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Interesting excursions in Voronezh

The authorities now and then talk about the development of domestic tourism. The number of guests in different cities of the country is growing, but, alas, not much. Is it possible to make crowds of tourists come to the Voronezh region, said Mikhail Glushchenko, a traveler, author of the "Nesky Day" project.

From flowers to churches

Anastasia Khodykina, AiF-Voronezh: Mikhail, now many are planning to travel to distant countries. Is it possible to have a good rest in your region? What to see in the Voronezh region?

Mikhail Glushchenko: I did not have an innate love for my region, but I fell in love with it when I traveled several times to many districts of the region and was delighted with everything that we have. For five years I have not seen everything, although I ride constantly - several times a month. So, in May, I visited the Bobrovsky district at the Bityuzhskaya Sich festival, recently returned from a tasting of the Nizhnekislyai condensed milk, which took place in the Buturlinovsky district. Not so long ago we went to see a strawberry greenhouse - what a delight it was! Grown people squeaked with joy like children. And how many unique flowers grow in our country! This year alone, I found ten endemics (animals and plants that live only in one specific area - ed.). It was a whole adventure. And how many outlandish animals, and how many rivers, along which you can walk in kayaks! But many do not know anything about this. We can say that we have 20 top sights and about 200 interesting but unknown places.

- Why are they unknown? Few organized trips around the region?

- There are really few organized trips. But this is not the point - it is more interesting for someone to travel on their own. Although tourism in the region is gaining momentum every year, these tourists are mainly residents of the Voronezh region and the Chernozem region.

Travel around the region is not widespread in general, because in the region little is involved in the dissemination of tourist information. People learn about major festivals, Divnogorye and Kostenki became famous. All! Some amazing places still lack infrastructure. Tourism development needs to be dealt with.

Every year, at our own expense, we hold a presentation of the region's tourism potential - we gather in the suburbs of Voronezh and talk about everything that is interesting near the city. Last year, such a forum was attended by six thousand people. And this is not the limit. I see what can be made a tourist highlight of the Voronezh region. It has great potential.

Fleet and Chalk Mountains

- What is this zest?

- Chalk mountains, which are in almost all southern regions, cave monasteries, panoramic views. There are mountains in the Rostov and Volgograd regions, but the Voronezh mountains can be presented in a special way. If only because we have Divnogorye and Kostomarovo.

And so it will do

Weekend with RIA Voronezh. How to raft along the rivers of the city and region

RIA "Voronezh" continues its weekly special project "Weekend", where journalists and experts offer readers ready-made options for a weekend getaway. Each issue of the project is dedicated to a specific type of activity. The topic of the second review is travel by water.


How much: from about 2.5 thousand to 7 thousand rubles.

During kayaking, tourists can admire the surroundings of the rivers - forests, fields, beaches, camp sites and small settlements that come close to the water. Residents of Voronezh can raft along Usmanka, Don, Tikhaya Sosna, Voronezh River, Bityuga, Ikortsa, Khopr. Special training for kayaking trips is not required, since they are not sports, but tourist. Before starting the hike, a briefing is required.

Tourists can join organized hikes or rent kayaks and go on a trip with their own company. In organized trips, tourists will be provided with food, transfer of participants and equipment, accompaniment of an instructor, and insurance.

One kayak can accommodate up to three people. You can take children of any age - experienced kayakers know how to fix even babies on themselves, and from three to four years old children can independently sit in one of the kayaking places for rowers.

As a rule, kayaking trips along the Voronezh rivers are limited to two or three days, but there are also longer routes.

head of the tourist club "Korbita"

Kayaking trips along the rivers of the Voronezh region are organized by several tourist clubs: "Wanderer", "Korbita", "EcoTurBobrov".

Motor ship

How much: from 1.5 thousand rubles to 6 thousand rubles.

Boat trips on the motor ship "Filin" from the port of Liski to Divnogorye are organized by the travel agency "Black Pearl". The journey takes one day. The gathering of participants takes place in the center of Voronezh, from where tourists travel by bus to Liski, where they board a motor ship. In Divnogorye itself, guests can visit the Holy Dormition Divnogorsk Monastery in the chalk mountains or sightseeing tours of the museum-reserve.

What a tourist can see in the Chernozem region, why the Voronezh region earns very little from the tourism industry, and how to fix it - in the material

Don banks in the Voronezh region is a real find for all hikers. They are located within walking distance from Moscow and in just a few days you can walk an excellent route and see a lot of very interesting places, such as the famous Divnogorye - the main attraction of the Voronezh region with many cave monasteries, bizarre chalk cliffs and outliers, sites of primitive people, as well as the great Don, in which we will swim and spend the night on the shore in tents.

The hike will take place in a reconnaissance format. 1 PLACE REMAINED

Type of routeDurationThread of the routeDifficulty of the routeSchedule of hikes in 2021Walking3 days/2 nights Voronezh-Divnogorye-Korotoyak-Uryv-Pokrovka-Kostenki-VoronezhUncomplicated. Available for beginners. June 2-14, 2021

Trekking plan:

Day 1: Divnogorie (walking part: 12 km)

Voronezh can be reached either by train or by bus. Trains come to us there: 025Ya (From Moscow on June 11 at 21: 04 - in Voronezh on June 12 at 8:30) - this is the most convenient train. 034C (21: 50-06: 48), 146E (22: 50-07: 12) are also suitable. Train timetables may change! Approximately 2.5-3 months before the hike, we will coordinate all participants to buy tickets to travel together.

