Village life in Armenia

Domestic tourism will not save: what is killing tour operators in Armenia

Do you want to invest in agricultural business in one of the most attractive economies of the Eurasian region? Think about business expansion in Armenia - here are the best conditions for development and there are special privileges for foreign investors.

Agricultural sector of Armenia's economic development

In terms of the rate of GDP growth in recent years, Armenia is leading not only in the economic ratings of the South Caucasus and post-Soviet regions, but also in European countries. The World Bank predicts that by the end of 2019, Armenia's GDP will grow by 5.5%, and will also maintain the pace in 2020. At the same time, the Central Bank of the Republic expects an increase of 7.9%, as in 2017.

Almost half of the territory of Armenia is determined as the most suitable for agriculture. And this is about 1.4 thousand hectares of fertile land, most of which are located in the regions of Gegharkunik and Syunik, Shirak, Aragatsotn and others. Of these, 509 hectares already have the status of agricultural, and 844 hectares are still referred to the reserve fund. Cereals, essential oils, melons and gourds, various fruits, vegetables, cotton, tobacco and tea are grown in Armenia. Considerable areas have also been set aside for vineyards.

Conditions for foreign investors in agribusiness in Armenia

In accordance with the Land Code of the Republic of Armenia, foreigners cannot acquire ownership of land, they can only take it for use. But there is also another option for the legal ownership of agricultural landlords - through a company registered in Armenia, the beneficiary or manager of which can be a foreigner.

There is also an exception for foreign individuals who have received a special status of a residence permit. Such foreigners will be able to freely register the ownership of agricultural land. A residence permit can only be obtained by foreigners who have confirmed their Armenian origin, as well as investors.

How can investors obtain land rights? If a foreigner conducts economic activity in Armenia or has made a contribution to the development of culture, then he can apply for a special residence permit status granted for 10 years. After the expiration of the specified period, the residence permit can be extended or reissued.

What does this mean? About the fact that foreign investors will be able to obtain not only residency, but also acquire ownership of agricultural plots in Armenia. It is possible to buy or lease land for agribusiness from farmers directly or from municipalities through auctions.

To learn more about the terms of land acquisition, write to us at info @ offshore-pro. nfo. You can also find more information and learn how to apply for a residence permit or obtain Armenian citizenship.

Benefits of Agribusiness in Armenia for Investors

The proposal of the authorities to survive the pandemic at the expense of domestic tourism does not stand up to criticism, according to representatives of the sphere.

YEREVAN, Aug 5 - Sputnik, David Galstyan. The tourism sector in Armenia is on the verge of extinction due to closed borders amid a pandemic. Travel companies complain that the government does not even talk about the ghostly prospects of improving the situation.

Earlier, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan noted that foreign flights in Armenia would not resume until the end of the tourist season. He also called it a great opportunity to discover new corners of the country.

But representatives of the sphere are sure that domestic tourism cannot be their salvation. The head of the Armenian office of My Georgia Travel Anush Yeghiazaryan in an interview with Sputnik Armenia presented in detail the situation on the market, which fed the staff of hotels, restaurants, guest houses, as well as guides and drivers.

Income from outbound and domestic tourism

According to Yeghiazaryan, the average commission for the work of travel agencies during outbound tourism is approximately 7%.

"So, imagine: I sold a tour for $ 1200, of which I get 7%. As an outbound travel agent, I sell, say, 10 such tours a day. My company has 5 more travel agents, and we all earn a certain amount per month. Because of the pandemic, everything stopped. And now I am advised to sell domestic tours. But the average cost of an internal tour, depending on the direction, is 3.5-8 thousand drams (7-16 dollars). after the easing of the quarantine, the dumping went incredible. There were tours for 2.5 thousand drams ($ 5), "she said.

In addition, several companies are already engaged in internal tours. They mainly work by combining tours in multiple languages. Both local and foreign tourists go on the same trip, the guide speaks 2-3 languages.

Hiking is not included in these tours. This is a special type of tourism that requires some physical training, and there are too many of them on the market for a simple tour operator to be able to get there.

As for visiting ancient churches and monasteries, in Armenia usually families go to inspect temples without resorting to the help of tour operators.

"How, to whom and how many tours do tour operators need to sell, so as not only not to go bankrupt, but also to pay the employee's salary?" - noted Yeghiazaryan.

Armenia is a small country. Although tourists usually prefer to stay in the capital, they are more eager to visit rural areas and get acquainted with the interesting traditions of the Armenian people.

Yerevan is an ancient and attractive city. Basic educational institutions, entertainment centers, workplaces, etc. located in the capital. However, life in Armenia is not limited to either this or other cities. Since rural settlements occupy most of the territory of Armenia, a lot can be found in them.

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Armenia, then you are highly recommended to spend some time in the village. But first, let's get to know the village life in Armenia.

