Top 8 most beautiful places in the Carpathians that everyone should visit

Top 8 most beautiful places in the Carpathians that everyone should visit

The so-called green tourism has enjoyed tremendous success in recent years. It is especially interesting for residents of large cities suffering from constant hustle and bustle, noise and stress. We will learn about what is green tourism in the Carpathians and Ukraine, and why its popularity is only growing.

To begin with, green tourism can also be called ecological, agricultural or, for example, rural. As you may have guessed, we are talking about relaxing in the bosom of nature and fresh air, in particular in the countryside.

As you know, the ecological situation in the vast majority of megacities is extremely sad. Having become accustomed to all modern amenities, residents of large and small cities pay for such necessary pleasures as, for example, travel by car, with their own health.

Travelers can enjoy fresh milk and clean water, natural and fresh food, car exhaust free air, tranquility and beauty of nature.

In the villages that are becoming "abode" for tourists, there are all conditions for a pacifying and health-improving pastime. Fruits can be picked directly from trees, berries - from bushes and beds. And all this will be both tasty and invariably natural.

Is it worth going to an unfamiliar countryside when you can go on vacation to the country? Yes. Since in the first case, you will be provided with a number of advantages:

• Your vacation will be organized by specialists, that is, interesting and exciting. You don't have to spend all day in a country house or in a garden; • Farms and villages chosen for ecological tourism are necessarily located in ecologically clean areas. The air itself brings health benefits here. • Within walking distance there are often mountains, forests, natural reservoirs. All this is a wonderful addition to the incredible beauty of the landscapes. If you are dreaming of complete physical and emotional relaxation, consider the possibilities of eco tourism.

Separately, it should be said that green travelers have access to learning new things. Tourists are introduced to folk crafts, life, culture and traditions of farmers and villagers.

What kind of entertainment will await you on vacation? Interesting and unusual: • milking a cow, weaving baskets from a vine, molding from clay, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, picking berries and mushrooms.

Cozy houses and estates are provided for living. An additional "bonus" available to all vacationers is the opportunity to participate in mass festivities and ancient folk rituals.

Excellent options for hotels for unity with nature: • Hotel "Karpatski Polonini" c. moat, Lviv region • Hotel "Osonnya Karpati" s. Astivka, Lviv region • Hotel "Taor-Karpaty" s. Astivka, Lviv region • Hotel "Villa Kvitka" s. olubinoe, Transcarpathian region • Hotel "Bogolvar" s. ntalovtsy, Transcarpathian region., Uzhgorod district.

Winter vacation in the Carpathians is a great opportunity to spend time actively and go skiing. Tourism is developing very rapidly in this region. Ski resorts are especially popular. They are visited not only by Ukrainians, but also by many tourists from Europe. The service and recreation conditions here are always at the highest level.

The best ski resorts in the Carpathians

There are many ski resorts on the territory of the Carpathians. The nature here is ideal for skiing: mountainous terrain, unique landscapes around, tall trees that protect from the wind.

The most famous and popular ski resort in the Carpathians is Bukovel. It operates all year round. In summer, tourists come here in search of relaxation in the bosom of nature, and in winter - for an active ski vacation.

Carpathian ski holidays in Bukovel are famous for such entertainments:

  • 63 slopes for skiing and snowboarding;
  • locations for freeriding;
  • jumps for stunts on snowboards;
  • locations for sledding and snow tubing;
  • holding winter festivals and fairs;
  • dog sledding;
  • trips to the mountains by snowmobiles or jeeps ...

There are also many hotel complexes and hotels on the territory of Bukovel. True, the cost of the rooms is higher than in other places. More affordable, but no less comfortable housing can be found in neighboring settlements. For example, the Koruna hotel in the Carpathians is located next to the resort. Guests can ski during the day and relax on site in the evenings. An average rating of 9.3 for the hotel means that your stay in Korun will be great and you will not regret the decision to spend a weekend or a family holiday here.

Among the rest of the ski resorts in the Carpathians (and Ukraine in general) it is worth noting the following:

  • Krasiya. This tranquil mountain resort is great for families. There are places where beginners and children can ride. Instructors will help you to conquer your first slope on skis or snowboard. The longest track in the camp, three kilometers, is suitable for freeriding. In winter, sled races are organized here. And you can admire the beauty of the mountains from the chair lift.
  • Dragobrat. This is the highest mountain resort in the country, where you can comfortably ski and view the Carpathian landscapes. On the natural slopes of Dragobrat, the holiday season lasts from November to May. They are far from civilization, right in the heart of the mountains.
  • Play. Here is a real paradise for snowboarders and fans of extreme recreation. The resort has jumps for stunts, steep descents and hills. Equipment can always be rented. Playa has a spa, a traditional Carpathian bath, restaurants and cafes of Hutsul cuisine. Slavskoe. The resort is located not far from Lviv, so there is no shortage of guests here. It is considered one of the most popular resorts in the country, which was opened in the 19th century.

