What you need to know before renting a house in the village for the summer

What you need to know before renting a house in the village for the summer

Rest in the countryside has recently become an excellent alternative to the usual resorts, sea coasts and excursions to distant countries. If possible, both adults and children tend to go to grandparents, distant and close relatives who live in villages, villages and stanitsas.

But everyone has the opportunity to spend a vacation "in the bosom of nature", moreover, such a direction as agritourism is actively developing. In order for the rest to go well, there are some things to consider.

Affordable and unique country house

If you want a holiday in the village, but with all the benefits of civilization and service, then you should pay attention to the stylized holiday homes.

There are similar places both on the territory of Ukraine and in Russia. They are guest houses far from noisy cities, where you can feel like you are on vacation with your grandmother - no special efforts are needed to provide yourself with food and water, the rooms have amenities, Wi-Fi, a dining room works, guests are delivered to any geographical location. point.

You can settle in a village for a while, which is a large tourist complex. Often, it is in these places that the owners arrange stylized parties and theatrical holidays - Ivan Kupala and Christmas, Harvest Festival and Maslenitsa, an old wedding and engagement.

Directly on the spot it will be possible to rent folk costumes and take part in the fun with all that it implies: folk songs, traditions and customs, competitions, singing ditties and cooking "field" dishes.

You can rent a house in such a village in advance, this is done online or by phone. It will be necessary to immediately discuss the issue of living with animals, children and the list of services provided.

A separate question is raised whether it will be possible to go fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, and visit nearby attractions. In general, experienced village tourists recommend that you carefully study what the owners of such houses offer - often there is a guide or guide who will provide entertainment for all days of rest, so you will definitely not be bored within the framework of the house or village.

The specific cost depends on the location of the base. For example, in the villages of the Krasnodar Territory, the daily cost of stay is around 3000 rubles, but in the Perm Territory, such services can be obtained much cheaper.

As for Ukraine, such a vacation can be organized both in the Poltava region and in Transcarpathia. Most often, you have to negotiate a lease directly with the owners of the house, you can bargain directly and choose the most suitable option. A pleasant bonus will be the opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly products from neighbors.

And here is more about cheap holidays in Altai.

Agritourism or rural tourism has been developing in Russia for several years, but due to its specificity it is not a market leader. This area of ​​recreation involves visiting estates and agricultural farms, observing their life, outdoor activities, horseback riding, participation in folk festivals. Sometimes such trips are accompanied by the opportunity to work in the field, garden or take care of animals. Is this type of tourism in demand in Russia, how to organize the reception of guests in the village and what directions are now popular.

Village tourism is a relatively new direction in the tourism sector, involving visiting estates, villages, farms, observing their life and even participating in agricultural work. Potential tourists here are residents of large cities, for which rural life is as exotic as the seaside and safari in Africa.

Whether agritourism in Russia has prospects remains a controversial issue at the moment. The life and work schedule of many of our compatriots allows only 1 tourist trip a year, which most prefer to spend by the sea. Many have summer cottages and vegetable gardens, so they are not interested in spending their holidays in the countryside. There is a demand for ecological tourism only among very wealthy people and only on condition of a high level of service.

There is no definite concept of agritourism. Rural tourism combines several different types of recreation at once:

  • accommodation on private farms and estates;
  • gastronomic tours with tasting dishes from organic products;
  • participation in agricultural work;
  • ethnic tours - acquaintance with the history and culture of the area;
  • hiking in the forest, picking mushrooms and berries, hunting, fishing;
  • horseback riding.

However, all types of rural recreation are usually combined within the framework of one manor or farm - this way you can attract more guests.

Rural tourism - visiting estates, farms, villages - one of the directions of the modern tourism sector

How to start a rural tourism business

Setting up such a business is very difficult. An entrepreneur will have to consider many factors: from organizing a convenient access road to an interesting visit program. To make money in this way, you should not rely solely on the Russian audience. The demand will be too small. You need to focus on tourists from Europe, and therefore provide an appropriate level of comfort, safety and language.

Development of rural tourism is impossible without promotion among a foreign audience. It is the Europeans and, possibly, the Chinese who will “make the cashier”.

Consider a sample rural tourism project. Suppose an entrepreneur owns a land plot and a nice house in the countryside. The area of ​​the plot must be at least 500 sq. ... Guests can be accommodated in the house, provided that it is spacious and comfortable enough. Another solution is the construction of a hotel or guest houses. Next, you need to provide a road for guests. Businessmen from Central and Southern Russia will have an advantage - getting here is easier.

The next step involves planning and organizing entertainment for guests. Will they observe and participate in agricultural work? Will they go to the forest, camping, fishing or hunting? Horse riding? Will they get acquainted with the history of the region, visit neighboring villages, communicate with residents? The organizer must decide all this in advance by creating several visiting programs.

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