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Okwed for travel agency 2020

In Russia, a special organizational and legal form is envisaged - a peasant (farm) farm or a peasant farm. It can be registered if 70% of the activity and more falls on the cultivation of agricultural products or livestock breeding, as well as processing. At the same time, if within the framework of the business there are plans dedicated mainly to implementation, then it is necessary to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC in the usual way.

It is necessary to create a peasant farm in order to get the right to participate in state programs of assistance to the agricultural sector. In this case, a number of subsidies and benefits, including fiscal ones, are laid down. However, some incentives are also received by individual entrepreneurs with LLCs employed in the above-mentioned sector of the economy.

CFL Requirements

CFL may open and operate subject to the following requirements:

  • at least 70% of the business falls on activities related to agricultural production (production, processing, etc.)
  • the property of the farm belongs to him by right of ownership
  • the nature of the activity assumes the personal participation of the founders of the business
  • a citizen, according to the law, has the right to be a part of only one farm
  • A farm can function without creating a legal entity. Then its activities will be regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Law No. 74-F3
  • the farm is most often created with the participation of relatives. It is allowed to admit other persons who are not related to such bonds as its members, but their total number should not exceed 5 people. Subsequently, the family of the founder has the right to join. However, according to the legislation, we should not talk about representatives of more than 3 families. Plus newcomers - from 16 years old.

It should be borne in mind that CFL members have subsidiary liability, and when a levy is imposed on the property of a farm, for example, the appeal of creditors, the property is subject to sale at a public auction.

Requirements for an individual entrepreneur or LLC engaged in agriculture

You can also register simply as an individual entrepreneur or as an LLC and conduct activities related to agriculture. And then it is quite likely that a number of benefits will be provided. Requirements for such a business:

  • availability of a land plot that is suitable for its intended use for farming. Please note that you may have a material base on the basis of both property rights and a lease agreement
  • specialized education or the presence in the team of a person with a suitable diploma (certificate)
  • special training, that is, not only education, but also practical experience
  • the official status of a business
  • a set of basic documents for hiring personnel, for establishing relationships with suppliers and not only
  • office (purchased, inherited, rented)
  • current account, stamp, enhanced qualified digital signature

Documents for registering a business of farmers

When registering a peasant farm, the following documents are submitted:

Tourist activity: OKVED code

The All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities contains many areas that can be the main economic activity of travel agencies and firms providing travel services.

Explanation of OKVED codes

Consider the decoding of OKVED codes for tourist activities:

  • 63. 0 - Activities of travel agencies;
  • 63. 0. - Organization of complex tourist services;
  • 63. 0. - Provision of excursion tickets, provision of accommodation, provision of vehicles;
  • 63. 0. - Provision of tourist information services;
  • 63. 0. - Provision of tourist excursion services.
  • 79. 0 - Other booking services and related activities and some others, which you can see directly in the activity codes.

Travel agency activities

So, a travel agency or travel agency is a company that sells a finished product, tours, vouchers and other offers of a travel operator.

The tour operator, in turn, is the organizer, who directly works with air carriers, organizes transportation, travel, negotiates with hotels and provides direct offers to travel companies that sell tours on the spot, and so on.

[wpmfc_cab_ss] All responsibility falls on the shoulders of the tour operator, who is responsible for all work after the sale of the tour to the client and only a small part of the responsibility lies with the travel agency that directly sell tours. Their area of ​​responsibility is the correct sale and the correct conclusion and execution of the contract with the client and the travel operator.

The main product provided by both the travel operator and the travel agent is a travel package - a kind of complex of services.

Travel package includes:

  • transportation to the place of rest in both directions,
  • accommodation in a room or class of rooms in a hotel, which is also specified in the contract.
  • services provided by the hotel for clients,
  • other services that are specified in the contract are also possible, for example, dinner parties, excursions, events, outing parties.

As always, we will try to answer the question "Codes for the organization of comprehensive tourist services in 2020". And you can also consult a lawyer for free online right on the site without leaving your home.

The code consists of 6 characters - numbers separated by dots and has the following form XX. X. X. Clearly what number means it is shown in the picture below:

Download OKVED codes

Before sending a package of documents to the specialists of the territorial tax service for registration, future Individual Entrepreneurs and LLC founders should have a clear idea of ​​what types of commercial activities they are going to engage in. This is important, since when entering information about a newly created enterprise in state registers, OKVED codes are of decisive importance for tax authorities.

What is OKVED

Important! Entering the correct codes from OKVED into the registration documents at the stage of state registration of an enterprise is of great importance. If tax specialists find an error, they will certainly issue an automatic refusal to register. At the same time, the inaccuracy can be corrected, but this will entail new financial and time costs.

This grouping includes: - activities of agencies, primarily engaged in the sale of travel, tours, transportation and accommodation of individuals and commercial clients, activities for the preparation and assembly of tours sold through travel agencies or directly by agents, such as tour operators <

This OKWED code includes:

This grouping includes: - other tourist services related to booking: places in transport, hotels, restaurants, car rental points, entertainment and sports grounds, etc.

; - provision of other services related to the pre-order service; - sale of tickets for theater, sports and other entertainment events and events; - services to provide support and assistance to visitors: providing information on tours, services of tourist guides, activities aimed at the development of tourism This class does not include: - activities of travel agencies and tour operators, see 79.1, 79.2;

- organizing meetings, meetings and conferences, see 82.0

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