How the villagers live

The villagers in Armenia are very hardworking. They wake up early in the morning and try to do as much work as possible. These people are mainly engaged in agricultural issues. They wake up at 5-6 o'clock after midnight and farm daily.

Animal husbandry is one of the main activities of rural residents. They raise domestic animals such as cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and various birds. One of the reasons to get up early is to feed the animals and bring them to the fields.

Later the villagers come to gardening. Everyone has yards near their homes, where they grow various types of crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. You can taste the most delicious and natural food only in these agricultural areas. As a rule, villagers try not to buy vegetables and fruits until they grow them in their yards.

If people living in cities wake up at 8 or 9 o'clock to go to work, the villagers are already going to rest. At this time, the sun is shining brightly, and the sultry heat prevents people from working. Thus, villagers stay at home and do household chores or rest until sunset.

In the evening, when the weather is relatively cool, these hardworking people return to their yards and continue to work. Whenever villagers want to shop, they go to a nearby town. As a rule, there are no supermarkets or large shopping centers in Armenian villages. There are only small shops where you can find much needed products for your basic needs.

Rural Unemployment

Rural residents in Armenian villages lack jobs. The main occupation is agriculture. There are not many organizations, companies, institutions and other jobs for the employment of the population.

People earn their livelihood from animal husbandry and gardening. Few get the opportunity to work in schools and some companies. Sometimes unemployment in rural areas forces people to leave their homes and travel to cities, where they find more job opportunities.

The Russian government will allocate three million dollars to Armenia for the development of rural tourism, Territorial Administration Minister David Lokyan said today, December 14, Vestnik Kavkaza reports with reference to NEWS. m.

The funds will be allocated for small programs for the improvement of recreation areas in about 60 communities of the republic, and one of the first, due to its year-round tourist attraction, will be the coast of the mountain lake Arpi in northwestern Armenia.

Improvement and recreation areas are envisaged in the city of Stepanavan and the village of Gyulagarak not far from it, next to which there is an arboretum and a church of the early Middle Ages Tormak. The full list of programs will be approved within two months.

In 2020, the revenue from the tourism industry in Armenia should reach $ 2.5 billion a year, said Minister of Economic Development and Investments Suren Karayan.

Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made a statement on relations with Russia: "Even if we do not believe in a better relationship with Moscow, we must be able to manage a complex relationship." The NATO chief gave an interview to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung ahead of the videoconference of the Alliance's defense ministers.

This ministerial meeting is being held for the first time since Joe Biden's accession to the presidency of the United States. The conference is attended by the new US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The issues of the NATO budget, the expansion of the mission in Iraq and the possible completion of the operation in Afghanistan are considered.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on European Allies to fulfill commitments related to rising defense spending. He noted that the goal of obtaining contributions to the NATO budget from each ally at the level of two percent of the gross domestic product was set back in 2014. Joe Biden was vice president at the time. The 2014 target was a response to "Russia's aggressive behavior, the annexation of Crimea and more violent forms of terrorism." These threats have persisted, but dangerous cyberattacks have been added to them, Stoltenberg said.

The Ministerial Conference will last for two days, February 17 and 18, Deutsche Welle reported.

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The Facebook corporation has blocked access to news in the social network of the same name for its users in Australia. Since February 18, Facebook users will not be able to view media messages and post links to news in the country. All media publications have been removed from the social network, reports Reuters.

Facebook's decision stems from the Australian government's intention to oblige internet giants to share ad revenues with media publishers who post news on their platforms. Earlier, Google threatened to block access to the search engine in Australia if such a law is passed.

Australian authorities responded by saying that the American company was "wrong."

Rest in Armenia is one of the best options if you want to look at ancient monuments, feel the flavor of a new country, see beautiful mountains and even heal your soul and body. The country offers ample opportunities for those who are looking for ways to combine the useful with the interesting and will certainly be able to surprise. What to see, where to go and what you need to know about Armenia? About this and much more - below.

Getting to know the republic

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the Caucasus with a rich history and architectural monuments. Since she was one of the first to adopt Christianity, this was reflected in numerous monasteries, churches and other religious buildings. The oldest cities that can be found in this country date back about 3000 years, with large beautiful castles and fortresses, peculiar architecture and beauty.

Where is

This mountainous country is located on the Armenian plateau. Its height is approximately 1700 meters above sea level, its total area is 29.75 thousand square meters. km. It neighbors Georgia in the north, Azerbaijan in the south, and the west and south of the country with the Turkish border. The famous Ararat valley is also located here. It is important to remember that the time difference with Armenia is plus one hour Moscow time. When going on a trip, you should remember this.

Map of Armenia

How to get from Moscow

The easiest way to get to Armenia is by air. Since there is no direct rail link with Russia, road transport or a bus would also be a suitable option. The best way is through Georgia.

Several direct flights depart from Moscow, which head towards the main airport of the country near the capital Yerevan. Planes take off almost every day and at different times, so choosing the right flight will not be difficult.

You can fly from Russia by flights of the following companies:

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