Rural Housing Improvement Program

Rural Housing Improvement Program

Which categories of persons are eligible to participate in the program?

This program is open to:

  • profile specialists from various spheres of production, industry;
  • young families;
  • residents of villages.

Legal regulations

The main regulatory document is considered to be the Decree of the Russian Government "Stable development of rural areas for the period from 2017 to 2019, as well as for 2020".

The submitted legislative document determined the rules of action at the federal level, as well as the categories of persons who are entitled to receive state support in buying an apartment or a private house.

Basic conditions of participation

Key terms are:

Recognition of a person in need of improving the quality of housing conditions at his permanent place of residence, such a condition is invalid, as for young specialists who have expressed a desire to move to the village; Permanent residence in the village, in addition, participation in the program of specialists, young families who ready to move to a settlement or a village for employment, as well as for permanent residence; Individual entrepreneurship or work by agreement construction or purchase of individual living space. As a rule, this is 30% of the total price of an immovable object (which is under construction or has already been commissioned). And yet, for a group of young professionals, this bar is somewhat lowered, it is 10%.

Rural Housing Quality Improvement Program

Such a state program is the provision of some financial compensation.

This money can be used exclusively for the purchase of your own living quarters or for the construction of a private building.

It is noteworthy that in each region of the country there is a priority list, according to which the distribution of the order of priority for the acquisition of state aid is carried out.

In 2020, with development plans for the next years, a subsidy is allocated for the development of agriculture. There are several programs aimed at increasing the number of domestic producers, increasing the competitiveness of products in relation to imports and making them available to consumers. It is no secret that the cost of one unit produced, especially in risky farming zones, is high, so government assistance to novice farmers is needed.

Legislative framework

The agricultural subsidies program is designed for local (Russian) producers, the money has a purpose and is subject to mandatory reporting.

The allocation of funds is regulated by Federal Law No. 264-FZ dated December 29, 2006 and is regulated by the adopted state program for 2013-2020 with the approval of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 717 dated July 14, 2012

The list of changes was updated in December 2019.

Additional subsidies can be assigned at the regional level, paid as subsidies from the local budget.

List of subsidies and conditions for their receipt

Several versions of Federal subsidies for the development of agriculture have been developed. Among them, the most popular are:

Grant for the development of peasant farms

Issued on the basis of a competition between all manufacturers, only the best with a greater prospect of successful development will get it.

Money is allocated for the construction of farms, warehouses, any agricultural facilities with communications and internal equipment.

The purchase of equipment is allowed, which should lead to an improvement in the economy and a decrease in the cost of production. Also, the grant funds are paid for the acquisition of land for peasant farms, for leasing contributions and for the purchase of fertilizers, poisons.

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