Rural home construction subsidy

How to Get Rural Subsidy

The import substitution process, which began after the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation, continues in 2020. A state program was adopted on the basis of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 14, 2012 No. 717. It is aimed at supporting farming activities. Duration of the program: 2013 - 2025

In order to stimulate private farms towards sustainable development and formalization, the state has taken measures for material support. This support consists in the allocation of grants for the development of agriculture. However, not all citizens can receive subsidies.

General information

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Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 14.7.012, No. 717

Types of grants

Subsidies for a novice farmer are provided in many areas. Here are some of them:

  • purchase of agricultural machinery;
  • funds for the purchase of farm animals;
  • compensation (not in full) for the construction of production facilities (for example , a factory for the production of dairy products);
  • funds for modernization on the farm (for example, for the purchase of modern equipment);
  • for the acquisition of land plots from agricultural land;
  • compensation for lease payments (literally - rent for a separate fee);
  • for the purchase of planting material, etc.

A beginner farmer can count on several options for support from the state at once, provided that he meets all existing requirements.

Not only a beginner agricultural entrepreneur can receive a subsidy, but also an existing one who needs help in developing his business. Requirements for all candidates are the same.

How to get help

When it became clear that European and American sanctions against Russia would not be lifted soon, the government began to actively support the agricultural sector in financial and informational terms, so that grocery stores were filled with domestic food products. The Ministry of Agriculture made a proposal to allocate financing for the development of farming in the regions, and the Government approved it, thanks to which more than 17 billion rubles were allocated from the budget to support the agricultural industry. Let's figure out what kind of subsidies for agriculture for development can be issued in 2021, and what conditions must be met for this.

For what purpose are agricultural subsidies for development

The current economic situation and the difficulties associated with running an agricultural business do not allow farmers to cope with the development and expansion of their own business on their own - they have to seek help from the Government. To diversify the Russian manufacturing market with locally produced food, the state annually allocates budget funds to finance problematic areas of agriculture. The main measures of assistance include:

  • Adjustment of budgetary policy aimed at allocating additional investments in agricultural sectors. The authorities first find out which industries are of the highest priority, after which they assign subsidies to interest rates on loans for the development of the agro-industrial complex, compensation under lease agreements issued for the necessary equipment.
  • Budgetary subsidies, expressed in the targeted allocation of unprofitable sales of agricultural products during a bad harvest. It is also possible to provide compensation to farmers for lost profits while containing the increase in the cost of socially significant products.
  • Provision of loans at preferential rates, priority investment in agricultural projects, development of special forms of insurance (against the loss of pedigree livestock, against damage to crops when grown in risky farming zones).
  • Planning future investments in the agricultural sector, making forecasts for their development, developing aid projects.

Which areas of activity are considered priorities

The program of active support for agriculture is designed for 2013-2021. It is assumed that by that time the industry will get stronger and will expand on its own.

Financing the agricultural production area has the following objectives:

  • development of abandoned or empty land plots;
  • creation of new jobs and areas of work;
  • increase in the level of wages in the industry; <
  • expansion of the commodity market;
  • replacement of imported products (especially meat and dairy products) with domestic ones.

Before allocating funding, the authorities are studying the importance of agricultural sectors for the current economy of the country. At the moment, the most priority areas are:

  • innovative development, modernization of agricultural production cycles;
  • assistance in the opening and expansion of small farms and peasant farms;
  • assistance to farmers, specializing in crop production;
  • development of sales lines for agricultural products;
  • opening of processing enterprises;
  • assistance in organizing meat and dairy cattle breeding and animal husbandry;
  • development of a land management plan;
  • reclamation of agricultural land.

Types of agricultural development subsidies

It is difficult not only for young families in the city, but also in the countryside to buy their own housing. Therefore, the state provides financial support to those categories of Russians who want to live and work in rural areas.

Who is entitled to a subsidy for building a house in a rural area, how to get it and what to do for this, Brobank's specialist figured out.

Information updated on 01.2.021. All data is current with the latest changes. At the end, the article is supplemented with an official document.

Who will receive state support

Only citizens of the Russian Federation can receive a subsidy for the construction of housing in rural areas. Foreigners will be eligible for this benefit if they officially confirm the status of internally displaced persons.

In 2021, state aid for the construction of a house in rural areas can be received by everyone who belongs to the category in need of better housing conditions. If this status is not confirmed, the local budget will refuse the subsidy.

