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Films about water tourism

Films about yachts and the sea are unlikely to ever lose their relevance. The depths of the sea have always attracted people, which is why so many films have been shot about the sea. It is in the fight against the elements that such human qualities as strength, courage, ingenuity, courage, and determination are manifested in the best possible way. Experienced filmmakers know how to put together a mosaic of human feelings and the beauties of the water world, and make the viewer feel strong emotions when watching a movie. Films about the sea are shot all over the world, and Russia is no exception: the film "Icebreaker" has collected millions of enthusiastic reviews. Here you can find a selection of the top rated films about the sea and yachting.

Films about yachts and the sea

Films about sailing ships can be conventionally divided into several categories. The first of them is the military theme. Films of famous sailing battles, merciless boarding battles, pirate robberies, dastardly riots - all these are adventure films about sailing warships.

Most often, such films combine a plot with a separate segment of military history.

The second category is films about sea travel. These include, for example, the expeditions of famous seafarers. Most often, expeditions intersect with military operations, this is not surprising, because sailing ships are primarily weapons. And the larger and more dangerous the ships, the stronger the state, and as a result, the more powerful the reconnaissance capabilities of the fleet. After all, do not forget that the same James Cook was not just a traveler - he was an officer in the British Navy, and died in battle, and not from old age.

The film "Hope Will Not Fade" ("All Is Lost", USA, directed by JC Chandor)

A special picture in all respects, the main character of which is its only character along with the rebellious element, with which he is forced to fight. What is noteworthy is that the Russian version of the title reflects a completely opposite meaning to its original analogue, and only in the last seconds of the film will the viewer understand which option to believe in the proposed circumstances.

A film about a man on a yacht will definitely be of interest to all those who are somehow connected with yachting, if only because in almost two hours of screen time you can study in detail the internal structure of the protagonist's yacht, and then empathize with him and it is possible to understand that the yacht itself can be called the second protagonist of this motion picture.

Message in a bottle (USA, directed by Louis Mandoki)

Seemingly a typical romantic melodrama, the protagonist of which builds a ship and finds love; nevertheless, not everything is so simple, because here the parallel emergence of new relationships in his life looks extremely symbolic: the creation of a yacht borders and intersects with the birth of feelings. How can a yachting movie lover afford to miss a story like this?

Cyprus Tourism


Recently, our team has posted many movie ratings on various topics. In them we have collected the best films on one of the selected topics. For example, the last rating was about the 100 best cartoons. As you understand, we could not stop there and made a new rating. This time, the top 100 best films about adventure and travel have been compiled! Stunning seascapes, uninhabited islands, mysterious planets, and unforgettable space adventures with magnificent heroes await you. I think this selection of the best adventure films will appeal to the most demanding moviegoers. We will not let you down, every film here is worthy of attention.

I don’t know why, but for me adventure films are first and foremost a crazy journey. I suppose that many viewers will agree with me. The only thing is that each of us perceives adventure and travel differently. Personally, I love adventure films, the actions of which do not take place in our time, but in the 17-19th century, or vice versa in the distant future. I do not argue that there are many good and interesting films, where the action unfolds these days. Yes, I enjoyed watching such films as "Treasures of the Nation" and "Lara Croft". But if you were given a choice: to look at the unforgettable "Adventures of the Pirates of the Caribbean" or the gifted "Lara Croft"? Which would you choose? My choice, of course, was in favor of pirates and uninhabited islands.

Have you noticed that there is magic in good and decent adventure and travel films? You really can't do without it. Somewhere these are spells and enchantments, secret powers, and somewhere magical objects. I think the magic, as well as the special effects, make adventure movies lively, spectacular and promising for audiences. Sometimes in ordinary life we ​​miss a little magic, and it is very pleasant that it comes to us in good and kind films. Our list includes a huge number of films about adventures and travels in which elements of magic are present in the script of the picture. In my opinion, you need to start your acquaintance with miracles and enchantments with such paintings as: "Prince of Persia", "Librarian", "Warcraft", "Ink Heart" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

Fiction and adventure are increasingly intertwined in new films that came out after 2005. Writers who have relied on a combination of fantasy and adventure will undoubtedly benefit from this tandem. And most importantly, the audience also remained in the black, receiving high-quality and interesting films, from which it is impossible to tear yourself away. Science fiction in films attracts people's attention. At the same time, the human brain realizes that today this is impossible in real life, but in the film it is present. It is beautiful, spectacular and, most importantly, it is addictive. We cannot tear ourselves away from other worlds and planets that the directors have prepared for us. We are overwhelmed by the delight of alien ships that plow the vastness of the universe in search of new adventures. We are fascinated by meetings with the unearthly inhabitants of the red planet. We completely and completely merge with the fictional world of the director and do not want to leave it. However, after some two hours we are so cynically thrown out of our beloved world. Why? Because the movie is over, it's time to return to everyday reality. Although who knows, perhaps in 50 years this reality will change ...

