What tourist routes can Moldovans afford?

What tourist routes can Moldovans afford?

CHISINAU, July 14 - Sputnik. The tourist season is in full swing. At this time of the year, according to Moldovan tourism experts, many travel lovers choose to visit our republic.

Experts note that the tourism potential of Moldova is huge, but there are difficulties that prevent it from being realized.

Svetlana Lazar, Chairperson of the National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism, told Sputnik Moldova that one of the country's main treasures is nature.

She stressed that there is a unique flora and fauna, beautiful landscape and distinctive architectural traditions.

Rural and ecotourism is our everything

According to the interlocutor, there are a large number of villages in the country - about 1600, which it would be a mistake to forget about.

"Old Orhei is the cradle of rural tourism in our republic. The idea to promote villages came to us in 2000. Local residents did not believe that these lands could attract guests. We tried to convince them otherwise for about two years," - said Lazar.

Together with the rural direction, ecotourism can be promoted, which involves visiting picturesque places, which are abundant in Moldova. For example, the south of the republic or the bank of the Prut River, where there are coral reefs, those who have visited our protected areas also tell Sputnik about this.

"Here are some of the oldest coral deposits in the world, the so-called coral reefs. On the territory of Moldova, they are better preserved, and their height above the ground is greater than off the coast of Australia. There they are at a height of two to five meters, in some places they reach 40 meters, "- said the expert.

What city tourism lacks

If we talk about urban tourism, the most attractive for foreigners and residents of Moldova, of course, are Chisinau, as well as Orhei, Soroca, and Causeni is gradually gaining popularity, a representative of the Association of Guides, Guides and Translators told Sputnik Moldova Irina Mironic.

According to her, a church built in the 16th century is being restored in Kaushany, it will soon become available for visiting and will attract even more guests.

"The city of Ungheni is very distinctive. But it is still difficult for us to interest people in this direction - they still know a little about the city. But the local museum is rich in rare exhibits: there are preserved ceramic items of Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. There is a church, which was built by Alexander Bernardazzi, "Mironik specified.

CHISINAU, 13 Nov - Sputnik. The villages of Cioresti, Dolna and Mikliusheni, which are located in the Nisporeni and Straseni districts, have created their own tourist route - "Dor de Codru". It includes six mini-tracks for every taste.

Tourists are offered to walk along ecological, fishing, cultural, gastronomic, sports and historical and religious paths.

What you can see

Getting lost on a new route is difficult. At the entrance to the villages of Cioresti and Mikliusheni there are information panels with a map of tourist routes and contacts of responsible persons. Local residents tried to include in the route all the most beautiful and interesting places that are in these settlements. For example, an ecological trail involves walking to natural attractions - valleys, slopes, picturesque meadows.

One of the objects is the source of Zemfira, where, according to legend, Alexander Pushkin met a beautiful gypsy woman who inspired him to write the poem "Gypsies".

In turn, the estate of the boyar Rally in the village of Dolna, where the poet lived, is included in the historical and cultural route. All facilities are landscaped and marked with signs, note the UNDP project coordinators in Moldova. Many had to arrange rural roads. There are several lakes between the villages of Dolna and Cioresti, which are included in the fishing trail. There, in addition to roads, there were also places equipped for fishermen.

New jobs

The villagers enthusiastically embraced the new idea of ​​creating a tourist route. For some, this is a future opportunity to earn their living. Thus, when creating a gastronomic trail, the local authorities revived two old boyar cellars. In the dungeons with 19th century masonry, they will not only conduct excursions, but also treat tourists with national dishes - placinths, cabbage rolls and wine, prepared by the hands of rural women, said the mayor of the village of Dolna Romeo Cioquine.

"When we got down to work, the old basement was half covered with clay. We cleaned it, did a technical examination. Now we hope to attract as many tourists as possible," said the local elect.

In addition to the restored cellars, the gastronomic route includes an agro boarding house in the village of Choreshti and the House of Honey in Mikleushany. The owners have invested several thousand euros in their creation in the hope that tourists will be interested in the "Dor de Codru" route.

Rescue Crafts

Citizens of Moldova choose Bulgaria, Greece and Germany for their holidays abroad; interesting tourist routes are also offered within the country.

CHISINAU, June 27 - Sputnik. The time of vacations gives rise to the eternal question - where to relax in the summer in order to gain both strength and impressions before the new working year.

Greece attracts, Turkey scares

The head of one of the Moldovan travel agencies, Praskovya Kuleva, told Sputnik that residents of our country, as a rule, travel most often to Bulgaria - and the prices are suitable, and the range of services is appropriate. Greece ranks second in the ranking of interest of Moldovan citizens, especially since three flights and several bus routes have been added.

"Turkey continues to be in demand among tourists from Moldova, but, of course, after the terrorist attacks, there are fewer people who want to rest there. But there are two more flights to this country from Moldova," Kuleva said.

According to her, the heat also made its own adjustments to the way tourists move - buses travel less these days, and the number of airlines' customers has noticeably increased.

See Paris and ... be impressed

Cultural tourism is not alien to the citizens of Moldova. For new impressions from living incarnations of history, as a rule, in autumn and spring they go to Hungary, Germany, Italy. But in Spain, many travel agencies combine "relaxation" at the resort and excursions to the palaces and villas of medieval grandees.

"Our citizens love to go to Disneyland Paris. As a rule, we are talking about schoolchildren. During the autumn and spring holidays, we organize tours for specific schools," said Kuleva.

By the way, as the interlocutor said, travel agencies often adapt to individual tourists, selecting an excursion group for them abroad, depending on the language the client speaks.

"Get up and go!"

The residents of Moldova are also familiar with the medical resorts of Europe. These are Lake Heviz in Hungary, Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, and Lake Hisar in Bulgaria.

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