, sport rowing on rough water in Tomsk was behind the whole planet. And once, under the strict guidance of Evgeny Kovalevsky, one of the best today and in the history of the development of Tomsk rowing on rough water, we began to develop sport rowing. They started talking about competitions, and the first competitions were held thanks to his desire to develop this direction. Our base was the Kopylovsky tourist club, founded in 1984 by my father Alexander Innokentievich Shirokov. Coaches Valery Nikolaevich Gromtsov and Viktor Viktorovich Pshenichnikov from the field life led us to sports rowing, convincing that this is the next stage of development after the campaigns.

As a result, the moment came when the tourist destination became obsolete, and as athletes Tomsk citizens were still far from the leaders. It was necessary to make a decision on how to live further:

- We returned after a difficult competition, where we performed with unsuitable and old equipment, we were ashamed of our level. And at the same time, it is impossible to convey in words the emotions that I experienced when I first found myself in a water stream, at a sports distance - recalls Aleksey Shirokov. - At the round table, it was decided to develop in spite of everything and move towards rowing. I served in the army, and after that, in 2004, we assembled the first rafting team.

The pioneers of rafting in the Tomsk region are the guys from the village of Kopylovo. Deciding at that moment to go in for sports in the village was a bold act. During the first training sessions, they pointed fingers at the guys:

- In the village, sports were not held in high esteem, - explains Alexey. - We had a hard time. The young people around us did not understand what kind of strange people they were running down the street, exercising on horizontal bars, rowing on boats. We trained on the street, in some basements, in our old building. The administration of the Tomsk region helped to buy the simplest raft and other essential equipment. The Tomsk school did not have any knowledge, everything was done from scratch. Studied with coaches from Gorno-Altaysk, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Thanks to them for sharing their experience with us. We spared no effort and studied, studied and studied.

The guys performed well in domestic competitions, but for some reason they failed to go to the Russian rafting championship. Today, the first team in Tomsk rafting is remembered with pain - three guys from those athletes are no longer alive, a difficult time has taken away. Only one of the athletes of that call remained in the ranks, is still engaged in rafting and coaching.

Champions from scratch

In 2008, Alexey Shirokov recruited the second team, which included boys of 9–12 years old. He says that he took "just from the street." I went up to a band of village boys who were playing football and asked them: "Let's go rafting and you will be world champions!" Perhaps his promise was not remembered, but the attention to oneself from the adult was appreciated. And work began from scratch:

Want to see amazing wood architecture? Then to Tomsk! Here, among the snow and taiga, tourists will always receive a warm welcome. About what to do, what to see, try and what to bring from Tomsk - in the review of "Vestnik ATOR".

What to do in Tomsk? Unhurried walks along the European streets of the old university city, the search for the most wonderful of local monuments, trips to museums that attract rare exhibits from Asian expeditions are required. And of course, cedar roasted nuts with coffee or fragrant sbiten with herbs!

Wooden architecture

Here, in the heart of Siberia, whole quarters of lacy wooden houses have been preserved. Everyone has famous residents and curious biographical facts, which not only local guides, but also hospitable Tomsk residents will gladly tell about.

Here is the mansion of the architect Andrey Kryachkov, where the Museum of Wooden Architecture is located, the first wooden house in the Art Nouveau style. Nearby, in a "gingerbread" house on a quiet street, Lydia Delectorskaya, the muse of the great Henri Matisse, was born.

And about the elegant mansion of the architect Khomich, they say that he inspired the writer Alexander Volkov in his work on The Wizard of the Emerald City.

Step by step, it's worth walking to the festive "house with firebirds" on Krasnoarmeyskaya. Its carved decorations are a symbol of the entire wooden architecture of Tomsk. Nearby is the “house with a tent”. In the former merchant's dacha, a Russian-German house now comfortably lives. Before Christmas in the local garden is not-no, and it will smell with crispy grinds, thick sugar powder.

across the road - the famous "house with dragons" in the Scandinavian spirit, he reminds about the thousand-year church in the Norwegian Borgunde. By the way, the three of these buildings per year of the 400th anniversary of Tomsk fell on the anniversary coin of the Wooden Architecture series.

Resurrection Mountain

Resurrection Mountain - Tomsk "place of power". From here in 1604 the history of the city began. Here are the beginning of the two oldest streets of the city. Along the church of the Cossacks, the first-settlements built fortifications.

If you climb on the only preserved in the city of a cobblestone pavement to Bakunina Street, and then climb on the Calancha Calancha observation platform, you can see a circular panorama of old Tomsk. The historic center will be like a palm!

Best excursions in the city

visits to the iconic and popular places of the oldest city of Siberia on cars and walking tours <

A visit to Orthodox objects, the most historical and popular temples of the city <

Walk around the city district, in which the building of the wooden architecture of the XIX century is preserved <

visiting the place from which the foundation of the city began, as well as a walk through the old streets <

A visit to the major historical and cultural museum-reserve behind the Urals - Tomsk Pisnica <

5 best excursions in Tomsk with experienced guides, prices for tours from 600 ₽ <

Excursions in Tomsk: Prices and Description

Going on excursions in Tomsk, unwittingly get into the amazing world of enchanting buildings, unusual monuments and students. In the historic part of the city, which is not vain called "Siberian Moscow", there are real masterpieces of wooden architecture. The buildings are reminded simultaneously gingerbread houses and fabulous palaces. The famous houses with dragons and heat-birds, Homich's estate and Golovanov are decorated with luxurious carved "lace", and the style of Tomsk wooden modernity is included in the "Forbes" list as one of the six disappearing attractions of Russia.

Once the first University of Siberia was opened in Tomsk, and today every fifth Tomich is a student. The city is definitely young to the soul, but at the same time proud and its rich history. During interesting excursions, the guides are divided by the facts about the development of Siberia Cossacks, the meaning of the Tayrny remote location of the Link Katorzhan (Tomska) in the history of Tsarist Russia and the USSR, the lives of the local population during the Second World War, Tatar roots in the fate of the city and other significant events.

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