What is ecotourism

What is ecotourism

Hello, beloved subscribers and friends of the site! Today we will touch on an interesting topic that will not leave you indifferent and indifferent, will make you look at the usual way of things in a new way.

Let's talk about what ecotourism is in Russia and discuss its advantages, development prospects in our country. You will learn about the main types of ecotourism and its characteristic features.

After 12 months of hard work (sometimes more often), you have the right to relax and recuperate, go on paid vacation and travel. You can visit a foreign country to explore its memorable places and sights, indulge in unforgettable entertainment and pleasures in a 5-star hotel. There, travelers from Russia are offered accommodation and a variety of meals according to the all inclusive system.

But trips to picturesque and interesting places, which are concentrated on the territory of our vast country, also have their charms. Ecotourism is considered a promising direction of tourism, which is undergoing a new round of development and popularity among the population.

Travel with comfort and pleasure across the vastness of Russia, lay fascinating routes along the protected areas.

You will find pristine and pristine nature, untouched by the human mind and civilization, original cities, towns and villages. This is ecological tourism. This is your opportunity to get closer to solving the mystery of the universe, restore physical and mental strength, find inner harmony and tranquility.

Expanding the meaning of the term

There are two value systems that tourists from Russia and foreign countries use when they go on vacation and want to relax in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, enjoy travel. Let's list these systems.

1. Striving for all kinds of pleasures and comfortable rest, using all the benefits of civilization. This system is the personification of the consumer attitude to life and the inexorable desire to get more and more. tourist benefits and satisfy your selfish needs.

Consumer and negligent attitude to the richest natural resources, preservation of the cleanliness and attractiveness of the environment is a path to nowhere, if you follow it, humanity will find itself in a dead end. One cannot ignore the fact that every year the extinction of animals and plants listed in the Red Book occurs. To preserve the pristine purity and beauty of nature, it is necessary to use the value system indicated below.

2. Conscientious people who on a voluntary basis promote a different system of values, refuse the irrepressible consumption of resources and benefits provided by nature itself in limited quantities. Such people prefer to improve spiritually and physically, take the path of self-development and knowledge of their true "I".

Followers of ecotourism do not ask an interesting question, what it is and how this term stands for. They have learned the merits and benefits that characterize eco-tourism and use its principles in real life:

  • Take part in the protection of natural and cultural heritage.
  • Enjoy the beautiful and picturesque landscapes.
  • Carefully contemplate the sun setting behind the line horizon.
  • Get rid of hackneyed patterns and negative thoughts.
  • Show an active life position and do not remain indifferent to the problems of nature.
  • Meditate on the seashore or an abandoned beach , sitting on the warm and gentle sand.
  • They support the traditional and distinctive culture of the population living in a certain area.
  • Fill their consciousness with unshakable confidence in the attainability of their goals and universal peace.
  • They enrich themselves spiritually and make grandiose discoveries by observing the phenomena of nature and the habits of animals.

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