All the listed resorts have hotels and lodges. You can visit local cafes and restaurants serving traditional Hutsul cuisine. Distilleries and Carpathian breweries can be found nearby. Tastings are held regularly.

Where to stay on vacation in the Carpathians with children?

Skiing holidays with children in the Carpathians is a great opportunity to have a good time with the whole family. But to make the vacation enjoyable for both parents and their little ones, it is important to find the right place to stay.

A comfortable stay can be organized in such places:

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≈ 558 m to the ski lift This is the distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance when traveling by car or public transport may differ.

The Malaya Odessa Guest House is located in the village of Yablunitsa, 10 km from Bukovel. The hotel offers 3 detached cottages with 11 rooms. Each room has 2. →

≈ 6. km to the ski lift This is the distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance when traveling by car or public transport may differ.

The "Legend of the Carpathians" hotel is located in the heart of the Hutsul region, in the oak grove of the picturesque Carpathians, and represents wooden cottages built in the national style. On. →

≈ 4. km to the lift This is the distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance when traveling by car or public transport may differ.

The Greenwood Hotel is located in the resort village of Slavskoe, 11 km from the center of the village, and 7.9 km from the Pohar ski lift. Guests are offered accommodation in. →

≈ 958 m to the ski lift This is the distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance when traveling by car or public transport may differ.

The Cheres Rest House is located 1.5 km from the Yablunetsky Pass, next to the H-09 highway. The recreation center consists of two wooden two-storey cottages, 2 saunas and a restaurant. →

≈ 22. km to the ski lift This is the distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance when traveling by car or public transport may differ.

The recreation center "Pid Sokoliyuyu" is located in the village of Putyla, 2 km from the center and 50 m from the road. Recreation center "Pid Sokoliyu" is a two-storey wooden cottage, v. →

≈ 698 m to the ski lift This is the distance on the map in a straight line. The actual distance when traveling by car or public transport may differ.

What could be better than traveling through the Carpathians? The fragrance of flowers, the singing of birds, the aromas of the forest and the noise of waterfalls and lakes. It is enough to visit the mountainous districts once to fall in love with this beauty. Only here you can touch the snow-white clouds and see the Carpathian region from a bird's eye view. Every year more and more tourists come to conquer the mountain peaks and enjoy the rays of the sun.

In this article I will share with you the TOP-8 of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians. This will help you plan your itinerary and make your trip interesting and unforgettable.

City of Yaremche

Very small but very welcoming place. It is located on the banks of the Prut River. Here people respect and adhere to all Ukrainian traditions, so every holiday of the townspeople is a real theater. People sing, perform various rituals and actions. This flavor fascinates and attracts more and more tourists. What else can you see in Yaremche?

There are plenty of places - Dovbush Rock, Breakdown Waterfall, Old Railway Bridge, nature reserve, Ancient temples, a museum of ecology and ethnography, a souvenir market and a restaurant-museum "Hutsulshchyna" (built without a single nail).

Polyanitsa village

This settlement will surprise you with the cleanliness of its streets and the presence of excellent hotel complexes. The main attraction of Polyanitsa is its location. The most famous ski resort "Bukovel" is located nearby.

Also worth visiting are the Sinyak Mountain, the Upside Down House and the Stoly pedestrian pass.

Yablunitsa village

The village is located near the city of Yaremche. Here the area has many slopes, and the snow cover stays on them for up to six months. Therefore, tourists simply adore this place.

You don't have to wait for the snow to visit Yablunitsa. This can be done at any time of the year. The village is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains on all sides. If you want to come and rest your body and soul, you are welcome.

You can also see here:

Western Ukraine, namely the Transcarpathian region, is an amazing region where traditions and culture are especially honored, where it is so easy to breathe, feeding on the energy and power of nature.

In other words, you can find more here than you ever thought. A trip to little-known and tourist places of the Transcarpathian region will not leave indifferent even professional travelers.

Where to go and what to see in the Transcarpathian region

Black Mountain Volcano

The very "Black Mountain", which was previously considered an active volcano, is located above the Kankov castle from the side of the city of Vinogradov.

There is a small recreation area with a lake and a quarry, from where red clay was once drawn. In the center of the territory presented there is a botanical reserve, where tourists are also allowed.

The reserve extends over a whole 747 hectares, including a variety of vegetation: oaks and beeches, silvery lindens and mountain ash. The density of vegetation, by the way, is due to the previously located volcano here.

The quarry from which the red clay was mined looks just amazing.

Palace of Baron Pereni

The Pereni defensive palace appeared in Transcarpathia in the 16th century. The Pereni magnates framed the castle in the Baroque style, giving the building sophistication and splendor. From the very beginning, there was a library in the palace, which suggests that the owners were very rich people.

The Pereni Palace has increased every century due to the addition of new floors and the expansion of infrastructure.

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