Rural tourism will be developed in the Altai Territory

State programs for the development of agriculture: modern realities

The Altai authorities recalled the implementation in the region of the state program "Tourism Development in the Altai Territory" for 2015-2020. In particular, the regional administration has begun accepting applications for state support for rural and social tourism, the press service of the regional government reported with reference to the regional department for external relations, tourism and resort business.

In the Altai Territory, entrepreneurs engaged in rural and social tourism have the opportunity to receive subsidies. Applications for reimbursement of costs for the construction and reconstruction of rural guest houses started on Monday 4 September. However, the amount that can be provided to one entrepreneur under the program cannot exceed 350 thousand rubles.

The state will compensate up to 80% of the costs aimed at repairing "green houses", supplying gas, water, sewerage and electrical networks. State support is provided on a competitive basis. The decision to issue a subsidy will be made by a commission consisting of representatives of the Altai Territory tourism industry.

Bakery and flour mills will be supported by the government of the Novosibirsk region

The authorities will allocate over, billion rubles to improve social support measures in the Novosibirsk region

VTB issued a record volume of car loans in October

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Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region discussed the results of the Biotechnopark's work in 2020

The number of corruption crimes brought to an end has increased - the head of the West Siberian Investigative Directorate of the TFR on transport

Novosibirsk student teams will help in the construction of the SKIF center and the fourth bridge across the Ob

Search teams will start working in regional investigative committees

What changes is the Ministry of Agriculture preparing in the state support of the agro-industrial complex for 2020?

Good afternoon, dear colleagues! In this article, we will talk about what changes the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing to make to the current legislation on state support for agricultural producers for 2020.

Changes in the rules of state support for the agro-industrial complex are carried out by making adjustments to the State Program for the Development of Agriculture and the regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food. We considered the issues of the system of state regulation of support for agricultural producers earlier.

Many events took place during 2019, incl. the adoption of the Spatial Development Strategy of the Russian Federation, the state program for the Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas, events were held with the participation of the country's leadership, during which the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia was given instructions and the result of which was the corresponding draft Resolution of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for 2020 provides for the exclusion of the rules for the provision and distribution of subsidies from the federal budget:

to provide unrelated support to agricultural producers in the field of crop production;

aimed at increasing productivity in dairy farming;

to assist in achieving the target indicators of regional programs for the development of the agro-industrial complex.

In turn, instead, it is planned to include rules for the provision and distribution of subsidies from the federal budget:

to support certain subsectors of crop and livestock production, as well as agricultural insurance;

Agritourism will drive the rural economy and bring additional income to farmers, lawmakers say

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Danichev

Securing rural tourism within the framework of the law will mean a higher quality of services, understandable logistics and increased safety of recreation and travel for Russians and foreigners. The very same entrepreneurs, organizers of agritourism, in order to develop their business will be able to count on state support and soft loans.

An additional impetus for the development of the domestic tourism network can be provided by a tourist mortgage with preferential interest rates for the construction of mini-hotels and hotels with a high international level of service. In general, the law that is being prepared for submission to the State Duma this week will give an additional impetus to the development of the domestic tourism network, ensure the emergence of new routes, a variety of places that can be visited at reasonable prices, safely and with a decent level of quality.

Welcome from the gray area

Unlike European countries, where the reason for the development of village tourism was the crisis of overproduction of agricultural products in the 70s of the last century, in Russia rest in the outback with full immersion in the atmosphere of unhurried life against the backdrop of nature and with a voluntary introduction to caring for animals, harvesting or participating in haymaking began to gain popularity only in the 90s.

However, this type of pastime far from industrial centers has not become particularly developed. According to Rosstat, the share of this type of recreation in the structure of domestic tourism is estimated at only two percent. And this is due to the legal uncertainty that makes this business part of a gray zone, and therefore deprives its owners of the opportunity to receive loans, subsidies or other assistance from the state. There is no such kind of activity, which means there is no support - the logic is simple.