At 8:30 in the morning we meet in Voronezh near the railway station (General Chernyakhovsky Square, 1), load into our minibus and go to Divnogorye. We are there in two hours! Once in Divnogorie, you find yourself as if in another world and immediately understand how well the name of this place was chosen. It seems that until recently I was in noisy Moscow, driving along some plains, and then suddenly snow-white rocks and a whole cave monastery, as in ancient Byzantium.

Upon arrival, we go to a cozy meadow, where we will prepare breakfast. After a meal and a short rest, the whole group leaves their backpacks and goes light with a guide to inspect one of the wonders of the Voronezh region - the pillars of Divas and caves carved into the chalk rock. We will reach the cave church of the Sicilian Icon of the Mother of God - a small temple carved into a chalk cliff. According to legend, the cave church was built in the mountain in the 11th century by the founders of the Assumption Monastery. We will also visit the site of the Mayatskaya fortress (IX century AD), see the reconstruction of the medieval settlement of Alan and finally go to the Assumption Monastery. After visiting the monastery, we return to the clearing, where lunch will already be waiting for everyone. After lunch, without wasting time, we put on our backpacks and move towards the village of Korotoyak. In the evening we get up for the night in a picturesque place overlooking the Don.

Day 2. Trekking to Uryv-Pokrovka and chalk mountains (walking part: 25 km)

Today we will have a busy walking day. So do not relax, get up early, have breakfast and go! Almost all day we will walk along the steep chalk banks of the Don - in some places they resemble ancient fortresses. In these places, both the southern Slavs and the Khazars erected their border fortifications. Immediately in 1942, our soldiers held the front line. In the afternoon we will find ourselves near the village of Uryv-Pokrovka and set up a camp at a specially designated place in an oak grove on the river bank. Here, from the high bank, a stunning panorama of the chalk mountains opens up, and the view of the Don itself is beautiful, carrying its waters surrounded by vast forests and fields. In the 17th century, a settlement was formed on the top of one of the mountains, which even had a school, church and hospital. Alas, not a single building has survived to our time, but there are many equipped viewing platforms, which we will certainly visit, and, of course, we will buy plenty of them.

Day 3. Transfer to the village of Kostenki (walking part: 6 km)

Voronezh is a beautiful old Russian city with a rich history. Excursions around Voronezh will help you to get to know it from different sides. Travelers who prefer to make do with a guidebook, and local residents who like to wander the streets and squares on weekends, it is useful to attend at least a sightseeing tour. Guides who know and love Voronezh will tell a lot of new and interesting things about the history and architecture of the city, its poets, writers, scientists and other wonderful people. Many excursions are especially interesting for schoolchildren and young children.

Sightseeing tour of Voronezh

For those who first came to the capital of the Black Earth Region, a tour of Voronezh accompanied by an experienced guide will be useful and interesting. The bus journey to the most significant historical sites usually takes several hours. A sightseeing tour of the city includes a visit to the ship-museum "Goto-Predestinatsiya", as well as the Assumption Church, the oldest stone building in the city, rebuilt in the years when the first Russian emperor was in charge of ship works.

During a sightseeing tour of Voronezh, excursionists visit the Intercession Cathedral, the bell tower of the Alekseev-Akatov Monastery, Koltsovsky Square, where the monument to A. Oltsov, the humpbacked Stone Bridge, built nearly 200 years ago. You can order on the website or by phone. +7 (473) 253-05-58, cost from 3000 rubles per group on a walking tour. You can also order a sightseeing tour by car with a visit to the local history museum, the cost is 6700 rubles.

Voronezh on foot

In good weather, we recommend taking a walking tour with a professional guide. One of the routes of the sightseeing walk in Voronezh, called the "boring square", starts from the monument to Peter the Great, which has become the symbol of the city. Further, tourists will walk along the central streets, see buildings built in the 18th - 9th centuries in the Empire, Art Nouveau, European Baroque styles, visit the Annunciation Cathedral, one of the largest in Russia.

During a walking tour of Voronezh, the guide will tell you a lot of interesting things about the history of the city, how its appearance has changed, about famous people who have lived or have been here. There are about 20 different routes offered in total! The cost is 250-350 rubles. per person. Guides: Lydia, Olga.

Literary Voronezh

Voronezh is the birthplace of many poets and writers, so a tour of literary sights is very interesting. The guests visit the square with the monument to A. Koltsov, and the Literary Necropolis, where the graves of the poet and his family are located. The writer, author of stories from folk life, E. Militsyn and the Voronezh poet-democrat I. Nikitin, a visit to the house-museum of which is also included in the excursion program. Guests can see the monuments to the writer A. Platonov, a native of Voronezh, and the poet Mandelstam O., for whom the city was a place of exile. A. came here to visit him. Akhmatova. One of the symbols of the city is the monument to White Bim, the hero of the story "White Bim Black Ear" by G., located near the puppet theater. Troepolsky, who was born in the Voronezh region, who lived for many years and was buried in Voronezh.

Tourists will learn about other writers and poets who lived in the city, or visited it in different years, see monuments and memorial plaques. You can order by phone. +7 (473) 253-05-58, cost 450 rubles. per person.

Voronezh residents defending the Fatherland

During the Great Patriotic War, the defense line passed through the city, the troops of the Voronezh Front resisted the Nazis for 212 days. The excursion "Voronezh citizens to defend the Fatherland" is a bus trip to places of military glory. Tourists visit the Diorama, the Chizhovsky Bridgehead memorial, Victory Square, and the Rotunda. Each place has its own amazing story, which the guide will tell in detail about. For example, the Rotunda is the building of the regional clinical hospital, built in the 30s of the XX century and bombed by the Nazis. The ruins were not removed, leaving as a memory that 90% of Voronezh was destroyed by the time of the liberation in January 1943.

Order by phone. +7 (473) 253-05-58, cost 450 rubles. per person for a bus tour.

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