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15 best travel movies

I want to share with you a list of films about mountaineering, mountains, travel and speleo. Sometimes there is a lack of a ready-made list of films when there is a desire to devote an evening to cinema. All films in this section have been watched by me. In addition to describing the film, I share my impressions of watching.

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Movies about mountaineering, mountains and climbing

K: The Ultimate High

This movie really impressed me. One of the best films of the nineties. And, undoubtedly, one of the best films about climbers. Despite its "age", the film is very cool. I advise everyone who is interested in climbing films to watch it. Filmed quite believable. In the process of watching, you forget that you are just watching a movie.

Description of the film: "Two friends Taylor Brooks and Harold Jameson are seeking participation in an expedition to the killer mountain K2, which is organized by billionaire Philip Claiborne. Tough trials await friends: avalanches, bad weather, failures ... The ascent will be difficult. All will they go back? "

One of the few really good climbing feature films. I am sure you will not regret the time spent watching.

North Face/Nordwand

European Film 2008. A heroic story that touches to the core. The film makes you wonder and anxiously wait for what will happen in the next minute. The film is also on my list of the best mountaineering films.

Part of the description from the movie search: "1936. The northern wall of the Eiger is the last" unsolved problem "of the Alps, for the solution of which Hitler himself personally promises to present the gold medals of the Berlin Olympics ... There are three famous classical walls of northern orientation - Grand Joras , Materhorn, Iger Materhorn was the first to fall in 1931. The Grand Joras wall was crossed in 1935. But it was the Iger North Wall that was nicknamed the “Wall of Death”.

Movies about mountaineering, mountains, caves and travel: list and review

In this collection you will see extremely good, dynamic and exciting films about sea travel! They will tighten you from the first minute, make you empathize with the heroes and take you into the world of endless sea spaces, freedom and danger. Sit back, because with these films you will not be bored on a sad autumn evening!

Master of the Seas: At the End of the Earth,

An interesting and exciting film. where unexpectedly the main role was played by Russell Crowe, just amazingly played! The plot of the film takes the viewer back to the era of the Napoleonic wars and tells about the ship of the Royal British Navy. The captain receives secret instructions, which speak of a new French ship, which surpasses all existing in the world both in speed and in combat power. But it's not that simple.

The captain has been ordered to destroy this ship at any cost in order to override the British naval forces in the region. True, the French ship overtakes the British first and inflicts critical damage. Despite this, the desperate captain decides to catch up with the damned frigate by all means.

The unforgettable scenery and atmosphere of that era will immerse you in the film with your head, and sea voyages will tirelessly delight the eye.


The main feature of the film is that it is completely based on true events! In the center of the plot is the famous expedition of the Norwegian archaeologist and traveler Thor Heyerdahl. Tour, along with his team, built a raft of balsa logs in order to test the crazy but ingenious idea of ​​the ancient migration of peoples from South America to Polynesia. The massive raft used only the force of the elements to reach its destination. In 1947, a team of scientists managed to cover a distance of more than 8 thousand kilometers in 100 days, thereby proving the validity of the theory!

The harsh and alluring Pacific Ocean, the hardships of a reckless but important journey, the life of scientists and incredible dangers - all this awaits you in this film.


This film will tell the viewer about the harsh and dangerous life of German submariners during the Second World War. But! Do not rush to throw your slippers. The film tells about the war as the most caustic phenomenon of the human world, it takes away ideological prejudices and shows the tragedy of a single person. In the yard in 1941, senior naval officers from the crew do not believe the rabid propaganda of National Socialism, do not share these ideals and consider this war to be reckless, they only want to save Germany from the hands of the victorious evil. But the young mind lends itself to propaganda and suggestion more easily, so the junior officers and sailors believe in the great mission of Hitler and the exclusivity of the Germans.

Summer is already far behind, and warm days are only in memory. In order not to fall into autumn gloom, VATNIKSTAN invites you to familiarize yourself with a selection of domestic films about resorts. Using ten films as an example, we will show how this genre existed and developed in Soviet and then Russian cinema.

The phenomenon of resorts in the world cinema appears after the Second World War, when summer vacations are becoming massive. Prior to this, resorts were available only for aristocrats and wealthy families, or those few who needed rest for health reasons. The latter, however, were fewer than the former.

Resort films could include all films about summer vacations, which feature summer cottages, boarding houses, children's camps, or where the action takes place against the backdrop of southern scenery. However, this is not entirely correct, since if the movie is about a resort, then the protagonists should be vacationers, and the scene should correspond - mainly to the south. The review presents all genres, but most often romantic comedies or melodramas appear.

As for Soviet cinema, despite the fact that the southern area appears in Soviet films quite often, relatively few pictures have been shot about resorts. This is due to the fact that in Russia the summer is short, imperceptibly begins and also ends, and rest in the south was inaccessible for most Soviet residents. Not everyone had dachas, travel abroad was limited, and there was no need to talk about personal transport. However, some lucky ones still managed to relax on a voucher or with relatives living in the south. In most cases, these were representatives of the intelligentsia, who are mainly depicted in Soviet films about resorts. At the same time, it should be noted that in the USSR, films about southern vacations were popular with viewers, as evidenced by the large box office receipts.

Resort films have their origins in the era of the Thaw, which is not surprising, since the aesthetics of Stalin's paintings excluded such themes. "The Fall of Berlin" (1949), "Kuban Cossacks" (1949), "Conspiracy of the Doomed" (1950) - where to find a place to rest here when ideology reigns.