Some entities have additional conditions for granting subsidies. But general requirements:

  • permanent residence in the region, from the budget of which money will be allocated;
  • the presence of at least 30% of the cost of future housing, it can be borrowed money; <
  • belong to one of those categories of citizens who are entitled to this subsidy.

Russians who work under labor contracts in rural areas and permanently reside there have an advantage over other categories of applicants for the subsidy. Payments come from the federal and local budgets.

To qualify for state aid in the construction of a house in a village or village, young professionals must:

  • work or plan to work in rural areas for at least 5 years in agro-industrial organizations in accordance with the acquired specialty;
  • permanently reside or plan to live in rural areas;
  • need to improve housing conditions.

Young professionals should work in the field of health care, education, social services, culture, physical culture and sports. Only individuals take part in the program. You cannot receive a subsidy twice. After the allocation of money from the budget, they must be spent within 6 months, otherwise the state may deprive the issued funds.

State aid options

A citizen with a land plot can run a personal subsidiary farm. If he wants to develop private household plots, then he has the right to count on state financial support. It is important to know for what purposes and to whom such payments are intended.

What is a subsidy for private household plots

The state program of assistance to owners of personal subsidiary plots has existed since 2013. It provides for the allocation of funds to a farmer so that he can develop his private household plots. This is beneficial to both landowners and the state.

Legislative base year

According to Art. 7 of the Federal Law "On personal subsidiary plots", measures have been developed that are designed to help people who run private household plots.

This law gives the right to specific territorial entities to take other measures aimed at the development of private household plots.

All this is especially important during the period of sanctions, since these measures stimulate the development of Russian subsidiary farms, contribute to the fastest import substitution.

The legislative base says that there is no need to formalize private household plots. The beginning of economic activity on a specific site is legitimate from the time when a citizen becomes a landowner and registers this territory for himself.

Terms of Help

In order to secure financial support from the state, to be able to receive a free subsidy for a personal farm, a citizen must own a land plot of no more than 0.5 hectares. In some regions, the decision was made to increase this figure by 5 times (but not more).

The plot in question must have an agricultural purpose. That is, it cannot refer to field lands on which it is forbidden to build houses. And in agricultural areas it is legal to build such facilities. But these buildings should be for one family - no more.

The most important from specialists on the topic: "How to get subsidies in rural areas." Here you can find complete information on the issue. The relevance of data for 2020, please check with the specialist on duty.

Housing Subsidies

The housing issue is quite acute for many families. For certain categories of people, the solution may be to obtain a subsidy for the construction of housing. This federal-level program is to provide a targeted certificate that is designed to facilitate the purchase of real estate.

Conditions under which housing subsidies are granted

The amount of subsidies provided and the cases when they are required are established at the legislative level. However, there may be some differences depending on the region of residence. In practice, the features of each specific case are taken into account. The program is aimed at those categories of citizens who are not able to independently improve their living conditions to meet the established standards (in particular, in terms of the number of meters that should fall on each family member).

There are several possible target areas for the use of subsidies for the construction of a house: self-construction of a house or the involvement of third-party organizations providing construction services. Depending on this, there may be a different form of subsidies: either as compensation for expenses, or as funds for construction. The subsidy allocated by the state can be used as a contribution for a targeted loan. To do this, the bank must provide a certificate for receiving a subsidy.

The amount of payments provided depends on a number of factors, among which are the norm for the provision of residential real estate established at the legislative level and the market price per square meter of real estate. Keep in mind that there is a queue for receiving subsidies for the construction of a house, so it is worth planning that you will have to wait for a certificate for some time. The gap in the percentage that is covered by public funding can be quite significant: it can range from 10 to 70% of the total cost incurred.

Who can qualify for a home construction subsidy?

The main requirements include the following: citizenship of the Russian Federation, permanent residence on its territory, to be an individual, not a legal entity. Repeated participation in the program to obtain another certificate is prohibited. Please note that the state compensates for only a part of the total cost of housing. It is no coincidence that a subsidy for construction in rural areas is an attractive option for many, since this option is more affordable than buying housing within the city limits, and also involves covering up to 70% of costs.

The gratuitous subsidy is only available for certain categories of citizens, which is approved at the federal level, but may undergo changes depending on the decision of local authorities if there are programs sponsored from the regional budget.

The Housing Construction Subsidy is aimed at helping the following groups of citizens:

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