Rural tourism: 10 steps from idea to meeting the first guests

Rural tourism: 10 steps from idea to meeting the first guests

City. Disgusted to the core, gray, uncomfortable city. Millions of cars, crowds of people always hurrying somewhere, the frantic circulation of the rhythm of modern life - it sucks every person into consumerism, makes him a part of the mechanism of the eternal circulation of money in society. Here everyone will find their place, but it will be very difficult to break free anywhere else.

Of course, this picture is depressing. Any person who at least once caught himself on such a thought suffers from a deaf, hopeless melancholy. Depression from the excessive monotony of city life and incessant bustle, the eternal waste of strength and health at the workplace, traffic jams, a busy subway, air polluted by cars - a person can easily break down.

Rest is essential to prevent this from happening. Moreover, the rest should not manifest itself in a couple of weekends spent at home or in a cafe with friends - the rest should become a complete change of scenery, a sharp turn in life, which is akin to the shock of an electric shock. This shock, plunging headlong into icy water, is what ecological tourism is for modern townspeople. We can also offer you recommendations for the opening of the publication of an ecological magazine.

Everything new is well forgotten old. These are the conclusions that modern analysts came to, and began to work in this direction. The idea of ​​a business on a return to the roots appeared in society not so long ago, and today there are very few people using it. What is ecotourism and how to do it without experience in setting up a business?

Business Features

The main feature of rural tourism is the living conditions: guests are accommodated in old log houses or in antique-style estates located in areas with untouched nature, away from industrial enterprises and multi-storey concrete buildings. With the exception of complexes with a complete historical reconstruction, such village hotels provide visitors with amenities at the level of resort apartments: the rooms have bathrooms, air conditioners, televisions and refrigerators, and in the dining room guests are provided with three meals a day. The main meaning of this type of recreation is to separate the inhabitants of megalopolises from the usual hustle and bustle and immerse themselves in a leisurely and measured rural life. In addition, the tours are also of an educational nature: many townspeople have never seen an authentic folk costume, did not sit with a fishing rod at dawn and did not milk a cow.

In Russia, rural tourism attracts mainly women, whose share in the target audience reaches 70%. Living in the village can be interesting for other residents of megalopolises - married couples with children and young people who prefer a healthy lifestyle and ecological cleanness of the environment.

Another fairly broad category of tourists is foreign citizens who want to get acquainted with cultural traditions and folklore. For such guests, the natural environment, national flavor and authenticity of rural life are sometimes more important than the presence of a TV in the room. Considering that foreigners choose places for recreation mainly via the Internet, it is necessary to develop their own multilingual website with colorful photographs, descriptions of services and a price list, as well as regularly place ads on foreign travel forums and social networks.

Collective field trips are also common in the corporate environment: managers of various companies buy similar tours for their employees in order to conduct events aimed at strengthening team spirit and working out ways of interaction between employees. Such clients usually rent a hotel for a period of several hours to two or three days and pay much more for it than ordinary private visitors.

Finally, the concept of rural tourism development implies close interaction with tour operators: companies interested in cooperation on favorable terms will not only post information about home hotel services on their website and in promotional materials, but will also help in developing high-quality tourist product, organize a transfer and entertainment program.

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