Tag: Agriturismo in Minsk region

Tag: Agriturismo in Minsk region

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Rural tourism, or agritourism, is one of the main directions of out-of-town recreation in Belarus. Today guests from many CIS countries and Europe choose a vacation in Belarus as the most profitable and comfortable option for spending time on vacation or on weekends. On the Belarusian real estate market, such a service as renting estates for a day is widespread. If you want to plunge into the world of pristine nature without making too much investment, you can rent an estate near Minsk or in any other region of the country and spend time with pleasure, comfort and health benefits!

Nature of Belarus

Belarus is a predominantly flat country. Despite the relatively small area of ​​the republic, more than 93% of its territory is covered by the most diverse vegetation. Forests with 28 species of trees and 70 species of shrubs occupy about 1/3 of the country's total green cover. There are state reserves on the territory of Belarus, where rare species of animals and birds live in natural conditions.

The government of the country, as well as specialized private organizations, are taking serious measures to protect nature and improve the ecological situation in the country. The result of this activity is the recognition of Belarus as one of the greenest and most environmentally safe countries in the entire European region.

Manors in Belarus intended for rent are located throughout the country. You can choose the most comfortable region for you. So:

  • the estates of Minsk and adjacent territories are located in temperate forest areas, in places artificially ennobled and adapted for the most comfortable living.
  • in the south of the country, Belarusian estates are located not far from the famous Polesye - this region is suitable for those who like to pick mushrooms and berries, and in winter they prefer skiing in the forest.
  • the north of Belarus is called the “land of lakes”. Renting an estate in Belarus in its northern regions can be recommended to those people who like to relax near water bodies, swim in the summer and go fishing.

In these regions, there is an increased "congestion" of country houses. It's up to you to choose!

Farmsteads of Belarus for a day: rental cost

For a short-term vacation, such a service as renting estates in Belarus for a day is ideal. For longer leases (from a month or more), many property owners and real estate agencies offer favorable discounts.

On average, one country house in Belarus can comfortably accommodate from 2 to 20 people (there are also farmsteads and more people). At the same time, the average cost of daily rent is from 40 to 150-200 US dollars for the entire country house, which is a very advantageous offer, especially if the funds for rent are allocated by all participants in the holiday.

Rent a homestead in Belarus

Agriturismo in Minsk and Minsk region, description, reviews, main disadvantages and advantages

Agro-estates, Villages in Minsk region


The Dudutki estate is located in the Pukhovichi district, 42 kilometers from the capital of Belarus. Dudutki are located in a very beautiful, picturesque place. Near the complex (near the village of Dudichi) the Ptich river flows.


Estate Veselaya Khata

Manor in Minsk region "Veselaya Khata"

There are many people who like to relax far from noisy places, the usual city, want to be in the fresh air for a while. Or maybe they want to hold some kind of event, for example, a wedding, or a meeting of old friends. If you want to change something, then you should look into a pleasant agricultural estate, this estate in the Minsk region is called "Veselaya Khata". This wonderful place is located in a clean corner of Belarus, and there is an opportunity to live in the countryside, where hospitality reigns. Its place, located 79 kilometers from the Minsk ring road, you need to go to the village of Kalyuga, it is there that you will find this beautiful estate.

On an area of ​​about one hectare, completely surrounded by orchards and a lawn, there is a country estate, near it there is a Russian bath, there is an opportunity to cook barbecue in the gazebo, all the equipment, and of course a guarded parking lot.

If you wish, you can also come in a large company of up to fifteen people, in this comfortable house, you can accommodate everything. Five rooms have both double and single beds, furnished at the request of the client. And the atmosphere of comfort and special spirit is created by antique objects, original chandeliers, different directions of the picture. Each of the rooms has everything for hygiene, a bathroom, a toilet, all with modern fixtures. For all conveniences, vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy cable TV, or wireless Internet, as well as a home theater.

For cooking, guests of this agriturismo can use the kitchen, which has everything you need. Refrigerator, handmade pottery, gas stove, microwave oven, kettle. If vacationers want, they can order high quality food. For people who want different sensations, namely to feel rural life from the inside, there is an opportunity to spend the night in the hayloft, or on an old stove.

You can actively relax and improve your health with fresh air, a healthy environment, nature, and beautiful views. For active ones, you can play sports games, football, for example. You can ride horses or go fishing. There is a lot of game in the forest, this will delight the hunter. In the combination of comfort, hospitality of the owners and beauty around, only the most pleasant feelings are created.


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