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Tourism Academy

The Academy of Tourism, founded by the educational organization "DIMITRA", provides educational services that meet current trends in the field of tourism in the world market.

In the 21st century, technological advances have radically reshaped the tourism industry. New information and communication technologies (ICT) are becoming an integral part of the process of providing tourism services. New requirements are emerging, for example, the need to demonstrate the quality of the environment of tourist destinations and develop tourism, using the local characteristics of tourist regions.

The impact of information technology on the tourism industry leads to the formation of a new "portrait" of the tourist (representatives of the generation of the 80s-90s), new habits and patterns of consumption, new business models, as well as changes in enterprise management and strengthening of communication "Information technology-sustainability-efficiency-competitiveness". The problem is that existing curricula and work profiles do not include digital, social, and green economy skills. However, these skills are essential to enhance the competitiveness and vitality of tourism not only in Greece, but in Europe as a whole (European Economic Development Strategy 2020).

The Academy of Tourism integrates these skills into all tourism curricula (management, marketing, gastronomy, bar, beauty salons, security). These programs are designed for educators, companies looking to improve service through staff training, as well as people interested in working in the tourism industry and students in tourism management programs.

The educational organization "DIMITRA" invests in the development of infrastructure and teaching methods, so that learning is efficient and easy.

We have built a 2000 m2 training hotel that recreates the structure of a real hotel and includes a restaurant, bar, kitchen, pastry shop, reception area, hotel rooms, as well as a beauty salon, IT and administrative areas. State-of-the-art buildings, equipment and teaching methods help create a dynamic learning environment that is adapted to the current needs of learners.

The Academy of Tourism is located in Volos, a coastal port city in Thessaly located in the center of the Greek mainland. Volos offers a variety of tourist opportunities. Students, travel agents and teachers can visit the Pelion Peninsula or the Northern Sporades Islands. In addition, Mount Pelion, according to Greek mythology, was the home of the centaurs who taught the sons of gods and heroes.

While studying at the Academy, each student, employee of a travel company or teacher has the opportunity to get a unique tourist experience and contribute to the development of the region.

17. 9.979 - "Moscow Institute of Water Transport Engineers"

02. 2.989 - "Moscow Institute of Water Transport"

05. 7.993 - "Moscow State Academy of Water Transport"

2017 - MGAVT - branch of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “GUMRF named after Admiral S. Makarov "

Sew Alexander Ivanovich

Head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport

125993, Moscow, Petrovka 3/6

The duration of the working week for scientific, administrative and managerial, educational support, administrative and technical personnel is 40 hours.

Working hours for administrative and managerial, scientific and engineering personnel, training and support personnel, administrative and economic personnel with a five-day working week from Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 18:00. , Friday from 9.0 a.m. to 16.5 a.m. Lunch break - from 13.5 a.m. to 14.0 a.m.

Working hours for the administrative and managerial personnel of faculties and departments, as well as employees of the training department and the organizational and combat department with a five-day working week from Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00, Friday - from 8.00 a.m. to 16.5 a.m. Lunch break - from 12.5 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

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