Tours to Germany

Tours to Germany

The accelerating pace of life, deteriorating ecology, constant stress, depreciation of money induce the townspeople to take a selective approach to the restoration of health. Tours to the provinces allow you to usefully, as well as with obvious savings in money, spend your vacation and bring pleasant memories.

Let's define the term

Agritourism is part of the travel industry aimed at meeting the needs of the holidaymaker through a range of positive rural properties. In this regard, industrial enterprises and multi-storey buildings near the accommodation of visitors for new impressions of citizens negatively affect the further attraction of potential customers.

The host country provides agritourists for a fee a part of the unoccupied housing stock with the necessary set of household items and kitchen utensils. The rental period starts from 2 days.

In the world, long-term trips of vacationers to a particular village or community depend on the quality of roads, places where it is possible to spend time interestingly, usefully, and consumer and information services. This, together with the hospitality of the owners, clean air, the surrounding nature and silence, restores strength and health.

Categories of Citizens

Increased gas pollution, noisy cities, aggressive influence of the information space (advertising, news) negatively affect children more. Outdoor recreation in an ecologically clean place is needed for children first of all.

Provincial people tend to be open and friendly. Elderly people, in addition to health problems, suffer from a lack of attention and social communication. Contacting others fills this gap.

When choosing a honeymoon trip, the newlyweds are guided by the brightness, exoticism of the tour so that they have enough impressions for the remaining time. Young people lose sight of the charm of a secluded time together, calm and unhindered discussion of future family life and planning of offspring

Most people view historical events as abstract and distant. Traveling to the countryside gives history buffs the perfect opportunity to get as close as possible to history.

Leisure activities

The development of information technology, accessibility, allow you to choose a vacation according to your needs, desires and means. Long-term and short-term tours to the village and similar settlements provide citizens with a sufficient amount of pleasant and useful pastime:

  • Participation in agricultural work (harvesting, haymaking, grazing, caring for bees, etc.).
  • Visiting national holidays, acquaintance with rituals and local folklore.
  • Practical lessons in ancient crafts (weaving, blacksmithing and pottery, etc.).
  • Hunting, picking mushrooms and berries, fishing.
  • Physical education and sports (hiking in picturesque places, swimming, cycling, skating, skiing).
  • Excursions to historical places.
  • Wellness (bath, sauna, herbal medicine).

Opening up a colorful travel guide to Germany and stirring sugar in a glass of tea, you crouch to the window of a cozy compartment and admire the pictures of rural landscapes, city views, old buildings, rare lights of semaphores, crowded stations, flashing like in a movie, like in a movie ... You are seized by a romantic mood, and your thoughts are filled with anticipation of an exciting adventure. Someone thinks that traveling by train is boring and tiring, but having tuned in the right mood and immersed in the rhythmic sound of wheels, you can easily lose track of time and not regret it at all.

Railroad trips are not only romantic, but in a sense they are also practical. For example, by traveling by train, you avoid the fate of hours of waiting at customs. In addition, you can freely manage your time on the road, relaxing in a modern comfortable air-conditioned carriage.

By train to Germany

Trains to Germany depart from the Belorussky railway station in Moscow. The closest German city - Frankfurt an der Oder - is located 1760 km from Moscow, the train will take you there in exactly one day. Stop at Berlin Central Station - another hour and a half later. Other major German cities on the train route are also Hanover and Frankfurt am Main.

Train 023/024 runs from Moscow to Berlin three times a week (on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays). He arrives in the capital of Germany in 23 hours 53 minutes.

It is also possible to get to Germany by direct trailed cars (departing from Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk).

Tourists can choose any of the three available types of tickets. The first option is both convenient and affordable - a Liegewagen reserved seat carriage. In addition, you can purchase a ticket in a compartment with a Schlafwagen washbasin, which accommodates 3 people - traveling in such a carriage will be the most comfortable. The latter is the most budget-friendly option: sit on the Sitzwagen seats.

I must say that trains to Germany are more popular, and if your trip falls on the summer vacation season, it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

Options for train tours to Germany

The variety of tours to Germany is amazing. Most German tours start in Brest, where travelers arrive on their own by train, then along the route lies Poland (via Warsaw and Poznan), and then cross the border towards Berlin. Some tours, such as the eight-day German Tales Tour, involve a direct transfer from Moscow to Berlin.

We risk incurring the wrath of the Greeks, but Germany really has it all. Rest in this country is good, first of all, for its diversity: rich cultural traditions are combined here with magnificent nature, and beach and ski resorts are adjacent to historical cities, literally stuffed with masterpieces of painting, sculpture and architecture. Plus convenient transport and well-developed infrastructure, an abundance of hotels and hostels and good service - in many respects, Germany is almost an ideal country for a variety of holidays.

Excursion holidays: what to see?

Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are the three pillars on which the German "excursion" is based.

Berlin is the Museum Island and the Brandenburg Gate, a lot of young people and pubs, one of the best zoos in Europe and high-quality and inexpensive shopping. Munich - great opera plus the equally magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle, the best beer and football on the planet. Hamburg has haunted castles and fortresses, idyllic rural landscapes and the largest concentration of churches and cathedrals per square meter.

Germany also has Dresden with its famous art gallery and the birthplace of Goethe Weimar, Cologne with the famous cathedral and half-timbered houses of Frankfurt, the medieval fortress and churches of Nuremberg, the city of Beethoven Bonn and the unusual museums of Dusseldorf.

The best time for sightseeing holidays in Germany is almost the whole year. For those who want to avoid the crowds, it is better to come in early spring or late autumn.

Ski holidays

Ski holidays in Germany are the German Alps in all their natural beauty and human livability. The villages from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales are scattered generously in idyllic valleys between mountain slopes covered with what seems to be the whitest snow on the planet. The main resorts are Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Reith im Winkl and Berchtesgaden.

Level of skiing - beginner and intermediate, there are very few extreme slopes. The infrastructure of the resorts can be put on a solid top five: there are many lifts, there are practically no queues. Varied and fun après-ski: from dog sled races to excursions. The season runs from November to March, and the Zugspitze is open for skiing all year round.

In the Alps, there are a lot of opportunities for summer holidays: treatment and recovery on exceptionally clean lakes, trekking and mountaineering, hiking and just relaxation among the amazing nature.

Tours to Germany from Moscow

Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi from 7,000 rubles.

Belek, Turkey from 29 676 rubles.

Antalya, Turkey from 30 498 rubles.

Kemer, Turkey from 28 854 rubles.

Ski resorts in Russia from 7,000 rubles.

Rest on the ocean in Tanzania from 108,595 rubles.

Wonderful Maldives from 139 879 rub.

Hot tours and trips to Germany with a flight from Moscow

The cheapest tours to Germany for a year

Germany is one of the most highly developed countries in Europe with many historical, natural and cultural monuments. In winter, vacationers will find comfortable ski slopes, in summer - the beautiful lakes of Bavaria and the pristine beaches of the Baltic coast. For fans of educational tourism, museums, art galleries, medieval monasteries and castles of this country, as well as wine production facilities located in the southern regions are of interest.

Where to relax in Germany?

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