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Poland is a very developed country in terms of agritourism. She is one of the leaders in Central and Eastern Europe in this area. Agriturismo can offer a wide range of activities for the whole family. Polish agritourism is now very developed, and many different farms compete with each other. Therefore, it is very important for any agricultural owner to offer vacationers the best prices and conditions.

Agritourism farms are located almost all over Poland - near Warsaw and other big cities, near the foot of the Tatras, on the Baltic Sea, in rural areas. The most active agritourism began to develop in the nineties of the last century. Statistics show that every third Pole is a farmer by profession, and this proves the importance of agriculture for Poland.

What is rural recreation in Poland? Peculiarities of agritourism in Poland

The first step is accommodation. In agritourism farms, quite cheap accommodation in Poland. Various farms can offer tourists both a comfortable traditional room in a village house and a beautiful room in a mini-hotel located on the farm. It should also be noted that there are two main types of farms. The first type of specialization is exclusively agritourism, and the farms of the second type use it as a source of additional income. It turns out that in the first case, the traveler will receive not only accommodation in a cheap hotel - he will also be given educational tours, introduced to Polish culture, and fed with traditional Polish cuisine. In the second case, everything is much more modest - the kitchen is without any special frills, the traveler will have to organize excursions on his own, but cheap prices for accommodation will please.

In Polish agricultural farms, despite different stereotypes, it is really possible to spend time interestingly and usefully. Conditions here are not worse than in hotels, for which accommodation in an inexpensive agritourism room costs from 20 zlotys per person, and a room in an inexpensive hotel from 80 zlotys.

A person can take part in the cultivation of agricultural crops, look at the work of farmers with animals. You can visit agricultural exhibitions, enjoy local dishes. In addition, the countryside offers excellent conditions for both summer and winter sports.

Countryside Holidays in Poland for Children: Benefits

A trip to an agritourism farm with a child would be an excellent choice. There are specially equipped playgrounds for children where they can play.

It is very useful for them to be outdoors in harmony with nature. A child can ride horses, pick berries, discover new species of animals and birds - in general, there are plenty of activities.

Where to go for lovers of Polish agritourism?

Most of the agritourist residences are located in such areas as Mazury, Pomerania, Lubusz Lake District, Velikolskie Voivodeship. There are also a lot of cottages and farms in the mountains - Beskydy, Tatras, Sudetes. There you can admire the breathtaking mountain scenery. So you can safely go on an agro vacation in Poland.

The village of Vojtechów is located near Lublin, which has the status of a blacksmith village. Many blacksmiths from all over Europe come there every year for the festival. The village is also famous for its museum of blacksmithing, where anyone can go.

According to Belstat, more than 200,000 Belarusians are sent to work abroad every year. Those who do not want difficulties with documents and learn the language choose the simpler option - Russia. Ambitious and courageous Belarusians start right from Poland. There is work in Poland for Belarusians - people come here not only for money, but also with plans to obtain a residence permit and settle in Europe.

The unemployment rate here is one of the lowest in the EU, and the Poles themselves prefer to leave for the countries of "old Europe", where salaries are much higher.

Why do Belarusians go to Poland?

Since 2021, the minimum wage in Belarus has been set at 400 Belarusian rubles per month. In Poland, the minimum wage in the new year will amount to 2,800 zlotys, which in terms of the Belarusian currency will amount to almost 2,000 rubles. This is all you need to know about the reasons pushing Belarusians in pursuit of the “long zloty”. In addition, prices in Poland itself do not differ much from those in Belarus.

If you live frugally, it is quite possible to bring good money to your homeland even for one trip. Image from the freepik website. om.

By the way, Polish employers prefer not to mix Belarusians and Ukrainians when forming work groups or construction teams. The difference in mentality affects. Residents of Belarus at work are more cautious and suspicious, not inclined to take risks, prefer to decide everything in advance and act prudently.

Where to look for work?

Those who already have experience in finding work and employment in Poland are advised to do without intermediaries. When employed directly, foreigners can count on a number of privileges: bonuses for the holidays, two days off a week (optional), priority distribution of easier and more profitable work, etc. Polish companies make such concessions, since they do not have to pay employment agencies - these costs are legally borne by the employer.

You can contact employers directly through friends who have already had work experience, directly contacting the HR department or Polish vacancy services on the Internet:

Don't just search for proposals, but leave your resume on the websites. Check out interesting vacancies on the Internet and the GUS register, where official statistics on employers are presented. Groups in social networks (Contact, Facebook) will also help to identify unscrupulous employers. For example, here, or here.

Documents for employment

Unlike Ukraine, Belarus does not have an agreement with Poland on a visa-free regime. Therefore, Belarusians who want to go to work in Europe, like Russians, need a work visa of type D. If you have an invitation to work from a Polish employer and other necessary documents, it is easy to get it for six months. If after this time you want to continue working and the employer does not mind, then you can extend the visa for another year.

It is rare to get a one-year visa on the first application. Image from the freepik website. om.

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