Russian Resorts: Bolshaya Anapa


The resort of Bolshaya Anapa includes the town of the same name and several surrounding villages, among which the most popular holiday destinations are Sukko, Bolshoi Utrish, Dzhemete, Vityazevo and the village of Blagoveshchenskaya.

Beaches of Big Anapa

There are about 40 km of sandy and 10 km of pebble beaches on the territory of Anapa. A strip of sandy beaches (from river quartz sand with shell rock) begins at Cape Zhelezny Rog on the Taman Peninsula and stretches through the village of Blagoveshchenskaya, the villages of Vityazevo and Dzhemete, the city of Anapa to the Park Hotel. Then the sand is replaced by pebbles - in Sukko and Bolshoy Utrish. Basically, the entry into the water is shallow everywhere, and the depth increases very slowly, which is good for bathing babies. Those who do not like shallow water should choose to rest on the pebbly beaches of the village of Sukko.

The Anapa resort stands out on the Russian Black Sea coast as one of the places with the most ecologically clean sea. At the same time, the water is the clearest on pebble beaches, because the floating sand particles make the water seem a little cloudy.

Climate of Big Anapa

The resort is located between the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula, therefore the climate in the villages located in the foothills and already in the steppe zone is somewhat different: a foothill-steppe and Mediterranean climate is formed there. However, all over the region, sunny summer awaits you (average July temperature is + 23 ° C) and a pleasant warm beginning of autumn. Winters are mild, the average January temperature is + 1 ° С.

You can swim at the end of May, and the season ends at the end of September. The sun shines 280 days a year.

At the height of summer, it can be too hot in Anapa, so the best time to relax is the beginning of September, when there is pleasant sunny warm weather, there is no stifling heat, crowds of tourists, fruits of the new harvest are sold everywhere, and prices are lower. than in peak season.

Treatment in Bolshaya Anapa

Anapa is not only a beach holiday destination, but also the largest Russian balneological resort, where they treat with hydrogen sulfide mud, mud from Taman volcanoes, and various types of mineral waters.

How to get to Anapa

By plane

Russian Resorts: Bolshaya Anapa

Anapa urban district is the land lying directly under the "western end" of the Caucasus peaks. Among these picturesque hills, gradually flowing into the Taman lowland, not only Anapa is a tourist attraction. Ethnographic Park "Dobrodeya" is located a few kilometers from the famous resort. Some time ago, the open-air museum became popular among visitors, because it is the "younger brother" of "Atamani", located in the neighboring, Temryuk district.

Where is Dobrodeya Park on the map

The complex occupies the vicinity of the Gostagaevskaya village. It's about Boykova Mountain. The location of "Dobrodeya" is very convenient - the park is found only 18 km from Chemburka, Anapa district, facing the P-252 highway, which runs through the entire village.

Creation history Description

The idea to arrange something grandiose in Boykovaya came to the enthusiasts from the village administration. In 2003, the authorities of the city district helped to implement it. By the way, about the name of the hill itself. This toponym is the surname of the Cossack family that once settled on its top. On the mountain there is still a fragment of an old road, a creek with clean spring water and even some buildings. Everything formed the architectural and landscape basis of the ethnographic park.

This fragment, enriched with other structures, turned into "Cossack Compound", and next to it grew "Berendeevo Kingdom" and "Fair Square". Dobrodeya Park in Anapa is five unique hectares of st. Gostagaevskaya. It looks beautiful against the background of the hazy Caucasian foothills.

The basis of this “Russian scansen” is made up of several whitewashed huts (among them a “dwelling house”, a smithy and a leather workshop), as well as a summer oven (kabitsa) and a well in the courtyard (between the rest of the buildings). The yard is fenced with a wattle fence and decorated with sunflowers (even if artificial). All roofs are thatched.

A piece of traditional Kuban life has been accurately restored inside the hut-museum. A conversation about a table ("cheese"), benches ("lava"), icons in the "red" corner (the icon case is also decorated with embroidered towels and paper flowers and lamps). Typical for interiors and utensils. On one wall there are photographs of Cossacks in wooden frames.

What is interesting about visiting the ethnographic park

During the tourist season, “artisans” work in the blacksmith and leather workshops of this attraction of Anapa, who can even be helped, and the products of their labor can be purchased at the local “fair”.

And one more thing. During organized group tours, a male choir sings for you, dressed in a black and red costume of the Kuban Cossacks (Shumai ensemble). It is worth noting that local folklore art is unique.

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