Rural tourism in Transcarpathia


Nonconformists choose an original vacation - immersion in a rural environment. "Green" or rural tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in our tourism market. It has successfully replaced the Soviet concept of "resting a savage". Today's nonconformists, who do not dine according to the schedule in the common dining room and do not go on excursions in formation, choose such a rest as immersion in the natural environment.

Rural recreation with all city amenities. This form is common in Europe. According to travel agencies, about 70% of tourists who come to France do not stay in large hotels in large cities. They choose small estates - accommodation in these private hotels is not inferior in comfort to the capital's hotels. Bonus - fresh air and abundant country food. In Europe, rural "green" tourism is being developed, and villagers who are interested in this type of business are cared for and cherished. For example, in Poland they are exempt from VAT. In Hungary, the owners of tourist villages do not pay taxes at all, which allowed the country to make a tangible breakthrough in the rural tourism market.

In Ukraine, rural tourism is practiced in the Crimea, in the Vinnitsa region, in the Dnieper region. However, perhaps one of the most active points is the Carpathians. There are organized unions for the development of "green" tourism, seminars are held for future owners of private hotels. All these measures are intended to wake up sleepy villages by offering them a new kind of entrepreneurship. Only in the Ivano-Frankivsk region (Prykarpattya) there are now several hundred private tourist villages. Traditionally, these places, unique in the beauty of nature, are not offended by tourist attention. Sanatoriums and recreation centers in the season (winter and summer) are packed to capacity. New Year is booked several months in advance.

Freshly built elite Bukovel, Vorokhta, familiar from Soviet times, democratic Drohobrat - Carpathians keep the brand of a ski resort. Therefore, the idea of ​​private small hotels here is going with a bang - the Carpathian roads are lined with billboards inviting you to visit the hotels "At Vasyl", "At Anna", to relax in "Ruslana's Khatki" or in the "Private estate of the Mikhailuk family". These huts, outwardly indistinguishable from the cottages of Western Europe, have everything you need for a civilized life, including satellite TV, billiards, ski rental and a sauna. Their guests are not only Ukrainians and Russians, Czechs, Poles, Hungarians and Germans come here.

Some cottages can bring pets. The tourist can cook lunch himself or order from the hosts - this is the easiest way to learn the local cuisine. And the Carpathian cuisine definitely deserves the closest study! Banosh, krucheniki, bloodworm - this is just an introduction. In Transcarpathia there are even their own frog farms and toad legs in Carpathian style - not a joke at all, but a harsh reality in garlic batter. A diet will not work here. However, you will not be able to recover much - mountain walks do not contribute to "obesity", and if you add here also horse trips, phyto baths and even the services of a massage therapist, then weight loss is guaranteed.

Local exoticism is a popular product and is perfectly convertible into any currency. Fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, swimming in the river, horseback riding or boating are a traditional set of Peisan entertainment. In some villages, they will teach you how to bake bread, paint Easter eggs, and show you local rituals.

A tangible disadvantage of these places is the lack of car rental. Those wishing to hit the high-mountain off-road with a car rally will have to follow the car to Lviv - a couple of hundred kilometers away. A taxi can be a substitute: prices are relatively low in Moscow. So it is quite possible to go around the Carpathian region with Transcarpathia. Local drivers are guides at heart: they willingly show especially beautiful waterfalls, memorable places. Not sparing the suspension, they take it to the pass or take it to the Maniavsky Skete, lost in the middle of the forest. However, if "green" tourism does not slow down the momentum gained in the Carpathians, one can expect that the owners of the cottages will soon start their own small car fleets.

Rural tourism in Transcarpathia

Why do we choose the same places for rest? If the city - then it means Lviv, if the Carpathians - Bukovel and Yaremche. In fact, there are many amazing and unpopular places in Ukraine where you can have a great rest without standing in line for a restaurant or a ski lift. We offer an alternative winter vacation in Bukovina - to visit charming Chernivtsi, ski in Bukovina resorts and enjoy ecologically clean nature in Putila and Vizhenka.

