Aquaskipper; hydrofoil

Swimming equipment

Swimming is one of the most valuable human skills. Water is a natural element for us, being in which we develop physically, strengthen immunity and improve our mental health. As a sport, swimming is a spectacular and exciting competition that has become a part of modern human life, developing every year. A visit to the pool usually does not raise the question of what to take with you. The required swimming equipment is minimal. But it must also be selected correctly.

Swimming pool equipment is usually not a problem. A swimsuit and swimming trunks are in every wardrobe. And some training equipment is usually in the pool. But if the task is to improve swimming technique or increase speed, then you will need special swimming equipment that swimmers use.

When purchasing a swimsuit or swimming trunks, as a rule, we are guided by our own preferences and sense of style. The style, color, and of course the price are important for us. When swimming from time to time, this approach can be justified. But for regular sports activities, you need to approach the choice of a bathing suit more responsibly.

Firstly, it should not hinder movement, press or subside. The material and manufacturing technology of the suit must ensure its safety in case of regular contact with water and various chemical impurities in it, in particular, with bleach. Otherwise, after a few sessions, the swimsuit will turn into an unusable thing. Therefore, for sports activities, it is recommended to purchase swimwear in specialized stores.

Men most often opt for classic swimming trunks or boxers. In a sports environment, boxers are rarely used. Classic swimming trunks are considered the best option.

For women, the best is a one-piece suit with wide straps, which are located in a cross on the back. These straps do not cut into the body and do not restrict movement. A swimsuit for training does not provide for frills, ties, etc. Its main task is to provide the best streamlining of the body when moving in the water. At competitions, women wear starting suits - swimwear-overalls to the knee.

The hats are made of different materials.

Latex is practically not used now. It is thin, fragile, but heavy. The most common silicone caps are bright, elastic and lightweight. They fit well without roughness.

Lycra, polyester and other synthetic fabrics are also used when sewing hats. These hats are necessary in order to simply collect the hair. They get wet immediately, so they are used not for training, but for rest.

Recently, you can find composite hats that contain two layers: the lower one - lycra, the upper one - silicone.

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Aquaskipper is an invention that combines in its appearance a combination of a bicycle and a motorcycle. This method of moving on water will surely seem ridiculous to someone - after all, this means for floating on water does not have pedals or a motor, but its prevalence will not experience any changes.

How does this heavy floating craft with a pilot float and move fast?

Why is aquaskipper stable?

At first glance, the design of this water device is very simple and unassuming. Wide legroom with two stanchions rigidly tied to the main rear wing. From the rear legroom, a frame extends forward, ending in a bicycle-like steering sleeve.

The steering cross member continues with a "bowsprit" pivotally connected to the curved strut of the front stabilizer wing. A little ahead of the front plane there is a stand with a "breakwater".

The plasticity of the structure is provided by a polymer arc-shaped spring installed between the bowsprit and the front wing strut. That's all - there are no special gadgets in the design of this floating device.

The proposed sports structure is made of the lightest aluminum alloys, but the mass of the hydrofoil water bike is 12 kilograms. Why is it stably kept afloat, making the necessary translational movements?

The principle of movement of this very original floating craft is taken from natural processes, for example, the flight of birds. It is obvious that the bird is several times heavier than air, but it does not fall. Professional pilots will tell you that the principle is simple - this is achieved by changing the angle of attack of their powerful "wings" - horizontal tail fins. A pilot who controls such a vehicle gives his floating vehicle stability on the water with the help of rhythmic movements of his legs.

The evolution of the watercraft

The pioneer in the manufacture of such swimming shells was the Swedish engineer Alexander Sakhlin. For his experiments, he used a floating craft that was slightly different from his colleagues, the control of which, in comparison with later representatives of this class, required much more effort.

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With the arrival of spring, the opening of the waterfowl hunting season is approaching. For such an event to be successful, you need to carefully approach the choice of equipment and equipment for the hunter. In addition, the well-being and health of the hunter himself depends on the equipment.

A lot is already known about clothes and shoes, but few people know about means of transportation on water, in addition to standard fishing boats. In this article, we will focus on unusual, comfortable and original floating equipment for hunters and fishermen.

Blackfrog boats

Blackfrog is a Russian manufacturer that has created floating equipment specifically for hunting on the water.

They are made of polyethylene. Such material is afraid of sunlight (burns out), but it is very durable, it is practically impossible to pierce it. In such a boat, impacts on the bottom of the reservoir are not terrible. The set includes covers or nets for camouflage. At the moment there are two types of such boats:

1. Double boat Goliath, about 3.5 meters long and a little over a meter wide. The weight is quite impressive, about 90 kilograms.

It is equipped with two luggage compartments and seats. The cost of such a model is around 70 thousand rubles.

2. Single boat Hammer. The length is about 2.5 meters, the width is 1 meter. Unlike the previous model, this one has half the weight.

Supplied with cover for camouflage and removable backrest for sitting. This model costs about 40,000 rubles.

Advantages of such flotation devices:

· The boat is very stable, thanks to this, shots can be fired in any position. And it is also possible not to be afraid to hang on one side of the side and climb into the boat directly from the water.

· It is possible to move in very shallow places.

· Complete set with means for camouflage.

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