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XIII International Congress of the industry of winter sports, tourism and active recreation will be held in Moscow on May 31 - June 2, 2017. The program of the Congress is annually part of the events of the International Sports Forum "Russia - Country of Sports", which is held in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. The event will be held with the official support of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. The organizer of the Congress is ANO “Forum“ Sports Power ”.

The purpose of the Congress is to promote the dynamic development of the domestic industry of winter sports, tourism and active recreation, to provide an integrated and systematic approach to solving key problems of the industry. The creation of a single discussion platform contributes to building a constructive dialogue between government officials, sports and public organizations, as well as commercial structures.

This year's business program of the Congress will include such current topics as:

  • Development of the latest technologies and equipment for ski resorts and ice arenas;
  • Safety of sports facilities;
  • Effective management;
  • Training and professional development of sports managers;
  • Innovation in the sports industry;
  • Marketing and sponsorship in sports;
  • Modern requirements for sports arenas;
  • Modernization of the sports reserve training system;
  • Development of domestic tourism, etc.

More than 300 Russian and foreign delegates will take part in the event, including representatives of the Ministry of Sports of Russia, state authorities of the federal and regional levels, heads of public organizations, representatives of the tourism industry, owners and managers of leading ski resorts, presidents of unions, federations and associations for winter sports, heads of design and construction organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of sports goods, heads and teachers of sports universities and schools, media representatives.

The Congress business program will be decorated with the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Leaders of the Sports Industry Prize, which was created in order to strengthen the social significance of the winter sports industry in Russia and to encourage the most active and distinguished representatives of the industry.

For participation in the event:

Dear friends, Welcome to "CONGRESS TOUR"

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We are recruiting a group of children for a trip to an excursion tour to St. Petersburg. Departure from Ufa on January 03, 2013 for 5 days/4 nights Tour program: 1 day (transport day) • Meeting of the group. •City tour. • Excursion to the Peter and Paul Fortress. • Transfer to the hotel. • Accommodation at the hotel. • Free time.

Day 2 (walking day) • Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. • Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby. Departure to the Hermitage by public transport. • Excursion to the Hermitage (may be replaced by the Russian Museum) • Interactive Museum "LABYRINTHUM" (optional) • Free time.

Day 3 (walking day) • Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. • Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby. Departure by public transport. • Excursion to the Zoological Museum and the Kunstkamera • Free time.

Day 4 (walking day) • Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. • Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby. Departure by public transport. • Excursion to St. Isaac's Cathedral (visit to the colonnade for an additional fee). Maybe a replacement for the Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood. • Walking tour along Nevsky Prospekt with a visit to the Kazan Cathedral. -Attraction "Horrors of St. Petersburg" - legends and ghosts of our city (optional) • Free time.

Day 5 (transport day) • Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. • Release of numbers. • Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby with luggage. • Excursion to Pavlovsk with a visit to the palace and park. • Departure to the station. Check-in luggage storage. • Free time before departure without a guide or transport.

The tour price includes: -w/d travel Ufa-St. Petersburg -Ufa (reserved seat) -accommodation in a 3 * hotel in the center 2- and 3-bed accommodation -two meals a day: buffet breakfast », Lunch in a city cafe -excursion service, including guide services and entrance tickets to museums -transportation service - minibus (only for our group.)

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