Chernivtsi: Austro-Hungarian Alternative to Lvov

If you are tired of traveling to Lviv every winter, then be sure to plan a trip to Chernivtsi. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Austro-Hungarian architecture of the old city, low prices in cozy cafes and the complete absence of Lviv excitement. Chernivtsi is a city with old European traditions. Someone is trying to compare it with the majestic Vienna, but it is better not to draw any analogies, but just enjoy the charm of small squares and temples in the capital of Bukovina.

Upon arrival, tourists are greeted by the magnificent Austrian station building, and next to it on the street. Gagarin, there is a small park in which the last tram in Chernivtsi has been preserved. Previously, it sold coffee, but now all the best coffee shops are located in the very center of the city - on the pedestrian street Kobylyanskaya. In the past, it was called the Lord's: local rich people lived here, and now the facades of buildings have become decorations for tourist walks. And literally in each of them there are cafes that seem to be competing for the opportunity to treat you to a cup of delicious coffee.

We recommend you go to the Grand cafe-museum. On the site of the current establishment 100 years ago, the first coffee shop of the same name was opened in Chernivtsi. Today you can have a great time here looking at ancient exhibits: paintings, banknotes, the pre-revolutionary cash register. And at the same time, drink a cup of Viennese coffee with a dessert that is in no way inferior to Austrian culinary masterpieces.

If this is not enough for you, and you want to make sure that Chernivtsi is the real Europe, find the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, located on the street. The main one. From the time of Austria-Hungary, a sundial has been hanging on its side, which still shows European time.

Chernivtsi University and Khotyn Castle

Chernivtsi National University - the former residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia, this is the place that should not be missed while in Chernivtsi. A magnificent architectural ensemble that resembles a medieval castle: high brick walls, slender towers decorated with carved battlements, steep roof slopes covered with a pattern of tiles of white, blue, green and brown colors - all this leaves a vivid and monumental impression of the stunning architecture. And if you get on an excursion inside the university, your impressions will be doubled when you visit the Yellow, Green and Red halls, the ceilings of which are decorated with wood carvings - artesonado. To digest everything you see, after the tour, take a walk in a small park located right behind the main building of the university. In winter, it is especially beautiful here in snowy calm weather.

Cost of entrance tickets: 60 UAH - for adults, 20 UAH - for children and students.

If you come to Chernivtsi by car, it will not be difficult to go to the Khotin castle. If by train - feel free to buy a tour, because the fortress is worth seeing its powerful towers and walls on the banks of the Dniester. Built in the 10th century, the fortress has survived to this day in excellent condition. Once Khotin lay at the crossroads of trade routes, merchants and goods from Western and Eastern Europe flocked here. For ten centuries, the walls of the fortress survived several wars and many heroic sieges - still, both Turks and Poles wanted to own this tidbit. And in the Khotyn fortress many famous films were filmed: "Bogdan Khmelnitsky", "Black Arrow", "D'Artanyan and Three Musketeers". If you want to learn more about the history and legends of Khotin, take a guided tour.

Cost of entrance tickets: adults - 70 UAH, children - 35 UAH, with a guide - 250 UAH per group.

Nonconformists choose an original vacation - immersion in a rural environment.

Summer is vacation time, and I want to find the perfect place to spend it. Overseas resorts are great, but prices are quite impressive there. What can not be said about our pearl - the Carpathians, where you are surrounded by majestic mountains, forests and crystal clear air.

Summer vacation in the Carpathians is a complete relaxation, without fuss, high-rise buildings and crowded streets. Here one rests not only with body, but also with soul. But, as you know, the Carpathians are very large, and you need to visit every corner of them in order to fully enjoy both nature and customs.

Why choose a summer vacation in the Carpathians?