Year of issue: 2012.

Genre: fantasy, action, adventure.

Film length: 132 minutes.

Actors starring: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Mark Strong, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Brian Cranston.

Description: A veteran of the American Civil War, John Carter, against his will, finds himself on Mars, where he is captured by the belligerent four-meter natives. Carter will not only have to save himself, but also save the princess Deyu Thoris from Helium.

Year of issue: 2008.

Genre: fantasy, action, adventure.

Film length: 110 minutes.

These are stories about people who miraculously managed to survive in the wild, although all the circumstances were against them. About strong-willed people who will not be broken by an avalanche, or a devastating tsunami and impenetrable jungle with poisonous snakes and insects.

People are able to survive even in the middle of the endless ocean. And these stories prove once again how strong you and I are!

Feet Depth

Having finished his hockey career, Eric Lemark does not know how to continue to live and how to replenish his adrenaline addiction. He finds drive in snowboarding. To sort out internal contradictions, Eric goes to an abandoned slope away from the tourist trails. Lost, he survived for a week in harsh frosty conditions. Until rescuers found him. This story is based on true events.

Lost in the Ice

Pilot Huxley crashed in the Arctic desert far from civilization, where the temperature drops to 70 ° C below zero. He learned to survive in such conditions and calmly waits for help. Until one day, not far from his hideout, a girl in a helicopter crashes. She is seriously injured and needs medical attention. Huxley realized that she might not wait for the rescuers. And having tied the girl to the sled, he goes on foot to civilization.


James Franco decided to move away from his image of a stoned schoolboy and played in a powerful autobiographical film that left no one indifferent. He also received a lot of positive reviews and awards.

A desperate climber goes to the caves alone, without warning anyone. Having fallen into a crevice, he gets stuck between the rocks. And then the bitter truth of life comes to him. No one will save him, since not a single living soul knows where he is. This film is a real test of strength. In such situations, people either give up or do everything to survive.


Although the film is about the Bennett family, this story is twice based on real events. Firstly, in 2004 there was a powerful tsunami that destroyed many islands in Thailand. Secondly, the events unfolding in the film actually happened. But only with a family of Spaniards. Dr. Maria Belen Alvarez, her husband Enrique and sons Lucas, Simon and Thomas were relaxing on the coast when the tragedy struck. They survived, although it was not without injuries. The producer heard about them on Spanish radio and decided to film them on the big screen.

"Understand, in heaven they only say that about the sea" - "Knockin 'on the heavens", from which the quote is taken, not about the sea, but about how to love it, but here they talk about the good films where the sea or ocean is one of the main characters. Harsh tests of survival, the great voyages of famous sailors, the adventures of some crazy crew - you can watch it all here. And for fans of the human meat grinder and its main marine suppliers - sharks, we have prepared a separate top of horror stories about clinking teeth and bloody flowers on the water. The online sea tour begins.

Pi's Life (USA, UK)

Genre: Adventure Drama Director: Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) Script: David Magee, Yann Martel Cast: Suraj Sharma, Irfan Khan Movie Rating Search: 7.8 IMDb Rating: 7.9 <

A philosophical film-parable in which you can search for a second bottom as long as in the Mariana Trench. In a nutshell, the plot is elementary: a boy and a Bengal tiger are stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean. But the main thing here is not the plot, but how the boy Pi perceives what is happening in terms of religion, survival and growing up. Although, maybe this is not the main thing. Perhaps you just need to enjoy two hours of the ocean and the beauty of the wild, and the meaning will naturally be found somewhere between the mesmerizing shots.

Disaster (Hong Kong, Iceland)

Genre: Thriller Director: Balthasar Cormacour (Everest, Two Barrels) Script: Aaron and Jordan Candela Cast: Shailene Woodley (Divergent trilogy), Sam Claflin (Finnick from The Hunger Games ») KinoPoisk rating: 6.8 IMDb rating: 6.6

On October 12, 1993, Tami Ashcraft was the happiest in the world: alone with her fiancé Tami, a girl who adored the sea and long voyages, drove a beautiful yacht across the Pacific Ocean. An idyll, and then everything was supposed to be only better. But the ocean decided otherwise, and destroyed the girl's whole future life literally in a minute. Before losing consciousness for twenty-seven hours, Tami managed to hear the scream of the groom, and the girl never saw her lover again. The awakened Tami was awaited by hallucinations from a lacerated wound on her head, pain from the loss of a loved one and panic - Ashcraft was stuck on a yacht overturned by a storm, without communication devices and food supplies. Forty days on the verge of despair and starvation. But Tami coped, and was able not only to survive, but also to re-learn to read, write and go to sea.