Lady with a Dog (directed by Joseph Kheifits)

The film by Joseph Kheifits based on the story of Anton Chekhov, with some reservations, can be considered the first Soviet film about the resort. The film depicts a different time, era and people, but the scene will remain unchanged in subsequent films about the south. The literary basis makes it remarkable in its own way, referring to the lost past. In this regard, Kheifitz's painting is interesting as a kind of document, as it shows what the Russian resort was like before the revolution. The film, devoid of social issues, looks alienated against the background of the rest of the array of Soviet films.

The story begins with the fact that Dmitry Dmitrievich Gurov, tired of the routine of family life, on vacation in Yalta, meets a stranger walking alone along the embankment, whose name is Anna Sergeevna. She is a type of refined nature, with a melancholic look and an unhappy fate. Anna Sergeevna early married a man whom she never loved or respected. Gurov manages to interest her, and their feelings for each other in the course of the film develop into genuine love. But the vacation soon ends and you need to return to an uninteresting life.

The muted tones of the black-and-white picture and the dotted line of the Chekhov plot allow "The Lady with the Dog" to remain a universal story about a resort romance, which, with endless playback, does not lose its relevance.

In 1960, The Lady with the Dog was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, however, despite positive reviews from Western filmmakers, including Ingmar Bergman, she was left without prizes.

Three plus two (directed by Henrikh Hovhannisyan)

Three years later, we can observe Soviet people as vacationers. The plot of this Soviet rom-com is extremely simple. Three Moscow friends come to Crimea to rest as "savages" away from civilization. All of them are representatives of the Soviet intelligentsia - a veterinarian (Andrei Mironov), a diplomat (Evgeny Zharikov) and a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (Gennady Nilov). But their plan is not destined to come true, since their savage life is violated by two girls who suddenly appeared, claiming that the place where friends are resting has long been occupied by them, and as proof of the young lady they dig out a bottle with a letter left behind. As a result, they have to divide one place into two companies. A comic war begins between them, which later develops into love.

A large-scale comic-fantasy "Aquaman" is being released, in which the ancient underwater kingdom of the Atlanteans will be shown to us at full power of a pixel. However, John Curry is not the first character on the big screen to easily dive into the water without knowing the ford. And although incomparably fewer films were filmed about the explorers of the underwater depths than about the conquerors of space, Webburg still managed to collect the top films in which the action takes place under water.

Maybe you missed something?


Let's start with documentary films, which recently, thanks to new technologies, show the depths of the oceans in all their glory and splendor. The directors Jean Pere and Jean Clusot once made a splash with their "Birds", which almost physically conveyed the magic of flight from the screen, the same effect, but from diving to the bottom arises in this documentary.

And a few more underwater films, including those from James Cameron himself.


As soon as we mentioned the legendary "Underwater Odyssey", then here is a story on the verge of a feature film and documentary about its creator. A biopic about the life and endless diving of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the man who (if anyone doesn't know) invented scuba diving and was the main explorer of the oceans in the twentieth century.

And below we have a few more films where brave divers and scuba divers act against the backdrop, of course, of underwater beauties.

The Abyss

A stunning beauty and, it seems, still not outdated technically epic about the first contact with aliens who prefer to nest under water. In places, of course, it looks like a remake of "Close Encounters ...", especially in the scenes with the "small UFO" and the loss of electricity, but James Cameron we are ready to forgive everything.

And below we have a few more films where extraterrestrial intelligence is nestled at the bottom of the ocean or closer to water.

Amphibious Man

You should definitely check them out before embarking on your own adventure. They are completely different, but they all pay tribute to the human desire to find their own meaning in life and confirm the words: "The beauty of travel is that it is impossible to predict how it will go and how it will end."

Into the wild,

"Into The Wild" does not fit the usual road trip format, which usually involves one or more characters in a car on their way to anywhere and the idea that the trip itself may be more important than the destination. Here McCandless takes off the shackles of society and travels "wherever the wind blows." The film's outlook is ultimately unsettling but refreshingly original - what predictably starts out as a hymn to nature and condemnation of society turns into a nightmare.

In the end, you won't be jealous of the hero who misjudged his chances. Perhaps he found himself, but he could not even imagine how cruel nature can be. Based on true events, Christopher McCandless's hitchhiking quest in Alaska in search of self-sufficiency is an exploration of human desires and possibilities.


Have you ever hit "Send" in an email and immediately wanted to get it back? Scotty Thomas and pen pal Mike from Berlin have written to each other for many years, sharing every detail of their lives. When Scott was unceremoniously dumped by Fiona's lascivious girlfriend, his heart broke. Among the people he turns to in his hour of despair is his German friend Mike. The cyber friend decides to comfort Scotty in a more friendly way, and he is horrified, thinking that the guy he knows is a pervert. He sends Mike a message saying that he never wants to hear from him again. It is a pity that Scott does not know one detail: in Germany Mike is not Mike, but Mike, her maiden name.

By the time it turns out that Mika is a girl, and, moreover, hot, she blocks all contacts. Thinking that this is perhaps the only chance for true love, Scotty goes to her friend. On the way, he meets literally all the dangerous and depraved "entertainment" that Europe has to offer. The comedy gives new meaning to the phrase "international relations".

Che Guevara: Motorcycle Diaries,

The film is based on the memoirs of Ernesto Che Guevara, which he wrote long before he became a Marxist revolutionary. Gael García Bernal plays a young man who in 1952 traveled to South America with his friend Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna). This experience shaped the life of Guevara, who saw all the injustice of the world.

The action takes place in 1952. The long road by motorcycle and other transport will take Argentina friends to Peru and make them suffer, eventually filling Che with some of his ideas of freedom and equality. Director Walter Salles filmed their travels through the main attractions of South America, as they were in Ernesto's memoirs, from the Andes mountain range to Machu Picchu and even through the leper colony in San Pablo.

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