State Duma Deputy Svetlana Maksimova, who at one time organized the first turkey tourist farm in Russia, knows about the problem better than anyone else. “People in this business sector today work outside the law and are constantly afraid, because the tax authority is more and more strict with the topic of the origin of money every year,” the deputy clarified. - I myself have all the time experienced difficulties with reporting to the Federal Tax Service. Therefore, I entered into contracts with tour operators, who, in fact, received the lion's share of earnings. And another significant drawback of this state of affairs is the impossibility of developing a business, counting on a loan or state support. "

Necessary innovation and bad period

Making agritourism a driver of the rural economy and letting farmers earn themselves, and not feeding tour operators - this was proposed back in April 2019 by a group of deputies and members of the Federation Council, including the first two deputy heads of the United Russia faction, Viktor Kidyaev and Andrey Isaeva. Since then, the initiative has acquired many supporters, passing through the crucible of the state legal administration (GPU) and specialized committees of the State Duma.

The draft law proposed to introduce into the legal field the concept of "rural tourism (agritourism)" and include it in the list of areas in which state support for the development of agriculture and sustainable development of rural areas is carried out.

This week, the draft law, finalized taking into account the comments of the deputies, the Cabinet of Ministers and the GPU, may already be submitted to the Chamber, giving a start not only to the development of the agricultural sector, becoming an important component of measures for the development of rural areas, but also giving impetus to the whole Russian travel business affected by the pandemic.

25. 4.016, 16:51 Analytics Author: Igor Novitsky

Content of the article:

The agro-industrial complex is one of the most important sectors of the Russian economy: it concentrates about 13% of the main production capacities, 14% of the labor force, and produces about 6% of the gross domestic product. Recently, in the Russian Federation, special attention has been paid to the development of the agricultural complex, since the organization of food security and the formation of an effective agro-industrial complex are the basis of the country's stability.

State program of agricultural development and regulation for - years

The state program was developed and approved in 2012 and, in fact, is a kind of strategy and a clearly defined plan for the development of the agro-industrial complex. This strategy makes it possible to work out the most effective and efficient mechanisms for regulating markets, food products and raw materials for the above indicated period. The main goal of the program: creation of a stable working agro-industrial complex in 7 years.

If we talk about efficiency, then by 2020 it is planned that the index of agricultural production will be at least 119.6 percent, and the index of investment in fixed assets will reach 141.9 percent.

Main Routines

For successful and consistent implementation, the state program was divided into a number of subprograms that affected all areas of the agro-industrial complex. Thus, it provides:

  • development of the crop industry, organization of high-quality processing and effective sale of grown products;
  • support of the livestock industry, organization of processing and marketing of manufactured products;
  • development of beef cattle breeding;
  • support at the state level and subsidies for all small forms of peasant and farm management;
  • introduction of innovative technologies and developments;
  • complete modernization of all production processes;
  • sustainable development of agricultural areas;
  • land reclamation.

Expected Results

The import substitution process, which began after the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation, continues in 2021. A state program was adopted on the basis of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 14, 2012 No. 717. It is aimed at supporting farming activities. Duration of the program: 2013 - 2025

In order to stimulate private farms towards sustainable development and formalization, the state has taken measures for material support. This support consists in the allocation of grants for the development of agriculture. However, not all citizens can receive subsidies.

General information

There are several types of subsidies, each of which is targeted.

It is impossible to spend the subsidies received from the state on something outside the target framework.

Farmers report their costs, thereby confirming what exactly the money was spent on.

Download and print for free

Types of grants

Subsidies for a novice farmer are provided in many areas. Here are some of them:

  • purchase of agricultural machinery;
  • funds for the purchase of farm animals;
  • compensation (not in full) for the construction of production facilities (for example , a factory for the production of dairy products);
  • funds for modernization on the farm (for example, for the purchase of modern equipment);
  • for the acquisition of land plots from agricultural land;
  • compensation for lease payments (literally - rent for a fee);
  • for the purchase of planting material, etc.

A beginner farmer can count on several options for support from the state at once, provided that he meets all existing requirements.

Not only a beginner agricultural entrepreneur can receive a subsidy, but also an existing one who needs help in developing his business. Requirements for all candidates are the same.

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