In the Heart of the Sea (USA)

Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure, Drama Director: Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, The Race, The Da Vinci Code) Script: Charles Leavitt (Warcraft, Planet Ka-Pax ») Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Tom Holland, Michelle Fairley Movie Rating Search: 7.2 IMDb Rating: 6.9

Thomas Nickerson was a cabin boy on the whaling ship Essex, and the guy was clearly not prepared for what would happen to the ship. Under the control of the ever-arguing captain and first mate, the Essex was wrecked, and the crew was sentenced to a long time to survive on the high seas in lifeboats. Dozens of years later, Thomas, one of the few survivors, is quietly aging, trying not to think about nightmares from the past. But as sticky as a flock of mosquitoes, the writer persuades Nickerson to tell the whole truth about the fate of "Essex" and its crew.

To travel to India, America or Europe, simply click on the link and enjoy a couple of hours of exciting adventures. Comedy or drama, road movie or movie parable - it is not so important, each film from this top is able to transfer the viewer to another country and even to another time right along with your favorite sofa.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Year of premiere: 2014 Production: Germany, USA Genre: adventure detective, comedy Director and screenwriter: Wes Anderson ("Isle of Dogs", "Kingdom of the Full Moon", "Train to Darjeeling. Desperate Travelers") Cast: Rafe Fiennes (Lord Voldemort, Schindler's List), Tony Revolori, Adrian Brody (The Pianist), Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton (Fight Club), Bill Murray (Groundhog Day) Movie Rating Search: 7, 9 IMDb rating: 8.1

A colorful, musical tale about the beautiful pre-war Europe. The plot moves, actions and movements of the characters, and even the wiggle of the mustache - everything was verified by a strict director who created a grotesque, almost theatrical representation of the adventures of the legendary concierge Monsieur Gustav and the bellboy boy Mustafa. Employees of the hotel will have to face a major scam of greedy aristocrats and the undercover games of guests, escape from prison, and even start a race with a hired killer.

The dashing adventures of Gustav - a lonely, stately and noble gigolo to the limit, are full of charming adventurism, and a beautiful picture rich in details captures both the eye and the imagination. Particularly good are the magnificent trains and breathtaking mountain views - aesthetics of the highest order.

Blacky humor, a combination of pretentious speeches of Gustav and cute nonsense of innocent Mustafa, graceful jokes, director's pranks and a great sad ending - this is the route of this adventure tragicomedy.

Train to Darjeeling Desperate Travelers

Year of premiere: 2007 Production: USA Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama Director and Screenwriter: Wes Anderson (Isle of Dogs, Kingdom of the Full Moon, The Grand Budapest Hotel) Cast: Owen Wilson (Miracle, Marley and Me, Midnight in Paris), Jason Schwartzman (Scott Pilgrim vs. All, Parks and Recreation), Adrian Brody (The Pianist), Bill Murray ( Groundhog Day ") KinoSearch Rating: 7.1 IMDb Rating: 7.2

Another bright adult tale from Wes Anderson, but this time the famous director was inspired not by the books of the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, but rather by the stories of Scheherazade.

The plot focuses on the journey of three brothers through mysterious India - the cradle of ancient wisdom and peace of mind. Francis, Peter and Jack did not see each other for a year after their father's funeral, and none of the three sons ever managed to accept this death. The brothers stopped communicating, and yet the eldest, Francis, gathered everyone together to find their mother, who had long abandoned them. But Francis is silent about the true purpose of the trip, and the brothers who do not trust each other start a fight, they are kicked out of the train, and it seems that there is no hope for a happy family reunion or for the spiritual enlightenment of the guys. But a journey full of surprises, farce and various troubles will change a lot in the lives of the brothers.

The cinema unobtrusively reminds us that the world is wonderful in all its details, you just need to look away from cash bills and countless screens more often and treat everything easier: letting go of what is burdensome, saying goodbye to what cannot be returned, try what you dream of and never turn your back on your family.


Year of premiere: 2014 Production: USA Genre: Drama Director: Jean-Marc Vallee (Big Little Lies) Script: Nick Hornby, Cheryl Strade Cast: Reese Witherspoon (Cruel Intentions, Between Heaven and Earth "," Big Little Lies ") KinoSearch Rating: 7.1 IMDb Rating: 7.1

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