Who is behind the development of Agritourism in the Altai Territory

Viktor Korshunov spoke about; what tourism gives to the Altai region

“Our district is the first among other rural areas of the region in terms of investment. We have the lowest unemployment. We are among the leaders in terms of the square meters of housing introduced in 2011, ”says Viktor Korshunov, head of the Altai region, in a conversation with a reporter. He recognizes that the special, tourist, position of the territory is the driving force not only of its macroeconomics, but also of the microeconomics of practically every single local family.

Traffic in the Altai region really does not stop: new roads are being built, tourist centers are opening, more and more people want to engage in rural tourism. It is here that the special economic zone "Turquoise Katun" is located and, perhaps, a gambling zone "Siberian coin" will appear.

- Viktor Pavlovich, before talking about the current tourist season, I would like to know from you the results of the past.

- 2011 went well. I never give specific numbers, you can cling to them and argue whether they are correct or not. But I can say with confidence that every year the number of tourists is growing by 25-30%, and for 2012 we make the same forecasts. Why? First, the infrastructure is developing - there are more sleeping places. There are also positive changes in the spheres that accompany tourism. For example, roadside service is actively developing, new gas stations, shops, tire changers, etc. appear.

Today in the Altai region there are more than 8 thousand main places for tourists. Taking into account additional ones, I think there are more than 10 thousand of them. This is a decent figure. More than 20% of them are year-round, and their number is increasing every year. For example, there is a base "Medvezhy Ugol", which previously worked only in the summer, and now for the first time has not been closed all year round. An entrepreneur would not do it just like that. It means that it says something. And not only Medvezhy Ugol began to work in winter, many others have either already started or are setting themselves up for a year-round operation.

- At the end of May, you held a meeting with the heads of tourist companies in the region. What did you talk about and what did you agree on?

- End of May - feathers cleaning. At this time, as they say, we are polishing ourselves in order to meet the guests fully armed (according to local entrepreneurs, the first mass visit to the tourist centers of Gorny Altai happens on the weekend, timed to the Day of Russia, June 12, after which the season picks up steam. "VD"). More than half of our entrepreneurs - 46 people - attended the meeting. Everyone was ready for the season. The Turquoise Katun is also ready: this year we expect an influx of tourists on its territory, since the main work has been completed - the road is open, there are sidewalks, lighting. Yes, local construction projects will continue, but they will no longer interfere with the guests.

The key issue that we discussed with entrepreneurs is gasification. The task has been set to bring blue fuel to the "Ai zone" by autumn. And it will come - Gazprom is doing its work, and we are engaged in the gasification of facilities. We all know what gas is - this is a different level of comfort, ecology, etc. This issue will solve many problems, improve the attractiveness of the territory - the snow will be clean in winter, and there will be no streams dirty from coal in spring.

People from all over the region

- Who works in the tourism sector in your area and is the number of entrepreneurs and employees?

- If we talk about entrepreneurs, then these are mainly residents of the Altai Territory, and I do not divide them into residents of Talmenka or Rubtsovsk. But most of them are still people from the Altai region. The presence of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and other cities is not so noticeable. I think that representatives of other regions will not make up even 10%, although investments are attracted from everywhere. In the summer, the number of service workers increases significantly, and these are also people from all over the region.

This year, due to quarantine restrictions, turned out to be difficult for the tourism industry of the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic. Alexander Kokorin and his wife Alla Roenko, the owners of the TriA Estate, the pioneers of agritourism in Altai, told how they had this season.

Estate "A"

Alexander Kokorin, head of a peasant farm from the village of Solonovki, Smolensk District, Altai Territory, for more than 8 years, together with his wife Alla and daughter Alena (hence the name of the estate "TriA"), have been receiving guests in the picturesque foothills Altai. Their domain is quiet and peaceful. Cozy guest houses with all the necessary amenities. In the courtyard there is a variety of rural animals that can be fed and stroked.

The rural idyll is complemented by master classes held by the owners in their own cheese dairy and, of course, tasting the best certified elite cheeses. You can also make voyages around the surroundings, get to the resort of Belokurikha, admire the beauty of natural monuments. In general, the guests of the "TriA Estate" do not have to be bored. They often thank the owners for an excellent and meaningful holiday, and many, not only come back again, but also buy the products of farmers in their cities in the future.

According to the owner's wife, Alla Viktorovna, "somehow it happened by itself that young people are more involved in hospitality, a recreation center, keep it in order, and they and their spouse are more and more cheese and household."

“We have a family business and the joy of success is multiplied by everyone,” continues Alla Viktorovna. “We try to make important decisions together, to do everything together, but everyone has their own area of ​​responsibility.”

Now, the restrictions have been lifted, thank God, people have gone to rest again. In August-September, guests came to us mainly from neighboring regions: Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo regions, Krasnoyarsk Territory. I would like the season to last until the end of the New Year holidays, because we have something to do in winter, Alexander Vasilyevich smiles.

Year on year does not occur

Due to the quarantine measures introduced in March throughout Russia, the tourist season did not start as usual in May, but was delayed by two months.

The year is difficult, we missed the receipts from tourism in May, June, and in July too. Along with the absence of guests vacationing at our estate, the sales of cheese and, in general, income from the sale of our cheese products fell. People were not up to the elite varieties of cheese in which we specialize, says Alexander Kokorin.

“As soon as we were allowed to work, the tourists went. Yes, we lost a lot, the year is really not an easy one, but nevertheless we worked, remained optimistic, because we saw that people want to come to us, and there are still many who wish, ”adds Alla Roenko./n>

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