Rural tourism per kmv

Rural tourism per kmv

The trekking club is a community of active people of different ages, professions, united by love for the mountains. Anyone who does not want to stay at home on weekends, the club invites to take part in hiking trips to the most interesting places of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Mount Beshtau (route from the railway station of the same name) - December 9.

Gathering near the station building at 9:30.

Mountain Breakup - December 16.

Gathering at Lenin Square at 9:30.

Beshtaugorsky New Year's Eve pilaf - December 23.

Collection at Art. Lermontovskaya (ticket office) at 9:00.

- Kislovodsk Park - December 29.

Gathering near the train station ... Kislovodsk railway station at 10:00. Easy hike-walk. ___________________________________________

Maly Essentuchok - Ring Mountain - January 13.

Collection at st. White Coal at 9:30.

Beshtau (route from Skachki station) - January 20.

Stavropol Territory and its features

The Stavropol Territory has no analogues in its natural conditions. Several factors are concentrated here that make this area as suitable for tourism and recreation as possible. Holidays and tours in the Stavropol Territory have been popular for many years and with many people. The region is located in southern latitudes, which provides a rather warm climate. The foothills of the Caucasus make it attractive for travel and winter sports. And the Caucasian Mineral Waters and Muds create opportunities for wellness procedures and the treatment of a number of diseases.

The medical field and resort cities Medical rest in the Stavropol Territory

If we talk about the medical field, we should name such famous resorts as Essentuki, Kislovodsk and Zheleznovodsk. Kislovodsk mineral springs "Narzan" were known even under Peter the Great. Today, several types of this water are used for medicinal purposes. It helps with cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the nervous system, digestive system and is used for balneological treatment. There are 43 sanatoriums in the city that use water and mud. The largest resort park in the country has been created in Kislovodsk. From the spa park you can take a cable car to the middle and mountain parks. On average, there is an observation deck "Temple of Air", in the mountain - the Olympic complex. The main attractions are located in the vicinity of the city. This is a ring mountain, the Castle of "Treachery and Love", the Narzan Valley. Of the architectural masterpieces, the Chaliapin's dacha and the Church of St. Panteleimon the Healer should be noted.

The city of Essentuki got its name from the ruler of the Golden Horde, Essen-tuk, the nephew of Genghis Khan. His mausoleum is located on the outskirts of the city. But the main importance of the city still lies in the healing properties of the mineral waters Essentuki-17 and Essentuki-4 discovered at the beginning of the 19th century. Later, Drilling water was discovered. Most of the pump rooms are located in sanatoriums and the city park, which is much smaller in size than in Kislovodsk, but very well-groomed and neat. There is another Victory Park in the city. Water is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disorders. On its basis there are about three dozen sanatoriums. The main architectural sights: mud baths, health resort clinic, White coal hydroelectric power station, mechanotherapy building.

Zheleznovodsk is a small resort town located on the slope of Mount Zheleznaya. Sanatoriums and medical institutions operate on the basis of the Slavyanovskaya and Smirnovskaya Mineral Water Resources. which help in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and gastrointestinal diseases. There are dozens of sanatoriums and boarding houses. There is an artificial lake in the city center.

Administrative Center

The administrative center of the region - the city of Stavropol was founded in 1777, at first it was an outpost on the southern borders of the state. Today it is a major economic and cultural center of Russia. The main attractions are the Academic Theater. Lermontov, the local history museum, the building of the government of the Stavropol Territory.

Other significant cities: Mineralnye Vody, Pyatigorsk. The city of Mineralnye Vody is the main railway junction connecting the Center of Russia and other regions with the Kavminvod resorts. Pyatigork is of both resort and economic importance. Its main attractions: Proval, Lermontov's house-museum.

Organize a vacation in the Stavropol Territory

Stavropol Territory is a wonderful place for private and corporate recreation. Our company is engaged in corporate travel and events throughout the North Caucasus and in the Stavropol Territory in particular. If you are looking for an organizer for corporate trips of your company - contact us! We can organize tours to the Stavropol Territory at the highest level for your employees.

Rest in the Stavropol Territory will be remembered by everyone who has ever been here.

Zheleznovodsk is located just 10 minutes from the airport in Mineralnye Vody, but until recently it was in demand only as a health resort. Now vacationers from all over the country come here, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Popular Russian services for the sale of air tickets report an increase in demand for flights to Minvody. What is interesting for tourists in the first "smart" city of Stavropol and what you can do here in winter, learned "AiF-SK".

Routes of varying difficulty

Zheleznovodsk health resorts specialize in the treatment of urological diseases, but at the same time offer vouchers to everyone, even if there is no medical indication. In addition to procedures, in the sanatoriums it is necessary to prescribe walks along terrenkura - paths laid in the park - and a diet, which includes the use of mineral water of a suitable composition.

There are three equipped terrenkurs in Zheleznovodsk. The Lermontovsky Terrenkur, renovated last year, is the shortest (3.6 km) and simplest. It runs around Mount Zheleznaya, there are almost no ascents on it, and there are benches along its entire length so that the resort guests can take a breath. There are signs at the forks, and lanterns are on in the evenings, so you won't be able to get lost on a walk. On the route there are plates with quotes from the works of Mikhail Lermontov, you can also drink mineral water in the Lermontov pump room, admire the Pushkin gallery, the ancient palace of the Emir of Bukhara and the sculpture "Signs of the Zodiac" on the way.

Terrenkur No. 2 with a length of almost 5 km begins at the Lermontov stele, and before the first fork its route coincides with the route of the Lermontovskiy terrenkur. After the fork, tourists will have a small ascent, the slope of the path at which can reach 10 degrees. The terrain path ends not far from the Cascade Staircase, and then you can walk along it to visit a new pump room - a book with Essentuki type mineral water and go down to the lake.

Terrenkur No. 3 is the longest and most rich in sights. It starts in the same place where the terrain path №2, but goes to the left from the second fork. On the way, you can visit the permafrost cave, full of bats, known to climbers in the South of Russia, Saltstone Rocks, from which a panoramic view of all the KMV resorts, the parking lot of the primitive man opens, and then descend to the Kurortny Park.

Don't stock up on water for the future

There are four pump rooms with mineral water in Zheleznovodsk, the rest are under reconstruction.

"In a pandemic, pump rooms are constantly disinfected, so it is unlikely to get infected there," said Alexander Salnikov, head of the resort and tourism sector of the Zheleznovodsk administration. - Water from the pump room should be poured into a glass or into a special mug resembling a flask with a spout, like a teapot. It is not worth pouring water into bottles: firstly, it cannot be drunk in such quantities without a doctor's prescription, and secondly, it quickly deteriorates and “rusts” due to its high iron content ”.

Water in all springs, except for the new pump-room-book, is approximately the same in chemical composition and taste, but in the Slavyanovsky pump-room it is warm, and in Lermontovsky and Smirnovsky it is cold. In the well, where the new pump room was opened, the water is atypical for Zheleznovodsk and rather resembles water from the Essentuki deposits. So those who do not like the iron taste can drink the more familiar mineral water in the pump room-book.

Drinking mineral water is recommended 40 minutes before meals. Without a doctor's prescription, it is better to limit yourself to one or two glasses a day.

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