Most people choose a beach vacation in the summer, but they just haven't been to the summer mountains. The Carpathians are associated with skiing and mulled wine. But it is believed that in the summer there is also something to do here. If you are still hesitant, then here are some reasons for you to go to the Carpathians this summer:

  • Affordable prices. Since the high season in the Carpathians is in winter, in the warm season, prices here are significantly lower. You can rent a small hotel room for a reasonable price, saving a lot of money and spending it, for example, on entertainment.
  • Amazing nature. Of course, the winter mountains look amazing, but in the summer they are even more beautiful. Bright aromas of herbs and flowers, lush greenery around and clean air cannot be compared with anything.
  • Hikes. If you like an active lifestyle, then a summer vacation in the Carpathians is an ideal option for you. Here you can go to conquer the peaks for a couple of days, in solitude and without communication.
  • Gathering berries and mushrooms. A very interesting and tasty experience. Mushrooms can be dried and left for the winter to prepare Hutsul delicacies. But the berries can be eaten directly from the bushes - they are even tastier.

And these benefits are only a small fraction of those available. After all, thermal springs, vats, delicious food and sociable cheerful people will be waiting for you in the Carpathians.

Where to go to rest in the Carpathians in summer

The Carpathian region is very large and immense. But one of the most beautiful places is the Tatariv village. There are mountains, rivers and forests here - an earthly paradise that will not leave anyone indifferent. In summer they come here to pick berries and mushrooms, and in winter the village is filled with avid skiers.

Tatarov is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and is considered a climatic resort. All because of the optimal temperature conditions - in summer there is very mild sun and coolness, and in winter there is a lot of snow and pleasant frost. Since ancient times, people have come here to treat respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma. But these are not all the advantages of the village.

An inexpensive summer vacation in the Carpathians is definitely about Tatariv. Here you will find affordable prices for accommodation and meals, as well as for all offered excursions and entertainment. If you are looking for a good boarding house or hotel, the hotel-museum "Koruna" is waiting for you, which is located in the center of the village and offers many additional services to the cost of living.

Green tourism lovers

The Carpathians are the oldest European mountain range, a distinctive cultural region. Rest in Transcarpathia lasts all year round. For example, in winter, tourism lovers go here to ski resorts, the most famous of which are Bukovel, Krasiya, Dragobrat and Slavskoe. The ski season in Transcarpathia lasts from early December to mid-March.

In the summer, tourists who prefer the so-called "green tourism" - that is, swimming in mountain rivers, horseback riding, etc., go here in the summer. - hiking or cycling in the mountains, paragliding and jeep trips.

Caution! For too impressionable people, such active rest is undesirable, it is preferable for people with "nerves of steel and heart".

In addition to these types of recreation, you can also heal here thanks to the large number of mineral springs located here. Those wishing to visit the health resorts of Transcarpathia should pay special attention to Polyana, Svalyava, Sinyak.

How to spend time in Transcarpathia?

So, before deciding how to spend time in Transcarpathia, you need to decide on the place of residence. It is not very difficult to book hotels in Transcarpathia, there are plenty of them here. But, having decided when to go to the chosen resort, it is worth thinking especially about choosing a hotel. Both summer and winter prices will be completely different.

In any case, while resting in Transcarpathia in one of the selected hotels, tourists enjoy the purest air, proximity to nature reserves and mineral springs, new ski resorts and infrastructure created for the most comfortable rest. In short, the Carpathians can be called the real future of Ukrainian tourism. Naturally, a huge number of varieties of extreme sports and recreation that are practiced here are perfectly combined not only with the nature of the area, but also with fairly economical tariffs. When planning where to relax in Transcarpathia, do not forget about the large Carpathian rivers, almost all of which are suitable for rafting.

Forbidden! You cannot go on such trips while drunk, despite the fact that the degree of their complexity and danger is not too high.

The mountains in Transcarpathia are not too high and earthquake-resistant. The snowy areas are quite large here. Not only ski lovers are provided with many specially built ski resorts, but visitors to ordinary sanatoriums can go snowboarding and skiing, since the sanatoriums are located very close to the slopes.

