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Organization of corporate kayaking

Hiking trips are nowadays considered one of the most interesting and informative types of recreation. How many new things can the nature of your native country reveal to you if you go on an exciting journey to places untouched by a human hand! More and more often, in order to take a break from the bustle of the city and just enjoy the unity with the surrounding nature, lovers of good rest choose kayaking. Such an alloy is quite an affordable pleasure, and most importantly - such pleasant emotions can always be shared with your friends and family.

A company that cares about corporate culture and its employees should definitely go on a kayak trip for several days at least once. Regardless of the degree of complexity and duration, a trip with partners, subordinates and just colleagues will definitely bring the team closer together, which will only be a plus in the further development of the company. When organizing a water trip, you can independently decide which of the possible routes will be optimal for you.

Your corporate event will certainly be successful thanks to our experienced team - these are professional guides who have a higher tourism education and have completed the courses of a sailor-rescuer at the Republican State and Public Association (OSVOD). Taking into account your own wishes, the company will be able to relax in nature as successfully as possible, surrounded by the best nature - the rivers of Belarus. For beginners and amateurs, we are ready to offer weekend tours on simple routes, where rafting on the river does not require great skills. With some experience, you can choose a more difficult alloy.

The organization of rafting in our company has been a success for a long time, which is not surprising, because each kayak rafting on the rivers of Belarus becomes an incredible adventure that will forever remain in the memory of a person. So let the planned kayak rafting bring positive emotions to each of your company, and we will gladly provide professional support in this! Make sure personally that even a vacation within your own country can become a full-fledged vacation without unnecessary costs and long-term flights.

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* Our company reserves the right to change the route schedule depending on weather conditions and the physical condition of the group, as well as make some changes to the tour program without reducing the overall volume and quality of services. Travel time is approximate. The company is not responsible for delays caused by traffic jams and adverse weather conditions.

Our company offers you to organize kayaking. In the modern world, this type of leisure is gaining more and more popularity. He combines romance and extreme. It is becoming fashionable to relax in nature. This year we slightly changed the offers and now you will have access to three options for different price categories: economy, standard and luxury. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Cost Description

How to get there, meeting point

There: the group will meet in Minsk on Friday at 18:30 in the parking lot near the Borisovskiy trakt metro station. Transfer to the beginning of the route by a charter bus. Once again, from the finish of the route by a registered bus, we return to Minsk to the same place at about 20:00.

Route description

The Essa River is interesting primarily for its variety of views. There is something new around every turn. Here there are reed banks with swampy areas, and mighty oaks, delighting in their grandeur, and spruce-pine areas with good parking and high banks. At the same time, Essa is quite easy to complete. There are practically no places where you would need to get out of the kayak. But not boring either! You have to dig in and maneuver!

Another important point: the remoteness of the river from large settlements makes it not very popular among canoeists. Here you will not have to beat off the parking lot at the neighboring group and stand in line at obstacles, and the presence of other tourists will rather be a pleasant occasion to chat with the new company!

Daily rafting program

Meeting of the group with the instructor at 18:30 in the parking lot near the Borisovskiy trakt metro station. We load the bus and go to the starting point.

We're not sailing anywhere today. We come, set up a camp, prepare dinner. We get to know each other and take a break from the working week.

We'll get up early today. We have breakfast, set up the camp, load things into the kayaks.

We will start the rafting from the old destroyed bridge near the village of Zamoshye. This part of the river winds strongly along the swampy floodplain, showing new picturesque landscapes around each turn. The terrain will gradually change. The banks will become higher, oaks and conifers will begin to meet.

How to get there, meeting point

The meeting point is the Baranovichi-Tsentralnye railway station, on the site in front of the station building, from the side of the exit to the city. Participants are met by the instructor at 11:30, focusing on the flag of the tourist club. You can arrive at the Baranovichi-Tsentralny station by any transport at the appointed time. Options: from Moscow (train # 131B Moscow - Brest . to Baranovichi at 11:22), from St. Petersburg (train # 051B St. Petersburg - Brest . to Baranovichi at 09:27).

Finish of the hike in the town of Slonim at around 12 noon on the last day of the hike. From the Slonim railway station, you can get to the city of Baranovichi (Poleskie or Tsentralny stations) by regional train (departure from Slonim at 13:16). where to plan the departure of the trains home.

Description of the trekking route

Our route is the second of three stages of the waterway along the Shchara River, which begins in the upper reaches of this river, on the northern outskirts of the Belarusian Polesye, and then passes through the territories of the Lyakhovichi and Ivatsevichi districts, the Brest region. The main leitmotif of the route is its preservation, pristine nature, natural virginity and intactness almost along its entire length.

We will see truly wild, deaf, dense, remote from inhabited human habitats, inaccessible places, where natural silence prevails, broken by the rustle of the wind along the reed and forest shores, and the discordance of the feathered hosts of the local, not familiar to the presence of a person, the corners of the “Belarusian Polesie jungle”. Walking along the route, we will, to a large extent, feel ourselves as heroes of the story of the Belarusian writer Yanka Mavr “Polesie Robinsons”. For some time we will find ourselves cut off from the fruits of civilization that are familiar and ordinary for us in excellent conditions for self-contemplation alone with nature in a team of like-minded people, the same lovers of active summer holidays outside of resort comfort. Only the remains of locks and other hydraulic structures in rare places, sadly sticking out of the water, will remind the water traveler of the former significance and importance in the transport and economic significance of the Shcharovsky section of the Pripyat-Neman water transport system, which once connected the Black and Baltic Seas.

On the route we will see traces of the wartime hard times on the Lyakhovichi and Ivatsevichi lands - German harsh bunkers (long-term firing points) of the 1st World War, like silent witnesses, tell us about the confrontation here on the Sharovsky line German armies. Let's go along the reserved path. From the Svyatitsky Canal we will find ourselves within the Vygonoshchanskoye hydrological reserve, the natural basis of which is Lake Vygonoshchanskoye. It is connected with Shchara by an almost 3-kilometer stretch of the Oginsky Canal, passing along the historical channel of which we will come to the lake expanse, and we will be able to catch the very unique reserved motif of virgin Belarusian nature.

Day hike program

Day 1. Zaluzhie - Oginsky Canal

Meeting of the group with the instructor at the station square near the railway station Baranovichi-Tsentralny. Moving to the beginning of the route by road from the railway station Baranovichi-Tsentralnye to the place of the beginning of the rafting. A dense snack. Around 12:30, we go out on the water and the rafting begins.

Water trip along the Sluch and Pripyat rivers (Turov)

Route thread:

Zalyutichi village - Morschinovichi village - Vilcha village - Pripyat river - Turov city.

Duration: 5 days

Length of the route: 110 km.

Cost 350 BYN (135 $)

Early booking with prepayment (no later than a month) - 5% discount.

  • transport (transfer) - delivery of the group and equipment to the route and back from our base;
  • instructor's work;
  • 3 times food on the route;
  • camping equipment (a place in a tent, a mat, a sleeping bag, a life jacket, a place in a kayak, hermetic packing) 4
  • bivouac equipment (awning, campfire accessories, boilers, axes, saws, etc.);
  • general first aid kit, technical.

What is not included in the price:

If you have a group of 8 people or more, you can choose the terms convenient for you!

A water trip along the Smerd rivers during the period of "high" water.

Line of the route: Krasnaya Volya village - Lodino hutol - Volchanka river - Ozernitsa village - Mayakovskaya mountains tract - Lakhva village.

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