The draft law on rural tourism in Russia is expected by 2020

The draft law on rural tourism in Russia is expected by 2020

The Government is deciding which ministry will take responsibility for the development of this direction

Legislative regulation of rural tourism will give a powerful impetus to the return to villages of young people who are ready to do small business on the ground, and will help create new places in environmentally friendly sectors of the economy. The State Duma is confident of this, where the development of a draft law on rural tourism will be completed in the near future.

UN Year of Rural Tourism

Clean air, morning with birdsong outside the window, a mug of fresh milk and a piece of warm bread from the oven - this is what residents of big cities increasingly dream of today. The urbanization process, on the one hand, provoked the outflow of villagers to megacities, and on the other, increased the popularity of recreation in the countryside. It is not surprising that overseas travel agencies' revenues from ecological or rural tourism in the last two or three years have exceeded revenues from outbound tourism.

However, the key question has not yet been removed - who will become the "head" department and take responsibility for the development of this area? Abroad, this role is most often performed by the agency responsible for the development of agriculture. But our Ministry of Agriculture is not in a hurry to take on this burden, but for now, in some regions, rural tourism is supervised according to interdepartmental schemes. For example, in Tatarstan, these issues are also dealt with by the regional ministry of culture.

Meanwhile, the development of rural tourism is directly related to the growth of the national economy. As the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy, the legendary athlete Vyacheslav Fetisov, noted, people come to the countryside to gain strength, and rural tourism provides such an opportunity in abundance. This, in his opinion, is an investment in a person whose well-being is the goal of all 12 national projects approved by the May decree of President Vladimir Putin.

“At the General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) this year, we invited the leadership of the organization to declare 2020 the Year of Rural Tourism. And they supported us. Now God himself has ordered us to finalize the draft law on rural tourism, and to do everything for it to be adopted in 2020, ”said the MP, who is the official ambassador of the UNWTO.

Village Vacation Strategy

Note that one of the Government's remarks to the draft federal law concerned precisely the clarification of the very concept of "rural tourism". According to experts, it should include both agricultural and cultural and educational tourism, because guests in the village are interested in everything: the “quietest” rural temples, delicious and fresh food, and folklore, and the opportunity to work on the land with their own hands. and landscapes.

Today, a huge number of proposals have been received from the localities on how to develop tourism in rural areas - heads of settlements and heads of travel agencies consider it necessary to strengthen state support for the construction of facilities (including in farms ready to work in the field of rural tourism) , clarification of legal regulations and simplification of requirements, specialized training for this type of tourism (there are proposals, for example, to introduce hospitality courses for veterinarians in colleges, whose graduates often go to farmers) ... All these proposals, according to experts, should be collected in the new state strategy for the development of rural tourism.

Yes, and our compatriots, tired of city dust, tasteless fast food and work bustle, it turns out, happily go to the village for nostalgia, beds and fresh milk. The correspondent of "AiF in VS" found out what joys of rural life are offered to travelers in the Angara region.

Plunge into green life

Perhaps one of the most unusual areas of rural tourism is ecotourism. And although this term sounds somehow Western, its "filling" is Siberian. Not far from Bolshaya Yelan in the Usolsky district, guests are received in the ancestral settlement "Ladoga". There are no hotels, cafes and entertainment invented specifically for tourists, it is not even a village in the usual sense of the word. Just twelve years ago, people founded a settlement there in order to live in unity with nature. Now 55 families live here, 25 - all year round.

“The essence of our idea is this: each family takes a hectare of land and builds a house on it. Moreover, we do not build any fences around the house, we just plant trees, set up a garden, a reservoir, a meadow, a small vegetable garden to ensure life, '' says one of the residents of the settlement, Yevgeny Butkevich. - Our main goal is to live in harmony with nature. Many of us are engaged in embroidery, carving, weave belts, breed bees, collect honey. We are trying to revive crafts, we build houses ourselves, we sew Slavic costumes, shirts, sundresses. From time to time we hold festivals, we try to revive our old holidays - we do not copy them completely, we bring something of our own, but we try to observe the traditions that our ancestors started ”.

One more detail - animals are grown, but not killed, on the territory of the estate, two thirds of the inhabitants of the "village" are vegetarians. Of course, such an unusual settlement cannot but arouse interest among foreigners - two weeks ago a traveler from Switzerland visited here, and a tourist from Germany came right after her.

“I'm not talking about our Russian vacationers, they are also interested in living here,” continues Yevgeny Butkevich. “Who of our residents can accept the traveler in his house and lodges, because it is even more interesting for a tourist to learn the life of a family from the inside, to see what people breathe, what they think.”

Goats, yaks and hainak

The Olkhonsky, Irkutsk and Slyudyansky districts of the Angara region can be called the most tourist ones - the main magnet for travelers here, of course, remains Baikal. However, vacationers come here not only for the sake of the lake. About 35 peasant farms work on the coast of the "pearl of the planet".

On the outskirts of Baikalsk, almost in the forest, there is an estate run by a local resident Olga Vorotynova. Despite the fact that legally wooden houses are located in the city, in fact, they stand right in the forest, and travelers come there for peace and communication with animals.

“We have a whole petting zoo: horses, pigs, rams, chickens, geese, turkeys, rabbits,” Olga lists. - There is a goat, so guests can drink fresh milk in the morning. Mostly family people come to us with little children, the young people are probably boring with us - there are no parties. We only celebrate Maslenitsa violently and the New Year. "

On a farm in the Olkhonsky District, tourists can interact with exotic animals that can hardly be found in an ordinary vegetable garden. For more than a decade, the head of the farm, Alexander Elbaskin, has been breeding purebred Sayan yaks, which he brought from Buryatia. And in 2008 he crossed them with cows and got a new breed of large and strong animals - hainaks. Naturally, the farmer keeps the livestock not so much in order to surprise visitors, but for meat, from which vacationers buy pies in the cafe closest to the farm.

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