So it's worth summing up. Going on vacation in Transcarpathia, fans of sports tourism and active recreation will be able to discover mountain climbing (most often in the Hoverla region, since it is there that the most developed places for mountaineering are located), rafting with various obstacles along the Stryi, Cheremosh, Prut and other large rivers, snowboarding and skiing, hiking and cycling in the foothills and mountains, hunting in the forests of Transcarpathia, fishing and, of course, paragliding. In a word, rest in Transcarpathia with the whole family can be simply excellent, everyone will find entertainment here to their liking.

The beauty of nature in Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia is naturally and geographically divided into two regions - mountainous and flat. Most of this area is occupied by mountains with the highest point - Hoverla, which rises as much as 2061 meters. An important role in the formation of the relief of Transcarpathia is played by the Tisza River, which flows into the Danube River near Belgrade.

There are much less quiet lakes in Transcarpathia than fast and noisy rivers, and there are very few permanent lakes here - only 32. The rest appear and disappear from time to time. The largest lake in Transcarpathia is Lake Synevyr, formed about ten thousand years ago. The flora and fauna of Transcarpathia are quite diverse, although, unfortunately, every year they are gradually getting poorer. As for the air temperature - in summer it is maximum forty degrees above zero, in winter - minus thirty-two.

Departure from Kiev: 30. 4. 021 If you want to make an exciting journey for Easter - we invite you to visit the excursion tour in Transcarpathia for Easter from Kiev.


Uvaga! Cheer the tour of Pislya Bronyuvannya!

ZAKARPATYA FOR EASTER → Home → tours in Ukraine → tours from Kiev → tours in Transcarpathia → tours for Easter

We invite you to Easter in Transcarpathia! If you want to make a fascinating trip to the mountains, see the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians, learn the greatness of ancient fortresses, drink healing water, sweet wine, taste delicious Transcarpathian cuisine and learn about the culture, life and history of the region - we invite you to visit the excursion tour "Transcarpathian for Easter" <

Excursion tours to Transcarpathia from Kiev | Carpathians, castles, thermal waters and Transcarpathian cuisine

Transcarpathia FOR EASTER

Fascinating excursions to ancient castles, wellness relaxation in the thermal waters of Transcarpathia, unsurpassed Transcarpathian cuisine, food and wine tastings, cooking in Lumshor vats, vine products and souvenirs from the best craftsmen, Lake Synevyr and the unique Carpathians are waiting for you , stormy waterfalls and mineral springs with healing water!

19:45 Meeting of tourists in the city of Kiev, st. ... Zhitomirskaya (Prospect Pobedy 134, near the car dealership "Infinity") 20:00 departure by a comfortable bus to Transcarpathia, we begin the journey.

On the way, landing of tourists in Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lviv Transcarpathia for Easter, a tour from Kiev for Easter

Among the picturesque Carpathian mountains is one of the most beautiful and romantic castles in the country. As if in a fairy tale, the hunting castle of the Counts of Schönborn (1890r.) Invites you. He looks at you with 365 windows, calls through 12 entrances to 52 rooms. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park with many exotic plants. Not far from the handsome castle is the defense castle of Baron Pereni (XIV century), unfortunately, it is not as well-groomed as its counterpart, but due to its age, it also deserves the attention of tourists. Transcarpathia for Easter, tour from Kiev for Easter

We start our journey to Transcarpathia from the Mukachevo castle Palanok. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and not only because of its rich history and architecture, but also through a huge number of rumors and myths, which the locals are in no hurry to deny or confirm. But there is something to listen to here: about the heroic woman Ilona Zrini, who held the siege of the castle for several years (by the way, a historical fact), and about a strange well dug in a solid rock (who knows how it really was), and about a mysterious ghost that wanders the castle corridors at night (some have seen it with their own eyes). Anyway, in your list of visited places, put a tick near the Palanok castle in Mukachevo.

Moving to Bene. Accommodation in green tourism estates. Lunch (included)

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