Tourism development in Poland; and here's the most interesting thing

Tourism development in Poland; and here's the most interesting thing

Tourism in Poland immediately after 1990 has received unprecedented development in previous periods. Since then, travel to this particular country has been characterized as the most interesting, comfortable, well-provided. Is this really so, and what prospects the tourism of this country will have in the very next few years, we will try to understand this material.

The main stages of tourism development in Poland

Poland has gone through several stages in the development of the tourism industry. In particular, they can be roughly divided into the following:

  • The first - from the early 90s to the middle of the decade. It is characterized by poor infrastructure development, development and evaluation of the first experience for the regions in receiving guests from other countries. In the same period, the country is busy studying other people's experience and looking for ways to implement it already on its own territory.
  • The second is, respectively, the second half of the 90s. in this period, the initial modernization of farms and complexes is being carried out, the development of the first routes is being completed, and the optimization of the existing infrastructure is being completed. Services are being modernized in almost all areas. Individual farms are beginning to unite into unions, the development of tourism is accelerating.
  • Third - early 2000s. This period was marked by the launch of such an important project for Poland as the Polish Tourism Organization. The division of tourism spheres is coming to an end. In addition, it is in this period that strict control over the quality of the services provided is established. At this time, Poland is among the countries most interesting from a tourist point of view for both visitors from the European Union and CIS travelers.
  • The fourth is our days. The most important position of this particular period is the launch of a program of development strategies for individual territories. The quality of the services provided is rapidly improving, and many new farms appear, aimed at tourism. The final formation of the tourism industry is taking place as the leading one for a huge number of separate regions.

Having gone through just such a development, Poland itself was able in a short time to turn from a beginner in the tourism field into one of the leading countries that actually have no competition in the center of Europe.

Of course, the process of its formation has not yet been fully completed, but its main stages have been passed. It is thanks to them that today the state takes first places in all kinds of ratings for travelers.

Factors of tourism development in Poland

The current state of the tourism industry in Poland, which will continue in 2018 and next year, has led to several factors. Among them it should be noted:

  • Physical and geographical. The development of tourism, especially in the early years, was inextricably linked with the unique, largely healing mountain climate of local mountains, as well as lakes in the north of the country. It was these factors that provoked the development of medical, environmental, extreme tourism - the leading industries in this country to this day.
  • Economic and geographical. Here Poland played into the hands of its location in the very center of Europe.
  • Socio-economic. It was the rapid change in the country's economic life that made it possible to ensure the development of entire areas of tourism, as well as to attract here a whole class of travelers who could not have chosen the more expensive countries of the European Union. Until 2018, many tourists choose Poland precisely for this indicator. The good development of the country's infrastructure, which made it primarily convenient for visitors, turned out to be many important factors of this type.
  • Historical and cultural. Many cities in Poland have preserved not only their original architecture and other cultural values, but also their special spirit. In each of them, the historical center has remained practically untouched. In addition, ethnic festivals are often held in the country, which always remain open to almost all tourists.
  • Geopolitical. Despite the fact that recent years have become a real test for Europe, Poland has largely managed to remain one of the most stable countries. Thanks to this, she managed to maintain the flow of tourists, with which, for example, Greece, Germany and some other states could not cope.

Also, the development of tourism here has provoked the country's internal need for this particular industry. This is how the villages rose here and quickly adopted rural tourism as a new direction. And there are many such examples.

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