What is agritourism

What is agritourism

Agritourism What is it?

Rest can be different. And it's not about the confrontation between lovers of mountains and seas, active pastime and almost motionless lying on sun loungers. You can go on a sightseeing tour, you can take care of your health and visit spa resorts, or you can learn about this type of tourism as agritourism. What is it and is it worth going on such a journey - read on.

In general, if you look at the word itself, it already becomes clear that something here is connected with the ground, the field (agros in translation from Greek - field). That is, in simple terms, agritourism involves recreation in the countryside with the possible work in the vegetable garden or in the garden. Of course, the last activity is not a duty, but a wish. But, as avid agrotourists say: if you want to feel real unity with nature and get a lot of positive emotions, then there will be peasant labor!

In addition to agricultural activities and outdoor recreation, true agritourism has a number of characteristics. So, firstly, it is not necessary to give up the benefits of civilization. The farms and farms where such tours are held have all the amenities, the Internet is connected, and comfortable resting places are equipped. Secondly, agritourism does not imply food with what you have collected. Yes, of course, you can eat raspberries just picked from the bush. But a full meal awaits you at a local restaurant, which, as a rule, is prepared from products grown here. Thirdly, this type of tourism, along with food and wine, allows you to fully integrate into the usual way of a particular country, to get to know its history, culture and traditions more closely. So, in Germany, you can take care of farm animals and "work" as a shepherd of cows or horses. And in Italy, an agritourist will be taught the basics of making cheese.

Agritourism is a relatively young direction. It is believed that the ideas of such tours were announced at the beginning of the 20th century. Whereas the first associations and, accordingly, programs for agritourism appeared only at the end of the last century. Countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany have become pioneers in the popularization of this direction.

For the development of this type of tourism, historical settlements were renewed, fading traditions were revived, roads were built so that it was possible to get to the most remote corners. The popularity of agritourism began to grow every day. On the one hand, the frantic rhythm of megacities with their congestion and stress pushed people to look for quiet places where they could relax in silence, have fun and recuperate. On the other hand, agricultural travel gives us a chance to return to childhood. Agree, many of the memories we have from that time are associated with the village, grandmother, delicious food, beautiful nature. The anticipation of the trip itself and the first impressions of it give lightness and bring a smile to your face.

If abroad agritourism is a fairly widespread phenomenon, then in Russia such tours are the exception rather than the rule. But still, in our country there are various farms, farms, estates where you can relax alone with nature and at the same time work for pleasure. One example is the Lefkadia Valley wine estate in the Crimean region of the Krasnodar Territory. Here tourists are introduced to the rules of growing grapes and the nuances of winemaking, treated with artisan cheeses of their own production, offered to go hunting or fishing. In addition, Lefkadia hosts a variety of thematic events. So, in June 2017, for the first time, tourists were connected to the collection of lavender. The guests of the "Valley of Lefkadia" not only collected flowers and, under the guidance of a florist, formed bouquets from them, but also took part in a picnic. A second lavender tour is now expected in August.

What is agritourism?

Agritourism - rural tourism; rest in the countryside, avoiding problems and, in part, from the benefits of civilization, with a combination of rural labor (optional) and calm measured outdoor recreation. Some associate agritourism with downshifting in the sense that it involves the rejection of the benefits of civilization. In fact, this is not the case. Agritourists are provided with all the necessary amenities, Internet access, sometimes a TV, telephone.

Why is agritourism attractive?

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